“Radiant has great instructors that are very informative and helpful throughout the [security] course.” – Franklin Tejada

“Mr. Barfield did an excellent job explaining the material he provided about the [security] field. The class was excellent and he got everyone involved.” – Joseph Almonte

“Radiant Training [security] classes, the staff and the instructors are always outstanding.” – Edward Wysocki

“I completed a great [security] training course here at Radiant.” – William McNear

“This was an excellent [Security] course.”-Gary Alerte

“Thank you so much for providing me with such an amazing [security] course.” – Bruce K. Ward

“I am happy I decided to go to Radiant to renew my [security] license.” – Ricardo J. Gray

“Radiant [security] once again provided a quality training service with their patient and compassionate instructors.”- Ivon Aviles

“T. Barfield is a very good instructor with a great sense of humor that kept the class entertained and I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family.” – Saul Bravo

“The presentation of the material during the [security] course was excellent.” – Amadou Bah

“I’ve been renewing my [security] license here for years and I’ve never been let down.” – Unknown

“The [security] course was excellent and I am very pleased.” – Hakeem Cooper

“Radiant is indeed a professional place of business and they were very helpful when it came down to me getting my [security] license.” – Delores Maeweather

“This was an awesome [security] course.” – Quiana Yates

“I’ve known Elvis for years and I’m happy that I attended a [Security] course here at Radiant.” – Lawrence Henderson

“This was a great experience and an even better [security] course.” – Daniel Mezar

“This was an excellent [security] class overall.” – Efrain Velez

“I learned some new things about the [security] field. I recommend that individuals in this occupation/ field should go to Radiant to get and/or renew their [security] license.” – Carla S.

“The instructor was very informative and I would prefer training at Radiant over anywhere else.” – Whitney Willis

“The [security] course was very satisfying and outstanding.” – Makhtar Mbathie

“I enjoyed this [security] course more than I thought I would.” – Julio A. Concepcion

“I found the [security] course very interesting and very easy to understand. I learned so much and I will be returning next year.” –Unknown

“The service was very professional and most importantly the [security] course was very affordable.” – Jean-Lively Joseph

“I got a different instructor this year but, the attitude was great and the energy was amazing. Mr. A. Sidney kept the [security] class interesting and I will be looking forward to seeing him next year.” – Latoya Johnson

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – Dominique Desdunes

“The [security] class was very informative and educational.” – Herschel Meusa

“Every time I attend the [security] course I have a great time.” – Leroy Sharperson

“Mr. Sidney did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Wesley Knight

“The instructor was very informative and the [security] course was very interesting throughout the entire eight hours.” – Edgar Morales

“I really enjoyed instructor A. Sidney’s enthusiasm and professionalism during the [security] course. I look forward to seeing him again next year.” – Camelos Belfort

“This was a wonderful [security] class; for that reason I come to Radiant every year.” – Diego Motejo

“This was a very good experience; I enjoyed the [security] course so much.” – Sarahi Bello

“The [security] class was very informative and clear.” – Peter Suckoo

“Instructor A. Sidney taught a really good [security] course and was very engaged with the students.” – James Samonte

“This was a very good [security] course; very informative and interesting.” – E. Vahan

“This was an excellent and informative [security] course. Everything was easy to understand and the instructor was excellent.” – Albert Rivera


“The [security] class was outstanding and I learned a lot about the duties of a [security] guard.” – Delano Gayle

“The [security] class was very constructive and informative.” – Unknown

“I loved the [security] course very much and it was very interesting.” – Melvin Moore

“I enjoyed the [security] course very much.” – Antonio Mejias

“This was a great and interesting [security] course.” – Angel Herazo

“This is one of the best schools and the instructor did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Harriet Burke

“Everything about the [security] course was excellent.” – Hjimotokiw

“The service is already outstanding and I see no need for improvement. Everything was great, from the staff to the [security] course.” – Barbara J. Zinnamon

“The staff is excellent, the environment was excellent and the material given to us during the [security] course was very helpful.” – Russell Shaw JR.

“Instructor A. Sindey was very informative during the [security] course.” – Kwaku Amponsa-Bofuo

“The class was very responsive to instructor A. Sindey was he was very hilarious. I will definitely be returning next year to attend the [security] course.” – Devone A. Buffaloe

“This is my forth time attending [security] classes here at Radiant and I will be returning next year.” – Alonzo B. Bonaparte

“Ever since I’ve been coming here to renew my [security] license I’ve had no regrets.” – Andrew Miller

“All the informative provided was easy to understand during the [security] course.” – Joshua Ocasio

“Radiant is a very professional school and the [security] course was excellent.”- Zameer H. Mir

“The [security] course was very entertaining, knowledgeable and humorous. I’d take this class every time for the years to come, especially if instructor A. Sindey is the one teaching it.” – Sean Futterman

“The instructor kept us engaged by asking questions and brining great energy to the [security] course.” –
Norman Brown


“The [security] class was great and completely interesting.” – Luis E. Pérez Reyes

“It was an excellent [security] class and the instructor did an amazing job.” – Martha McPhatter

“Mr. A. Sidney was an excellent instructor and was very outspoken and clear about the rules of being a [security] guard.” – Ronald McPhatter

“The [security] class was very professional and very informative. The instructor was clear and enjoyable.” – Juan Delgado

“The [Security] course was very exciting and interesting.” – Derrick Casado

“I learned a lot about the [security] field. The instructor kept the course fun and alive.” – Mamudu Mansaray

“The [security] course was outstanding and I can’t wait to attend it again next year.” – Unknown


“The [security] course was great and I had the best instructor ever.” – Michael Hardy

“My peers and co-workers are very aware of Radiant Training and I am glad that they sent me here to take the [security] course.” – Lawrence Henderson

“I would recommend Radiant to anyone interested in entering the [security] field.” – Ruy Lopez

“I was very satisfied with the whole experience and I am looking forward to coming to Radiant again to renew my [security] license next year.” – Leony Paulino

“I will recommend that all my friends and family go to Radiant Training to get or renew their [security] license.” – Daniela Spatola

“The location is very convenient and the [security] course was well organized.” – Chrsitopher Rivera

“Radiant is a great school and the [security] course was just as great.” – Melissa Whyte

“Today was a great day to take the [security] course. I learned a ton of new things about the field.” – Abner Milis

“I’ve been coming to Radiant for years to renew my [security] license and I’ve never been disappointed.” – Ayethan Naina

“The services here at Radiant Training are excellent and the [security] course is just a great.” – Manuel Rosado

“I learned so much about being a [security] guard during the course.” –Carlton Wilson

“The environment was excellent and I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Xavier Reyes

“Radiant training is a great [security] school and they provide individuals with the best services. The instructor made eight hours feel like two hours.” – Conroy Walker

“This was a very informative [security] course.” – Michael Diaz

“I was told that everyone at Radiant Training was professional and friendly and I was not disappointed. I learned a lot during the [security] course and I am thankful for it all.” – Margaret Rodriguez

“I must say that Radiant Training is a good and professional school. I will love to come back next year to renew my [security] license.” – John Okunlola

“This was a great [security] class; thank- you Radiant.” – Curtis Smith

“The services here at radiant are great. I’ve been coming here to renew my [security] license for the past three years and I’ve never been disappointed.” – Glenn Robinson

“This [security] class was excellent and I learned so much.” –Donald Townsend

“Radiant services are highly recommended.  I have no complaints and I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Clayton Thompson

“This was a fantastic [security] course. Mr. Sidney was an excellent instructor with a little twist of humor.” – Tiffany Perez

“I enjoyed the [security] course more than I thought I would. The instructor made the course a lot of fun and instructive in a professional manner.” – Steve Bishun

“This was an outstanding [security] course. The instructor was very informative and impressionable.” – Javon Cummings

“This was the best [security] class that I’ve attended.” – Edwin R. Ortiz

“Mr. A. Sidney was a great instructor and I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Curtis

“The [security] instructor was quick and straight to the point but, still managed to make everything easy to understand.” – Denzel Small

“The instructor made the time go by faster during the [security] course.” – Ahlyn Funes

“The [security] course was exciting and full of life and information.” – Omesh Jadonauth

“This was a great security] course.” – Felix Lucas

“I learned so much during the [security] course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and animated.” – Charles Cox


“If I had this instructor every time that I came to Radiant I would be thrilled. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining during the [security] course and it made the day go by much faster.” – Sean Futterman

“WOW! I was so happy with the information that was provided to me during the [security] course.” – Abner Milis

“This was a very informative and entertaining [security] course.” – Yachira Garnier

“I’m very satisfied with what I learned in the [security] course today.” – S’Tanmare I. Jones

“The instructor was very informative during the [security] course.” – Carlos Viteri

“This was an excellent learning experience. I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Mustaqur Rahman

“This [security] class was excellent and I learned so much throughout.” – Phillip Jones

“Instructor T. Barfield was very professional and he did a great job explaining everything about the [security] field.”- Herbert Matos

“This was a great [security] course and I am very pleased.” – Michael Laws

“I learned so much during the [security] course and the instructor was very professional.” – Ryan Royster


