Fire Guard F-01 for Impairments Course

Fire Safety DirectorThis course is designed to prepare candidates for the FDNY Consolidated Fire Guard Certificate of Fitness Exam F-01, which includes material for Shelters; Office Buildings, Hotels and Motels; Boatyards and Marinas and to Supervise Boatyards and Marinas; Field Construction Sites; Torch Operations; Places of Public Assembly, Film Studios and city-wide for fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems impairments.

The course includes information taken from the FDNY Fire Prevention Code and the Fire Prevention Directives of the Bureau of Fire Prevention. The material does not cover all the information that candidates need to know in order to perform the functions of a Fire Guard at the candidates' work locations. It is the responsibility of the candidates to acquire as much site-specific information as possible to effectively perform the functions of a Fire Guard.

Companies that provide security services usually mandate that individuals who are seeking security employment also possess the Fire Guard Certificate of Fitness before they are considered for employment in the security/fire safety industry.

After attending the course, candidates must take the Fire Guard exam at FDNY Headquarters at 9 MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, New York. The exam consists of multiple choice questions and a passing score of 70% or higher is compulsory. Fire Guard services are required in high-rise buildings, hotels, motels, marinas, places of public assembly, film studios, construction sites, boatyards and shelters when the fire alarm and/or fire suppression systems are not operational; and torch operations.

This is not an FDNY-mandated course.

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