“Mr. T. Barfield was very informative and I feel like I got a lot out of the [security] course.” – Luis Pratts

“Instructor T. Barfield was very clear and interesting. He made the [security] course feel shorter than it actually was.” – Angel L. Cruz


“The service was great and the environment was just as good. I learned a lot during the [security] course.” – Louis Huneke

“The instructor was very detailed and went over all the subjects twice. He made sure that everyone understood the [security] material.” – David Ruiz

“The instructor was very informative and because of that, I learned more about being a [security] guard.” – Travis Johnson

“Radiant Training is a great school. The instructor was well organized and kept students interested during the [security] course.” – Corey Whitfield

“The [security] course was very informative and outstanding. I did enjoy it more than expected.” – Johnson B. Osei

“I liked the personal stories and experiences that Mr. A. Sidney shared with us during the [security] course to keep us interested.” – Howard Jean Louis

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the [security] course interesting.” – John Nganje

“I think instructor A. Sidney is the best [security] instructor that I’ve had.” – Evelyn Mendez

“The instructor was very professional kept the [security] course alive and exciting.” – Carl McFadden

“This was by far the best [security] course that I’ve attended. I’ve been coming to Radiant for years and I’ve never been disappointed.” – Archie L. Johnson

“Mr. Sidney is an excellent instructor. He was very informative and kept the students interested during the
[security] course.” – Ivor O. Smith

“The [security] course that I had was excellent. I felt that the instructor was outstanding and I learned so much more about the [security] field.” – Yasmin McRae

“Radiant Training is an outstanding school and the instructor did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Georgiana Downing

“Instructor A. Sidney was excellent and the [security] course was just as excellent.” – Thaddeus D. Whitehead

“Mr. A. Sidney was a very good instructor. He had a lot of knowledge about [security] guards. He was willing to answer every question that was asked and provided us with the best possible answer.” – Wladimir Galvez

“Instructor Sidney did an outstanding job teaching the [security] course. He kept it very much fun and enjoyable.” – Amadou Bah

“The instructor was very professional and kept the [security] course fun and alive.” – Brandon Cruz

“This was a fun [security] course. Mr. A. Sidney was the best instructor that I’ve had.” – Jackson Tong

“The [security] course was full of information that I know will help me become a better [security] guard.” – Anthony Bracey

“Instructor A. Sidney was very thorough and did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Jesus Rivera

“Radiant Training is a solid school and I will be coming back next year to renew my [security] license.”  - K. Edmonds

“Instructor A. Sidney was very clear and did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Jose F. Herrera

“The staff was very professional and the instructor did a great job teaching students about the [security] field.”  - Jan Umali

“The [security] course was very interesting and the instructor was very entertaining.” – Lionel Seydou

“Instructor A. Sidney was excellent during the [security] course and made the class feel shorter.” – Aaron

“The [security] course was a lot of fun and I learned so much.” – David Castro

“Radiant is a very good [security] school and they are very efficient.” – Frantz Coffy

“Instructor A. Sidney was well prepared for the [security] course. He was very informative and attentive.” – Norvin Guillen

“The best place to renew your [security] license is here at Radiant Training.” – Abdulhamed Kharma

“Instructor A. Sidney was very professional and did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Maikel Coco

“I will be renewing my [security] license here next year.” – Matthew Deslauriers

“Radiant Training is a great [security] school. I’ve been going to them for two years and I have no complaints.” – Yosef Thompson

“I found that the [security] course at Radiant was so helpful and informative compared to other schools that I’ve went to.” – Carl Jones

“The instructor was so precise and provided the class with all the information needed to be a better [security] guard.” – Curtis Gibbs

“Instructor A. Sidney made all the [security] material easy to understand.” – Luis Pratts

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – Maleka Akther

“The [security] course was very informative.” – Michael Hardy

“The instructor did a great job presenting the [security] material.” – Gregory A. Franklin

“The service here at Radiant was excellent and the [security] course was just as great.” – Gary Alerte

“The service was great and the [security] course was very interesting.” – Joan Joseph

“Mr. A. Sidney did a good job teaching the [security] course.” – Maryann Drayton

“The instructor was a big help. I learned new things about the [security] field and the instructor made everything easy to understand.” – Winston Green

“The [security] class was very lively and entertaining. He helped me see things differently.” – C. Martinez

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the [security] course interesting.” – T. Salvatore

“Instructor A. Sidney did a great job teaching the [security] course.” – Charles Cox

“The [security] course and the instructor were both outstanding.” – Edward Wysocki

“This was a great [security] course.” – Yernal G. Garvey JR.

“The instructor explained everything thoroughly and kept the [security] course interesting.” – Charles Sanders

“I really enjoyed the [security] course.” – Michael Laws

“Today’s [security] class was very educational and engaging.” – Ryan Royster

“The [security] course was very informative.” – Peter Antoine

“Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC is one of the best [security] schools that I have attended.” – Pierre L. Paul

“This was a very informative [security] course and everything was easy to understand.” – Kenroy Malcolm

“I would recommend this school to anyone interested in becoming a [security] guard.” – Zameer H. Mir

“This was a great [security] course.” – Juan Delgado

“Thank-you Radiant Training; this was an excellent [security] course.” – Byron Dingle

“Everything went well at Radiant and the [security] course is excellent.” – John Garner

“The instructor did a very good job teaching the [security] course.” –Stephanie Jules

“Mr. A. Sidney is a very good teacher and he kept the [security] course interesting.” – Roberson Celius

“Mr. Sidney was very engaging with the [security] class and he was very open with the entire class.” – Manuel Pujos

“I loved the way the instructor taught the [security] course. He was very funny and kept the class interesting.” – Unknown

“This [security] class was the best that I’ve ever attended.” – Yalerie Williams

“This was an excellent [security] course and I learned a lot during the entire eight hours.” – Christiana E. Supo

“The instructor was quite informative, knowledgeable and humorous during the [security] course. I learned more than I thought I would.” – Derek Perry

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – Edmarie Lobo

“The [security] course was very outstanding and the instructor kept the class fun.” – Jamal Ngouh

“The instructor was very funny and kept the [security] class interesting.” – Uwomate Atunuwa

“This was a very good [security] course.” – John K.

“The [security] class was outstanding and informative. I am content with all the information that I am taking with me as I leave.” – Jean-Lively Joseph

“The [security] class was very well taught.” – Parrish Roberts

“The instructor did an outstanding job teaching the eight hour [security] course. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the course and the instructor.” – Hydia Hernandez

“I had so much fun during the [security] course and I learned so much at the same time; thank-you Radiant.” – Anthony Wright

“It was a good [security] class and I learned a lot about the pressure of being a [security] guard.” – Malik McPhun

“This was a very thorough [security] course.” – Charles L. Warden

“This was an excellent [security] course. There was a lot of discipline and the course was a complete success.” – Unknown

“I enjoyed this [security] course more than I thought I would.” – Unknown

“Mr. A. Sidney did an excellent job teaching the [security] course.” – Jamar Scott

“Instructor Sidney was very outstanding and kept the [security] course very interesting.” – Raymond E. Avila

“I find that the [security] class was very good and very helpful. I will definitely come back again to renew my license.” – Harold Holder

“This was an outstanding [security] course.” – Everett Sonersills

“I had a great time during the [security] course. The instructor was very informative and helpful.” – Edwin Norales

“The instructor was very professional, courteous and on point throughout the [security] course.” – Rickey Jacob

“The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable during the [security] course.” - Unknown

“The [security] class was fun and very informative.” – Donald Townsend

“The instructor was very entertaining and informative during the entire eight hours of the [security] course; I learned so much more than I thought I would.” – Herubey Grassals

“Mr. A. Sidney kept the [security] class alive and entertaining.” – Unknown

“This was a very professional [security] course and environment.”- Chuan Z. Wang

“Instructor A. Sidney was very professional, concise and full of vital information about the [security] field. He was very engaged and humorous; thank-you so much Radiant Training.” – Edith Bostic

“This was a very informative [security] course. The instructor was very helpful and a lot of fun.” – Nelson Roman

“The [security] class was very good and I learned a ton of new things. I will definitely be returning to Radiant; thank- you again.” – Diprats Chitamam

“The [security] course here at Radiant was very informative and professional.” – Wanda Roberts

“I will recommend Radiant Training to any and every one interested in [security].” – Djoukouan Yattassaye

“Mr. A. Sidney was very helpful and informative throughout the [security] course.” – René Rivera

“Mr. A. Sidney proved to be very knowledgeable about the [security] course material. Radiant Training always delivers.” – Marco A. Necco

“The instructor was very professional and much better than the [security] instructor that I had before.” – Mark A. Artache

“This was a very good [security] training facility. I learned a lot more than I thought I would.” – José G.

“The class was great and the instructor made it very informative and fun. I recommend this [security] class to my friends and family, especially through Facebook.” – Brian Brown

“Mr. A. Sidney made the [security] class a lot of fun and was very interactive and informative. He took his time explaining the material and made sure that everyone was able to understand all the information that he provided us with.” – Reisha Simpson

“The Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC [security] course went very well. Mr. A. Sidney was very understanding. He explained everything thoroughly and answered any and every question that we had.” – Sabrina Wilson

“The instructor was awesome and to the point throughout the [security] course.” – Brian Watson

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – John M.  Kuta

“The instructor was very lucid and concise during the [security] course. It was a pleasure to take the [security] course with Mr. A. Sidney.” – Jaime Rivera

“I recommend this school to everyone and I must admit that this school was a great choice and the [security] class was not a disappointment.” – Michael Caban

“The [security] course contained interesting topics.” – Marleny Osorio

“The [Security] course was very entertaining and fun.” – Albert Mercado

“The training was interesting and the instructor was very professional and on point while teaching the [security] course.” – Hafida Hamimi

“This was a great [security] class and the instructor was just as amazing.” – Freddrick McMillan

“I think that the service was excellent and the [security] class was outstanding, as well as the instructor.” – Melissa Mei

“This is my second experience here and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the very first time that I came here. The staff was excellent; the [security] course was outstanding.” – Devone Buffaloe

“The [security] course was great and I learned a lot from it. I am glad that I came to Radiant to renew my [security] license.” – Mabel Salmon

“The instructor was very informative and he presented the information about [security] very well.” – Felix Jusino

“This was a great [security] class.” – Desiree Switzer

“The class was very informative and instructor A. Sidney made the class a lot of fun and very entertaining.” – Unknown

“The services were very nice and the class was very outstanding as well as the instructor. I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Faye D. Baker

“The material that instructor A. Sidney provided us with was very interesting and helpful. I learned so much during the [security] course and I am thankful for all of the information that I received.” – Mitchell Similao

“This was a very good [security] course. The instructor was very informative and professional.” – Francisco P. Rodriguez

“The [security] class was taught very well.” – Tyrelle Smith

“Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC is one of the best [security] training schools that I’ve ever attended.” – Pierre L. Paul

“This is an excellent [security] school and I learned so much more than I thought I would” – Pooran Pancham

“This was an amazing [security] course.” – Merlyn Griffiths

“This was one of the best [security] training schools that I’ve attended.” – Darnell Gillian

“Thank- You Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC for such a great [security] course.” – Edith Bostic

“I can say that the services were outstanding. The staff was very pleasant, the instructor was very informative and the [security] course was very helpful and interesting. I have absolutely no complaints.”-Charles Willgoson

“The professional atmosphere and the knowledge from the staff were excellent. I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Vincent Harris

“Radiant is a very reliable [security] school.” – Cheryl Johnson

“Mr. Barfield was very knowledgeable and helpful during the [security] course.” –Pochara U.

“This was a very clear [security] course.” – Atanacio Perez

“Radiant Training has been an excellent [security] school since I’ve been coming here.” – Miguel Rosario

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – Earl Nedd

“The instructor was very good in delivering the information about the [security] field. He made the class very interesting and entertaining, it was an absolute pleasure.” – Wayne R.

“This was an excellent [security] course.” – Ahamad Khan

“This was an excellent [security] course. The instructor was very effective and top quality.” – Rupert F.

“The instructor got straight to the point and I learned so much during the [security] course.” – Chris Velasquez

“The [security] class was excellent and the instructor kept the course entertaining and interesting.” – Peter Begley

“This was an awesome and informative [security] course.” – Philip James

“This was a great [security] school.” – Vasile Dumitrascu

“This was a wonderful [security] course and I learned so much more than I thought I would.” – Alexia Juarez

“Mr. V. Bradley made the experience tons of fun and I learned so much during the [security] course.” - Malika Malloy

“The instructor was great and he was very interactive and friendly throughout the [security] course.” – Jamar Hudson

“This was an excellent service and the instructor was outstanding. I learned a lot about being a [security] guard.” – Dominick Gonzalez

“Mr. V. Bradley was a very powerful speaker and he made it easy to stay focused and enjoy the [security] class.” – Erick Morales

“This was a great [security] school.” – Frances Uzzle

“The instructor provided us with the information necessary to be a great [security] guard.” – Shahzad Bhatti

"The [security] instructor was good he kept the class interesting." - Angel Medrano

"The [security] service was excellent." - Ramon Salva

"Great [security] teacher, with experiences to back it up." - Rasbell

"The [security] class was professional and I would always come back and I will also inform others about Radiant Training." - Lisa Burton

"I enjoyed the interesting [security] class." - Michael Campbell

"Awesome [security] teacher and great motivator. I learned more about life from this man than any other person I know." - Troy Hughey

"The [security] instructor was very effective in his presentation." - Thomas Brandt

"This [security] class was very good." - Reginald Pindar

"Mr. Barfield was a good [security] instructor. He kept the class excited." - Michael Jenkins

"Great [security] teacher. Kept it interesting." - Grierson

"The [security] instructor was very professional and extremely clear and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the class as a whole because it was a great refresher." - Kerrieson Laing

"Great presentation by the [security] instructor." - Denny Guzman

"Thanks for the [security] refresher course." - Ryan Ramsudh

"Excellent and outstanding [security] class." - Greg Mitchell

"Excellent service, the [security] class provided clear information with good examples." - Luis Calderon

"The [security] training session here today at Radiant was outstanding. Job well done by staff member." - Ronald Tindal

"The [security] class was simply, effective, professional and great." - Ayman G. Faheem

"I really enjoyed the [security] training and I learned a lot from the instructor." - Marlon Strachan

"Great [security] training course. The presenter was professional and took the time to answer questions during the class, very informative." - Anibal Cruz

"The [security] instructor was very effective and professional." - Frankie Acevedo

"I learned some new things, Great [security] teacher." - Elvis Navarro

"Very interesting and informative, great [security] instructor." - Miguel T. Riddick

"Comfortable atmosphere and good [security] instructor."- Wally R. Champen

"The [security] instructor was very professional." - Frank Marrero

"The [security] instructor was professional from start to finish." - Alberto Medina

"It was such a great class and [security] instructor was very informative." - Eric Rayzer

"The class was professional and was straight to the point. The [security] instructor incorporated life experiences to help get his point across and allowed me to better understand things." - Kaashief Toomer

"Good service and great information from the [security] instructor." - Margie Matos

"Very clear [security] presentation." - Donovan Dumay

"The [security] course was informative and helpful in a clear and concise manner." - Brian H. Goldberg

"Outline of guards’ duty is firm [security], situations explained- Use added film content or screen drama photos." - Marcella A. Mills

"The service is prompt and concise." - Brunel Victor

"The services provided by Radiant Training and Consulting, LLC was very professional and interactive. I will be returning for further training." - Pearlie Knight-Morrison

"They services was excellent; I learn a lot." -Christian Montolio

"The services I am improving every time I attend my annual renewal class." - Victor J. Deweever

"Excellent, very professional, I’m done different classes here and that’s why I always come back." - Carlos A. Rincon

"The [security] courses given at Radiant are always thoroughly and clearly presented. Excellent School." - Lindon A. Baxter

"Radiant Training has good prices, great staff and great use of time." - Andray Jones

"The [security] class was very informative and explained clearly." - Taji Francis

"The [security] instructor was very professional and I enjoyed being in the class." - Sidney Gutman

"Very good [security] class. Instructor was very professional and educational. I learned some new things." - Rosemary Wagner

"Every time I come for the [security] training the staff is very friendly, resourceful and they make my time at Radiant enjoyable." - Emmanuel Everett

"The [security] class was very informative and enjoyable. The instructor was great. "- Kevin Woodruff

"The [security] class was very professional, will refer all my collages here." - Lionel Baboolal

"The [security] class was perfect." - Courtney Cecil

"The [security] instructor was good and well understood." - Alhaji Komohan

"The [security] class was good, will be back next year." - Linden Bailey

"The [security] instructor was very professional. He was very informative and presented what we needed to know clearly." - Darrell Rice

"Mr. Barfield spoke most eloquently, and gave us tips to improve our resume and brought out the most important part of being a [security] officer. Well done." - Sonia Phillip

"The [security] class was affordable and straight to the point." - Darnell Haughton

"The [security] class was very informative, inspiring, and educational." - Maurice Brown

"Good refresher [security] course. Would come back again." - Matthew Brown

"Mr. Delva was very professional, while maintaining my attention during the [security] course duration." - Anthony Cosme

"Smart [security] instructor, keeps people awake with the material." - Abel Michel

"Good and helpful [security] course." - Kasmour Lewis

"The [security] instructor was very informative and descriptive about the details. I will definitely come back next year for the course." - Ameenah Bradbury

"The [security] instructor was very clear and precise with explaining each chapter. He also gave good examples with different situations and included the class scenarios." - Giovanni Boque

"The [security] instructor was great . . ." - David Castro

"Great information for [security] guards." - Esther Gray

"The [security] instructor was very professional and clear." - Alexander Espinoza

"The [security] service was excellent. I will tell my relatives and friends to take their [security] courses at Radiant." - Robert Quiah

"Awesome, fun and entertaining environment. Great place to get your [security] license." - Alberto Salazar

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"Great [security] instructor and offers a lot of information." - Angel Mohammad

"The [security] class was great; I learned a lot of things I didn’t know, but the best part was all the free stuff we got." - Rosailyn Almanzar

"I learned what I needed to know about the [security] industry. I will be referring others to Radiant." - Joey Cedie

"The [security] class was fun. Everything was explained into details and questions were answered." - Anthony Jagmohan

"I really like this [security] class, Elvis is a very funny instructor." - Randy Lopez

"After taking this [security] class, I have a great understanding of the duties that are required from a security guard. I enjoyed the class and I will refer people to Radiant." - Chad Royer

"The [security] course was excellent." - Rony Thomas

"One of the most informative [security] classes that I have even been a part of." - Ezenwa Onochie

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"The [security] class covers and reminds you of the necessary things to do on and off the job." - Cedric Burrowers

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The [security] class was very insightful and direct." - Kelvin J. Reid

"Mr. Barfield helped me understand more of the basics of [security] training and other important areas of security that I was unaware of." - Natasha Santiago

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Patrick Mei

"My [security] eight-hour annual was excellent; it was clear and well [taught]." - Shirley Hughes

"Good [security] course, the professor was very knowledgeable of teaching the material." - Leonel De Leon

"I learned much more than other [security] course or courses I have taken before. I gave a very good recommendation to all annual in service." - Milady Matos

"T. Barfield was very outspoken and excellent about how to deal with ins and outs with being a security guard. I’ve learned so much today and feel good about myself. It was a great experience for me to know the security field and
also for me." - William

"The [security] training was relevant and realistic." - Shelim Alam

"Insightful and relaxing atmosphere, a pleasure to be here [for the security training]." - Glenn Tobiassen

"Outstanding, excellent and stupendous. Mr. Barfield is the best." - Donald Epps

Great overall experiences; will definitely recommend the [security] school to anyone looking for first-rate training." - Eric Williams

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"Great instructor [for the security training (R. Hoffman)]." - Belmy Rodriguez

"Very knowledgeable [security] instructor. Kept the material pertinent and interesting. Will be doing all my renewals here." - Andre Thomas

"The [security] class was very good." - Paul Finney

"Informative and he brought up a couple of things I didn’t know and I’ve been in security for 20 years. Thanks Russ [Hoffman]." Earl McField

"This is an excellent school for security training." - Michael P. Ryan

"Mr. Hoffman is an excellent teacher, his material is very good. He doesn’t waste any time with stuff, that self-explanatory of what’s important." - Sereca Bernard

"I was good to learn things; it was an amazing (security) class." - Nancy Jorge

"Great (security) service, it was very informative." - Richard Livemond

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"Instructor gave good insights for how to get out of working in a security field." Stuart Penn

"The [security] services are good." - Yadeline Olivier

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"Very professional and kind, it is my second time with this instructor. It was excellent." - Jesus Cano

"Comfortable environment for learning and professional attitude from staff." - Edward Glanville

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"Mr. T Barfield’s presentation was well presented in conducting this training [security] class." - Elrolda O. Bourne

Mr. Barfield helped the whole [security] class new things that older classes seem outdated. He seemed to be up to date with the laws." - Bolivar Ozoria

"The [security] service at Radiant is excellent and I will recommend anyone to your security courses and services." - Daniel U. Jackson

"It was a very interesting [security class]" - Newton Johnson

"Not much to say, everything is very professional and courteous." - Edgardo Vasquez

"This [security] class is very important to me because the teaching is all about my job." - Lionel Valentine

"Professional and effective. The staff was kind and courteous" - Antoinette Howell

"I find the [security] class very informative even though I’m not a security officer anymore, but I always come back to this school to update me with new information." - Richard Young

"Informative." - Kemraj B. Persaud

"Over view of this [security] training session explained in a professional manner by the instructor. Expert security officer to perform at a higher level due to today’s training." - Henry Barton

"I think the instructor and staff are very good. The instructor explains the material very clearly." - Brian McGovern

"Annual in-service training [security] course effectively covers incidents guards may encounter on the job." - David Montesdeoca

"I will tell all my security guard friends about your [security] school. Also my company might fund me to take classes for Fire Safety Director." - James Green

"The instructor is very professional and presents the [security] material with much clarity." - Joseph Barber

"Overall the establishment is very welcoming as well as spacious. The staff is courteous and a very comfortable work area." - Anonymous

"It was clear and accurate. This is the definition of a refresher security course. I re-learned the responsibilities of being a security guard." - Emilio Segarra

"Mr. Delva was very informative in presenting this [security] course. The course itself was very informative." - Jimmy Ward

"This [security] course is very knowledgeable." - Joe McMiled, Jr.

"The instructor is always informative and allowed you to ask questions. - Jacqueline Barnes

"Radiant training is the best school I have been too. It is very professional." - Darryl Griffin

"Helpful in answering questions regarding re-enrollment for license." - Benjamin Dawson

"I enjoyed the [security] class. It was really surprised at how thorough . . . the presentation was. The instructor was professional. I will recommend to others." - Kimberly Esteras

"This is an informative refresher [security] course." - Hakiem Goodridge

"This [security] course is effective, professional class environment." - Charles T. Michaels

"Thank you for the outstanding [security] service and information." - Bamses Cabrera

"Enjoyable environment, I was able to understand the instructor with clarity." - Corey Martin

"Presentation was well put together. The instructor was very professional and knowledgeable." - Mbye Jobe

"Thank you very much." - Lileya Podolskaya

"Radiant offers a friendship and comfortable atmosphere for learning and training." - Peter Morgan

"Excellent." - Miguel A. Collazo

"The location is conveniently situated and easily accessed by public transportation." - Benard Blackman

"The C.I.A. should take this [security] course." - Jacob L. Lacewell

"This [security] class was straight forward, very clear and precise. The class was very good." - Kirk Unngberg

It is a good [security] school, will recommend to anyone." - Roger Williams

"Good teacher." - Anthony Vence

"This was a clean and helpful atmosphere for learning." Alfredo Zelaya

"They cover all aspects of security training and do it professionally." - Stephen Figurka

"Good explanations." - Juan Rojas

"This is an excellent company for the first time being here. They go through things slowly but you’re bound to learn." - Solomon Simmons

"It was very informative and precise in relaying course information." - Jefferson Idarraga

"This is a very good [security] service." - Alma Rodriguez

"The [Security] instructor was very helpful with his information." - Margaret Butler

"I had an informative and excellent experience during this [security] class." - Wilfredo Gonzalez

"No complaining, you guys are very nice, and the [security] instructor is polite and professional." - Mogelor Lapointe

"Very precise and clear information regarding the [security] officers’ duties and functions." - Salahudiyn Muhammad

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"The [security] instructor was very professional." - Fernando Delgado

"The [security] instructor gave excellent advice, answered all inquiries. The lesson plan reviewed all aspects as far as role of security, self-defense, legal powers and limitation. Very affordable." - De’Olivar Pinnock

"Outstanding [security] lecture, clear and to the point." - Franklin Luna

"Very professional and informative [security] class." - Carl Cucco

"The [security] course is very useful to security officers as well as non-security officers." - Christian Ajaa

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"Great [security] class will be returning for other training." - Crystal Sullivan

"I liked the [security] instructor, would like to come back for the FSD in near future." - Daniel Zabolotny

"I’m satisfied with the [security] class." - Sandy Trujillo

"I recommend anyone trying to get their 8-hour [security] course." - Megayo Mokpokpo

"A well-worth [security] course of learning." - William Kowalczyk

"This [Fire Safety Director] course was very informative and Elvis was very clear in discussing the Fire Safety Safety material." - Shane Best

"Very helpful [Fire Safety Material] it was broken down to make students understand thoroughly." - Josefina Bravo

"I would recommend this [Fire Safety Director] class to anyone. Elvis is very good at what he does." - Anthony Ferguson

"Excellent, informative [Fire Safety Director] courses, I now have a better prospective as to what my responsibilities at my job and with this material I feel confident that I would pass the exam." - James Parks

"Even though the [Fire Safety Director] class meets once a week, the materials are thoroughly executed." - Mara Leynes-Panganiban

"The [Fire Safety Director] material was presented in an easy to understand environment, provided by a charismatic and fun teacher." - Axell Kelly

"The [Fire Safety Director] material is very effective." - Jerome Cromartie

"The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was funny and knew what he was talking about very well." - Hyejin Kim

"Excellent [Fire Safety Director] course, easy to comprehend, teacher was very clear and precise." - Joseph Sasson

"Very good [Fire Safety Director] course, very good instructor, excellent study material." - Arnold Sidney

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was fun." - Calvin Reeves

"The [Fire Safety Director] classes are very good and Elvis Is a nice guy and a very good teacher . . ." - Wilfrido Martinez

"As a person with high expectation, I was not disappointed with the [On-the-Job Training] course. I’m very grateful of the coffee." - Unknown

"Radiant is the best [security training] school I’m glad I had the opportunity to be part of this company to move forward in life." - Gerardo Hernandez

"The staff was nice and pleasant and helpful. Elvis Polanco kept the [security] class interesting and very informative and I didn’t fall asleep." - Darryl Gwynn

"Great [security] instructor, he cared about people. Will recommended others to take classes at Radiant." - Maria Freher

"Radiant Training & Consulting is a good [Security Training] school; I will recommend any one to come to Radiant." - Ashim Wingiwson

"Over all the [security] class was good; the instructor made it fun. He kept me and other people laughing and awake." - Tanisha

"Every one of the staff was very nice and helpful, enjoyed my experience at Radiant." - Samantha

"Radiant gives good [security] courses, I learned a lot." - Antonio Aguilar

"The [security] instructor was very good, I learned a lot and the teacher made me laugh." - Allan Yaw

"Radiant Training is very friendly and informative. Great prices and provides other services such as free copies, faxes and notary. Will definitely recommend people to Radiant." - Shariyf Ali

"I will tell all my friends to come to Radiant; the staff is wonderful and makes you feel welcome." - Desiree Switzer

"The [security] instructor made a long and boring program feel refreshingly short and fun." - Ricardo Marrero

"Elvis the [security] instructor is a good man, am glad I came to Radiant." - Yasser Samra

"All I can say is I loved the [security] class and I am going to tell all my friends to come to Radiant." - Ricardo Register

"I enjoyed the [security] class." - Unknown

"Very good educational course for people who want to get there [security] license." - William Rosado

"I would recommend people to come to Radiant Training, great service and you learn a lot and everything you need to know about being a [security] guard." - Darnell Eaddy

"The services at Radiant are awesome." - Unknown

"Great Place to get your [security] training and prices are fair." - William Peguero

"The learning process was very fun and stress free. I will be returning back to Radiant very soon and for all my future certification classes." - David Gevargiz

"Highly recommend Radiant Training. The [security] instructor kept the class interesting." - Terrell Campbell

"It was a fun [security] class and positive environment to be around." - Alberto Monasteries

"Elvis got through the [security] material and made things clear. Also has a good sense of humor." - Ramsey Ingram

"I was very pleased with the [security] class. The instructor was excellent. I would recommend others to take the class." - Carlos Gonzalez

"Radiant made me feel more secure on my decision to take these [security] courses and Elvis did an outstanding job teaching and interacting with the rest of the class." - David Montano

"Great place to learn about being a [security] officer." - Unknown

"Radiant Training is nice, good environment to learn about being a [security] officer. The experience was awesome." - Edwine Rimbeau

"Radiant is the best [security] training place. People should come here, they are very nice and they are fun." - Jacquan Thomas

"The [Fire Safety Director] material was given and the clarity of the material was well delivered." - Shanlete Bryon

"Good [Fire Safety Director] teacher, good prices, good staff." - Nicholas Centeno

"Very good [Fire Safety Director] class." - Parminder Singh

"Radiant Training actually teaches you the course. The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was actually interested in us succeeding. I would recommend this school to anyone." - Emanuel Mallard

"Great [Fire Safety Director] course." - Ricardo Ayala

"Very Good [Fire Safety Director] school, I would recommend to my coworkers and friends. Looking forward to taking more classes." - Cliff Osborn

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class, the instructor dedicated himself making sure students understood what has to be explained." - Hector Tomas

"When I first entered the [Fire Safety Director] class, I figured it would be difficult to pass the class. Mr. Elvis made the class fun and easy to catch on to the material." - Donald Hatchett

"Radiant Training cares about the effectiveness of the information students are taught." - Unknown

"Very good [Fire Safety Director] class. Would recommend to everyone." - Leslie Whylly

"One of the best courses I’ve taken The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was very informative." - Wally Gary

"The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was knowledgeable on the subject. He questioned the class if we had any questions, which showed that he cared about us understanding the material." - Joseph Gonzalez

"This is my second time taking the [Fire Safety Director] course but my first time at Radiant and I must say that I actually learned in this course. I will continue recommending people to Radiant." - Francheska Nazario

"The service was great and I would recommend anyone to Radiant. The environment and the way the [Fire Safety Director] material was presented were excellent." - Stevon Reid

"I believe the [Fire Safety Director] class was very good and interesting, the instructor was good and I enjoyed the class." - Patricia Ratt

"Radiant is a great place to do any sort of course due to a great stuff, very understanding and workable when you need to miss a class. Mr. Polanco is great with the [Fire Safety Director] material." - Brjida Rivera

"Radiant is costumized to each individual with clarity and detail assignments. Very clear and direct with the [Fire Safety Director] material." - James Ford

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was very entertaining, even after working an overnight job, kept me up and focused." - Jamiel Claro

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was structured to allow everyone to learn at their pace and style." - Lewiston Murray

"Excellent [Fire Safety Director] class, would recommend to others." - Bradley Williams

"The [Fire Safety Director] course was on point." - James O’Brian

"Like how the [Fire Safety Director] instructor taught the class." - Jorge Luis Flores

"The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was clear and kept class interesting." - Alex Marzar

"Radiant gives great services and very informative, would recommend to all that need certificates that they provide." - Lloyd Nelson

"Very clear presentation of the [Fire Safety Director] course and very affordable." - Omar Payamps

"Small [Fire Safety Director] classes which is much better of the instructor to the student." - Javkielan

"Very clear instructions on [Security] material, involvement with classmates, very comfortable and relaxing experience." - Darryl Dorsey

"Great [security] instructor, kept everyone awake, great personality, will recommend the class to my co-workers." - David Figueroa

"Highly effective and comfortable [security] class environment with a highly knowledgeable and charismatic instructor." - Alan Grandon

"The [Security] course was great." - Kahlil Allen

"This is a great school. The [security] instructor was able to relate lessons to real life experience." - Amanda Cole

"The [security] instructor explained all the material properly and understandable for me." - Charlotte Pickens

"The [security] instructor was straight to the point and very respectful person and from this lesson it will help me grow as a person and to be professional at what I do." - Ricardo Leslie

"The [security] instructor was straight to the point and he was clear in every lesson." - Ramon Cruz

"The [security] course was clear." - Kodjo Yibokou

"Always a great experience when taking the [security] course." - Jesus Rivera

"The [security] instructor was very informative and the front desk staff was helpful." - Kewana Dewar

"The [security] class was very informative and was conducted in a professional manner." - Dennis Northe

"The [security] instructor was very helpful and informative. I would recommend my friends and co-workers to attend Radiant." - Gregory Fleetwood

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"Very good [security] instructor." - Colin Archer

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"Great class as an introduction to get a [security] license." - Freddy Ovando

"The [security] class went through comfortably and satisfactory." - Lawrence Beah

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"The [security] services at Radiant are excellent." - Anthony Asare

"I had a positive experience at Radiant." - Jocelyn Pagan

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"It was a good [security] course." - David Rosas

"The [security] class was very informative; it teaches you what is required of you in the workplace, which can also be applied in your everyday life." - Karreen Christopher

"Very good and informative [security] class." - Michael Robinson

"The service was excellent and the class material was very detailed explanation regarding [security] information." - Remay

"The [security] course was very interesting and I will apply all that I learned in the security work force." Lawrence Anderson

"The [security] instructor made the class understandable; he is very outgoing and reliable great instructor." - Domonique Carwell

"The [security] instructor brought a lifetime of experience into the class room which only helped to illustrate the lessons being taught." - Nicholas Smith

"The service is very good and the [security] instructor did a great good teaching the class." - Augustine King

"I actually appreciated this class. I’m leaving with new knowledge. The [security] instructor also kept us entertained." - Nyisha Bryant

"This training has enhanced my ability to become a more effective [security] guard and to do my duty in a professional manner." - O’Bey Wilson

"The [security] class was outstanding and very informative. The instructor was very experienced." - Godfrey Romaine

"There was a lot of information to take in during the [security] class but it was presented clear and well enough to have a good understanding of what was being taught." - Zana Moore

"Very well understanding of the [security] training course." - Arsenio Camacho

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"Very knowledgably [security] instructor." - Christopher

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"The [security] instructor gave the lesson to us good, with watching videos to learn more about a security officer’s profession." - Donny Tori

"The [security] instructor was great." - Michael Davis

"The services was extraordinary, I loved it and I enjoyed the [security] class. " -Lawrence Beah

"The [security] classes were great very informative and the staff was excellent, very great environment." - Cynthia Acevedo

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"Annual in-service [Fire Safety Director] training course has very good material." - Glemroy Smith

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"Elvis is a great instructor. He makes the [Fire Safety Director] course interesting and fun. Definitely will recommend to friends." - Jose Torres

"I cannot wait until Radiant moves to it's new location. I will refer my employees for the [Fire Safety Director] training." - Niccolas Meryerson

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"[Security] instructor spoke clearly and was knowledgeable of the subject coupled with succinct delivery style. Made for an enjoyable learning experience." - Peter Vogt

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"This [security] school, I would like my friends to attend because of the class environment and professionalism." - Mitchell J. Bozteng

"I am happy that the [security] instructor is still teaching, his an amazing instructor." - Edgar Rogers

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"I enjoyed this [security] training class. It made me realize that being a security guard takes a lot of responsibility." - John Clare

"I appreciate the effective work and the duty to help me improve my skills and keep me up to date on my [security] license." - Krischelle Chrise

"The [security] instructor was very knowledgeable and delivered the material in a very effective and clear manner." - Choephel

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"Everything in the [security] course was clear and well explained." - Katiana Saint-eloi

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"Great job by the [security] instructor." - Jerome Fort

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"Legit Training course, if you come here you would work anywhere in the [security] field." - Hebert Negron

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"Mr. Elvis is a sociable, respective individual. very nice and what you see is what you get. Nice [security] class and I would recommend Radiant to anyone." - Francine Gooden

"The [security] instructor made the course interesting and kept us engaged with real stories and examples, excellent advice and made sure we interacted and participated in class." - Chris Walton

"I really enjoyed this [security] class, it was outstanding and everything I have learned is grade A certified." - Bryan Monmouth

"Great [security] training school with knowledgeable instructors. Provides plenty of service at affordable prices. Will recommend to anyone seeking their security license." - Jason Allen

"My experience at Radiant was smooth and well informed." - Jose Barahona

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"Very professional environment, [security] instructor is very informative." - Orlando Knight

"This is not my first time here and each time is better then the last." - Leon Alston

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"The [security] class is very informative, refreshes your knowledge with clear presentation." - Hugo Orozco

"Enjoyed the [security] class." - Lakeesha Charous

"I have been coming to Radiant Training for the last 3yrs. Great atmosphere. The [security] instructor made the class fun while still being informative and concise, will definitely return." - Luis Ramos

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"It was a great pleasure to listen to the instructor at the [security] class." - Nebojsa Matic

"The [security] training is very informative, educational and helpful. The trainer is very resourceful, the entire staff members are very cooperative." - Ananda Moohya

"I would recommend the school to anyone [interested in the Fire Safety Director course] ." - Ronny Sosa

"Very interesting [Fire Safety Director] class, Elvis knew materials and answered questions spot on." - Oyeleye Oakenie

"The material taught [in the Fire Safety Director course] is explained efficiently with the teacher leaving no questions unanswered." - Joseph Marte

"Outstanding presentations [in the Fire Safety Director course]." - Sahadeo

"[Fire Safety Director course is] very informative, fun - holds your attention. Not a boring lecture, will recommend to others." - Emma Jackson

"[Fire Safety Director] course met my expectations, I would recommend to my co-workers." Marlon Jackson

"[Fire Safety Director course] Covers all of study material, I personally feel comfortable" - Masroor Khan

"The services here are great, every subject [in the fire safety director course] was broken down to the 'T' where you get completely understandable knowledge." - Carl Gerene

"Very good presentation. Good [security] class." - Keenan Johnson

"Mr. Delva is a good instructor for the [security] class." - Solomon Aladenoye

"Very detailed, you learn a lot. Very good refreshment [security] course." - Nicole Bridglal

"Great [security] class. Instructor kept it fun and spoke clearly. Good information." - Brian Ortiz

"The [security] class was good. Interesting and productive. Excellent instructor." - Nereida Rodriguez

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"Best instructors in the City! Very informative [ security] class and extremely interesting." - Carlos Guzmon

"I have been in the [security] profession for five years now and this is the most professional school so far. Instructor Delva is very good and I'm pleased to be a student." - Darryl Perry

"Radiant is a good school to attend for [security] training. They are a legit school registered by the state, and the instructor is excellent." - Abe Ford

"Radiant is an excellent [security] training facility, they go out of their way to accommodate the customers." - William J. Perez

"Outstanding [security] training program done by Mr. Delva. At no time did I feel nervous nor embarrassed. I will not hesitate to attend any future training programs." - FNU Sahadeo

"Straight forward to the point. Great [security] class." - Alan Krieger

"The instructor is very professional and the [security] class has been very informative. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who needs a training school." - Gloria Cooper-Pusey

"A very informative course. Every time you come, you learn something new. Thank you for providing coffee and great [security] class. Real life stories are GREAT!" - Marianna Raftopoulos

"A breath of fresh air. Completely inform with the procedure of becoming a [security] guard." - Jerome Glover

"This [security] program wants to teach you, not rush you out of here." - Steven Harris

"Welcoming environment." - Kiwand Lawrence

"The [security] course was well planned and effective. Now I understand why I got so many recommendations of Radiant Training." - Leslie Jarvis

"Radiant [security] training proved to be effective and professional. Elvis did a great job keeping the class interesting and entertaining despite all the material." - Troy

"I really enjoyed the 16 hour [security] class. Elvis was very funny but still maintained it professional. I will be coming back for another class." - Marilyn Palacio

"I had a great time in this [security] class, Elvis made the lessons interesting and enjoyable." - Michael Ahr

"Had a good time, learned the [security] material and Elvis kept it non-stop entertaining." - Jonathan Marin Juarez

"This [security] class turned what could have been the most boring 16 hour of my life into a pretty entertaining class." - Steven Watt

"Was worth the money, Great [security] class." - Vincent Antonucci

"Great [security] class and fair price." - Josmar Loveraz

"The [security] service is excellent. Explain every detail needed of your questions and concerns." - Dimitri Reid

"I found this [security] course really professional. Radiant made it easy to understand." - Milton Casado

"I am so proud of myself for taking this [security] course at Radiant because I know I couldn't have done a security job without these courses." - Mohamed Camara

"I learned a lot about what a [security] guard does at Radiant." - Eronidas Legar

"It's important to know all about [security]." - Kemson Jean

"The [security] classes are very educational." - Lynette

"Didn't mind being here at all. I enjoyed the [security] class." - Edward Lord

"The [security] trainer was very professional." - Nelly Del Pozo

"The services here at Radiant Training is excellent. I recommend them to anyone who need training in the [security] field." - Yvonne Christopher

"The [security] annual training course was excellent." - Desmond David

"Very well done [security] class." - Muktar Sambou

"It was a great [security] annual training." - Emmanuel Eustache

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"Looking forward to next year['s security training]." - Joseph Allen

"It was an excellent [security] class, the instructor was good and got straight to the point." - Juan Gomez

"Excellent [security] training." - Mamadou Toure

"I was excited about the course, very comprehensive for me and the instructor has knowledge about everything." - Isaac Stevenson

"Every year if Radiant Training is still here I will be returning." - McLaughing

"This [security] course was more informative than the pre assignment course I took two years ago." - Dominique Davila

"Great [security] class. It proves that you learn something new everyday." - Taylor Jerome

"The [security] course was great." - Tashana Hercules

"The [security] course was measured to my expectations." - Satyanand Singh

"Outstanding professionalism by Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Mohammed Muhith

"Excellent [security] instructor." - Kareem Dougal

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"Excellent [security] class." - Rey A. Robles

"The [security] services of the school are very accurate to help you understand and remind you of what you have to do in the job." - Anam Gomez

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"Excellent [security] instructor, very informative." - Efrem Williams

"The [security] class was very informative." - Stacey Escalera

"In Business, you learn to prioritize service, quality, or value, and Radiant does all three effortlessly while accommodating you at the same time. I will definitely send people to Radiant." - Rafael Tineo

"As far as I am concern I believe that Radiant Training is a successful training school for anyone who is looking to become a [security] guard." - Oumar Camara

"Very professional [security] class. Elvis is a really good teacher with a good sense of humor. The experience I had at Radiant was great." - Christopher Nogueras

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"The staff was very efficient, the site very organize overall the [security] class was a nice learning experience." - Ivan Rojas

"Great [security] service and environment, the staff's professionalism was outstanding." - Sydney Benitez

"Elvis is a cool [security] instructor. He made everything clear and made the environment comfortable. Radiant is the best." - Kayla Ramos

"This is the best place to receive your [security] certificate. Mr. Elvis was friendly and they made you feel welcomed. The free cookie and coffee was a plus." - Sharaia Thomas

"Radiant Training & Consulting LLC is an outstanding place to get your [security] course training. This place was not only effective in training but also catered to your needs in making you comfortable and welcomed." - Lourel Long

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"Great [security] services." - Phillip McKinnon

"Your doing a great job with the [security] courses. Keep it up." - Anide Morney

"Great experience all around. Elvis is an extremely incredible [security] teacher." - Jay Vanderveer

"The [security] course is an excellent course that teaches you step-by-step what you need to do to become a security guard and how to remain one." - William Solomon

"The [security] course gives you a thorough explanation of how being a security guard is and furthermore." - Bola Obadina

"The service and information about [security] was great." - James Salter

"Educative and enjoyable [security] course. Radiant is the best." - Assan Martin

"The [security] course is very good, it explained in detail and all questions were answered." - Anthony Rivera

"To all the people reading this right now, Radiant Training & Consulting is popping. Tell a friend to tell a friend." - Disrol Harry

"The [security] instructor was great at keeping us alive throughout the two days of training." - Zeno Tutino

"Elvis is an amazing instructor, he knows his stuff and makes the [security] class a fun environment to be in." - Austin Wescott

"These [security] class are very engaging, entertaining and highly educational." - Dale Davis

"The [security] class was fun and informative. In the end I learned what i had to know and received my license." - Sean TIcona

"The [security] services provided were good and satisfactory. Information was presented well and it was a fun learning environment." - Mustafa Lynch

"Very enjoyable [security] class." - Richard Rogone

"For the few days that I came here I enjoyed the [security] class." - Headley Howell

"Radiant Training & Consulting LLC is one stop of [security] excellence. Thank you for the training and understanding of my job as a security guard." - Michael Ampado

"Been doing business with Radiant Training for a few years now, very straight forward, good [security] company." - Davon Russel

"I am happy with the [security] course I took. I plan on coming back and taking more courses." - Abdoulaye Barry

"This [Security] class was helpful because I had forgotten a lot of this stuff. The class was straight to the point, no playing around or going off topic." - Dashaun Hamilton

"The [security] services was down to earth and well put. Thank you for the chance to take the course." - Stewart Santana

"This [security] course was presented in a very professional manner." - Edward L. Bennett

"It is a very organized [security] school in security training that I have ever attended and a good environment." - Mario Herrera

"Very informative and thorough [security training]." - Kimshaw E. Gordon

"Informative. Good updating [during the security training]!" - Carl McFadden

"Great!" - Ronnie Pascascio

"I really enjoyed this [security] eight hour annual even though it was up to standard on everything for how and what to do on a job. It reinforces everything that was learned. Thank you!" - Lynn J. Levy

"I love the instructor because he was an excellent teacher and I hope to have him again in the future." - Douglas Brown

"Happy to know this [security] school. Radiant does the best training." - Nereida Rodriguez

"[Security] class was very refreshing in learning the rules." - Jimmy Jones

"The [security] class is a very simple class, it has good presentation and an outstanding teacher who is very good at what he does." - Sulaiman Bah

"The [security] service was great. It met all my requirements." - Federico Ramos

"You won't even know you're in a classroom because it was fun and hands-on." - Jose G. Santiago

"Very professional atmosphere, I would recommend for any [security] training you need." - Walter Stremouchow

"Great instructor, pleasure to come today [for the security training]." - Stan Ogle

"This [security] annual training was good and I will return for other training programs offered here." - Raymond Cunningham

"The [security] session was informative." - Jermaine Martin

"This was a good [security] class. . . " - Mody Sissoko

"Very engaging and welcoming [security] environment." - Alicea John

"It was an outstanding experience. I've learned a lot of information." - Ralph Diaz

"Great presentation, not boring and everyone joined in the conversation. [Security] class was great." - Diane L. Gonzalez

"Great refresher [security] course." - Michelle Serrano

"It was an excellent [security] class. I got a lot of new information about security." - Abraham Mathew

"Very good teaching!" - Mohamed B. Diarra

"Very exciting and great learning process." - Geronimo Baez

"The best interactive [security] class, very professional. Recommending to anyone in the security field." - Thomas Brown

"I really enjoy doing my eight hour annual [security] classes here for the second year. The information is very clear and useful." - Patricia J. Miller

"This [Fire Safety Director] course is very excellent." - Jean N. Simeon

"I enjoyed the teacher's way of interacting with the students [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Melina Gardona

"The [Fire Safety Director] class instructor was really down to earth and kept the class lively." - Jerome Bennett

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was really good and the professor shows that he loves doing what he is doing in class. Great teacher, thank you for your time!" - Cristian Soto

"Great refresher course on the role of a [security] guard." - Kennedy D. Pon

"The Annual In-Service Training [security] course is very informative and Terris Barfield is a true professional." - Roberick Abad

"The refreshment training [security] class for me was excellent." - Mario Herrera

"This [security] class was very interesting." - Nodge Fleurimond

"The teacher is excellent: Mr. Terris Barfield. I enjoyed this [security] class." - Lourdes Tavarez

"Excellent [security] course. Good to exchange experience from everyone's work." - Gerardo Tellez

"It was a satisfactory and excellent training. I got a lot professional ideas to become successful and competitive [security] officer." - Francisco A. Jorge

"Good environment, great communication. Good [security] class." - Carlos Bonilla

"Share skills. Refresh knowledge in the [security] course." - Xiv X. Miao

"I found the [security] class and presenter to be excellent." - Alton J. Reid, Sr.

"This [security] class was very interesting, Terris was a great teacher and made me want to stay in the [security] industry." - Kazeem Babalola

"The training [security] course was excellent. Will refer clients." - Barry Martin

"Very professional approach, answered all questions in a relaxed, but energetic approach, involved [security] class in teaching and discussions." - Richard Kirwan

"Will be back. Enjoyed this [security] course." - Celestino Puga

"A very good [security] class was very informative and enjoyable." - Antonio R. Merced

"The instructor was very informative. He did a great job teaching the [security] class." - Allene Williams

"Excellent and I enjoyed every moment of the training [security] class, it was a pleasure working with Mr. Terris Barfield." - Lurilla Solomon

"The instructor was excellent on delivering the [security] course. Mr. Terris Barfield touched on very important points that have enhanced my understanding of the [security] officer position." - Betty McPhatter

"The training [security] course is very helpful for me and for all [security] officers." - Frank Fu

"It is an educational, helping and learning process for the instructor Mr. Barfield, to communicate and share many important specific examples about [security] officer:" - Christopher John Gonsalves

"Radiant Training and Consulting, LLC is one of the best [security] schools in New York. The teacher Mr. Barfield is an excellent teacher." - Momodu L. Cessay

"The instructor Terris Barfield gave an excellent presentation in a professional yet comfortable [security] class environment." - Saturtna Taylor

"The [security] class environment was enjoyable. Mr. Elvis made the class very entertaining and humorous." - Ling Chan

"The [security] instructor was very direct and professional." - Harry Marcena

"The [security] course explained a lot of real life issues that you will encounter at your work site." - Alphonso Lewis

"Great [security] service provided, gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed this experience." - Larabh Dar

"The [security] instructor was very friendly and professional." - Tashfeen Awan

"I am happy that I choose to come to Radiant Training to get my security license." - Michael Gordon

"Both Elvis and Mr. Simmons provided lively and informative [security] instructions. Basic topics were covered fully and personal stories were shared to enhance the training." - Nathaniel Woodill

"I learned a lot from this [security] class thank you Elvis and Mr. Simmons." - Richard Browne

"It was a great [security] lesson. I felt as if he covered all topics. I left class with nothing more to ask." - Nickolas Anderson

"Great environment to have a learning experience towards being a [security] guard. Very helpful." - Endri Hena

"The [security] classes are simple and straight to the point." - Jahany Acosta

"Radiant Training and Consulting, LLC is the BEST! " - Dareen Kelley

"The [security] training was very informative with professional insight. I hope radiant will continue to hold class." - Tyrone Kirkpatrick

"The [security] class and instructor are excellent. The class meet all my needs to excel in security." - Michael Agbarakwe

"Effective, efficient, professional. Have to refer other offices to your [security] class." - Gregory H. Hepburn

"I was completely satisfied with the context and informative with the [security] class." - Asa LaCroix

"It is a good [security] class." - Mohammad B. Alam

"Very professional people. Fully satisfied with the [security] class. " - Raysa V Espinosa

" . . . I like Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Gabriel Jean Baptiste

"Professional effective great environment. " - Mario Marcelin

"Very helpful [security] class." - Jason Beltran

"Excellent [security] course." - Zakrzewski Mieczyslaw

"I was very satisfied with the ways the explanation were covered during the [security] course." - Canoly Olivier

"I like the location; hospitality table and the instructor." - Sarah Covington

"I enjoyed this [security] class. It was good." - Rafigul B. Chowdhury

"The [security] class was great, the teacher keep the class awake." - Velma Smith

"The [security] class was very informative and it helped; revise what security was all about above just protecting people and product." - Joshua Dubois

" Radiant Training [security] course teaches with professionalism and good. I will recommend to my friends. " - Heittel Mora

"Clear presentation and knowledge of topic. I enjoyed the [security] course." - Hugo Orozco

"I always feel comfortable at Radiant, they are not only efficient but they bring the level of stress very low for a student." - Donald Cedor

"I am very satisfied with the services here. A lot of sufficient and necessary information. Basically I can take any course needed at this training school." - Ricardo Rojas

"I look forward to next year's class." - Larry Huff

"Great service." - Yvette Escobar

"Always something new to learn. Not the same cookie-cutter [security] presentation." - Ricky Deas

"This class set an environment which helps you learn and participate [during the security training course]." - Khayan Brown

"Fourth time training at this school. Will be back again [for the security training]." - Nakio Smith

"The [security] class and the instructor were excellent." - Joseph Everett

"The [security] class was excellent." - Eddie Suarez

"I had a lot of fun. Will be back next year, great [security] class." - William Vella

"I would recommend Radiant to anyone interested in [security]. The are great." - Nicholas Folkes

"Radiant Training & Consulting services is very professional, their way of teaching [security] is very understanding and Interactive. Will come back again and recommend their training." - Brenvinna Peay

"It was a great [security] class." - Albert Vernon

"Great [security] class and I really enjoyed and learned more [security] lessons. The presenter was outstanding." - Temiiayo Oqbomo

"[security] class was wonderful." - Ketler Bastien

"I love the [security] class." - MD. Didar Hossain

"Took the 8 and 16 courses, 2 annuals, and FSD training. Wouldn't go anywhere else for the [security] classes." - James Lopez

"I like the [security] class, it really help you not only in [security] but life." - Calvin Bryant

"Everything was perfect in the [security] class." - Jason Edwards

"I really enjoyed the [security] class, it was very helpful." - Michael Munnerlyn

"Very enjoyable instructor, very informative [security] class, very professial. Thank you." - Jacob Lober

"Exceptionally Good [security] class." - Violet Telles

"This is a well organized [security] class. The staff is helpful. it was a great experience." - Martin Zelaya

“Both [security] classes were excellent.  Instructors were very informative.  They are very patient in explaining certain things.  I was very pleased and recommend Radiant.” – Heriberto Cruz

“The [security] school is great.  I am very glad that I came to this training class.  All instructors were very informative and funny.” – Jessette Cheverez

“I enjoyed my visit.  The [security] school is great!” – Joseph

“The [security] class was awesome!!!  Learned from real-life experiences!” – Naomi Tatis

“I highly recommend Radiant Training for all of your security/training certificates.” – Joseph Procopio

“I felt the [security] course was done in an effective way!” – Timothy R. Haigler

“Good [security] training school and real certificates.” – Jesus Espinoza

“Way more useful information than I was expecting, very nice and clean location.” – Omali Cruz

“Mr. Elvis and Mr. Simmons were very great instructors for the Radiant [security] class.  They spoke very clearly and loud.  Also repeating themselves so everyone can hear and understand them.  They were very helpful with all my questions and concerns.  I would recommend somebody I know or some random person to this program if they want to obtain their security guard license.” – James Scavetta

“Thank you Elvis, you were very helpful and informative class.  [Security] class was entertaining.” – Joseph Brassil

“This was a very good [security] class!” – Diego Vuteri

“This [security] class was very clear, helpful, enthusiastic and educational.” – Anthony Muniz

“I have been in the facility business for 30 years and have found that this training school is the best!” – Edward Wysocki

“Radiant is a very good institution if you want to go into security.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective candidate.” – John Ngange

“Thank you for the [security] classes in a nice, clean and friendly environment.” – Waqar Mughal

“Thanks for the time [during the security training].” – Richardson Cleophat

“I learned a lot [during the security training] about how to deal with people in a situation that can be really bad, and how a security person should behave and react in many situations.” – Jissila Diaz

“In today course I felt that everything I learned was to my expectations.  The director was great, taught me a lot about the job on how to fulfill my duties as a security guard.” – Ricky Simms

“Very pleased with the service, I will come back annually!” – Steven Longchallon

“Radiant provides an excellent service, no strings.  Basic to advanced knowledge of requirements needed to properly work in your chosen field.” – Kirt Grazette

“The presenter was amazing and informative.  I will attend next year!” – Ameenah N. Bradbury

“I will refer Radiant to my colleagues and friends.” – Samel Edwards

“The instructor was very informative and clear.” – Norvito Velez

“I find the teacher’s teaching understanding and on point.  Spoke very clearly and form.  Thanks!!” – Xavier M. LeSane

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and professional.” – Jaime Gonzalez

“Only [security] class I had to stay in for hours actually was good for the refresh.” – Wigens Servins

“This annual [security] training course was effective, as it covered all areas that are stipulated by the New York State for security.” – Lionel R.

“I will recommend any one to take their [security] training at Radiant.” – Carlos Brens

“Class was excellent!” – William Allende JR

“The [security] course was really good and professional.” – Juan Pereyra

“Informative [security] course, excellent service.” – Marco Valareza

“Teacher was knowledgeable of security procedures and demonstrated first hand experiences which provide invaluable.” – Peter Vogt

“Good [security] class!” – Trevor Fordde

“The presenter was knowledgeable and professional in his presentation.” – Salvatore Terranova

“The [security] class was excellent.  Clear and professional.” –Clara Luz Acosta

“I attended Radiant Training school because the customer service was good and the instructor is clear and professional.” – Duhuney Colquhoun

“Great vibe, love the place!” – Shakai Hucks

“Very good, informative.” – David Worthy

“Best [security] class that I have taken very hands on and informative.” – Michael Tirado

“The [security] class was great.” – Vernon Lynch

“Excellent [security] class.” – Devin

“The [security] instructor was very clear and provided a lot of information that was helpful and necessary to be successful in this field.” – Wilfred J. Germain

“The [security] instructor was very informative and clear.  I learned a lot.” – Leonard David

“This was the best [security] training school.  I will love to come back next year.” – Jose Nunez

“The [security] instructor did a great job teaching and explaining the material.” – Brandon Robinson

“I would recommend anyone to this [security] training school.” – Dawn Wright

“The [security] class was a great experience, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know, especially the Bomb and terrorism part.” – Dionisios Ramakis

“The [security] lesson was very informative.” – Eric Shinprashad

“The [security] instructor gave a very interesting lecture, he was very entertaining.” – Dimitri Mellios

“The [security] training was to the point and informative.” – Joseph Brown

“The [security] class was presented very clear as well as easy to understand.  Mr. Simmons did a very good job.” – Jesse Ocasio

“Excellent [security] class.” – Marydina Jordan

“I really enjoyed this [security] class and the teacher was great.” – Kim Arce

“I think the [security] teacher was very informative and I am looking forward to taking this class next year, I’ve learned a lot today.” – Ninasimone Edwards

“A very informative [security] class.  Instructor Simmons was awesome as well.” – Jerome Waite

“Very effective and very useful [security] class.” – George Anane

“Best [security] training ever, I learned a lot of new security rules and regulations.” – Mohammed Omar

“Mr. Simmons’ presentation during the [security] course was excellent.” – Terry Callender

“Wonderful service.” – Angelino Gandolfo

“This [security] class was very helpful and I feel much confident going back to my site because of this class experience.” – Steven Rodriguez

“Good and very clear explanation, good examples from life situations.” – Artyom Kordyok

“Very enjoyable, humorous, and effective.” – Shanequa Obein

“Class was great, great communication.  Very effective!” – Giovani Gordan

“Great [security] class very informative.” – Christopher Ragsdale

“I have always enjoyed my time here.  The staff members are great and I always learn something new here.” – Marissa K.

“Excellent and professional!” – Glenford Usher

“It was a great [security] class and I learned a lot.” – Alexander Miller

“Instructor was extremely informative and knowledgeable of course material.  I would highly recommend this [security] class to everyone.” – Ryan Gleason

“Keep up with the good job because we need more education in the security industry.” – Richard Tei-wayo

“Great job!” – Nicholas Foy

“Straight forward information and very helpful.” – Rando Mishtaku

“Good instructions.” – John Washington

“Services provided information that can save the job of employees and can also save the employee’s life.” – Bill Delgado

“Great company of class to learn about security and fire safety.” – Douglas Sandy

“Great [security] class.  I learned a lot.” – Anthony Pisano

“Professional given, excellent professionalism and outstanding.” – Milton Love

“The [security] course updated me with knowledge.  Critical information for security guards to protect themselves.” – Roger Williams

“I learn something new every day [about security].” – Maurice A. Wimbush

“This [security] service was a learning experience for me, I feel like I was in school again enjoying myself every minute of the [class].  Thank you so much for the experience and the lessons!” – June Jenkins

“This [security] class is very good also professional and practical.” – Diego Montejo

“It is still a great place to update all of your security license(s)!” – Eric Kelly

“The [security] instructor was well versed, great job presenting the information.” – Chad Kirk

“Great [security] training and instructions.” – Richie Lopez

“Great instructor, great [security] course!” – Eric Simon, Jr.

“The [security] class was educational and refreshing in all aspects of the role of a security officer.” – Roger J. Seale

“Today I learned more to exercise as a security guard.” – Imrattie Kumarie

“Very professional [security training].  Well done.” – Aldo Villani

“Instructor is very effective [during the security training].  You will learn a lot from Radiant Training.” – Marques Jenkins

“[Security] class was enjoyable and informative.” – Yvens Brunache

“Keep it up!” – Hassan Naeem

“It was a good mix of information and class discussion.” – Romdy Perez

“I found the [security] course to be good, I have used the school before I would come back again.” – Matthew R. Brown

“Instructor put effort into creating a comfortable environment to encourage class participation and dialogue between students.” – George J.

“The [security] service is great and economical too.  All security guards should be eager to attend classes.” – Leonard Stiell

“The [security] class was more than what I expected.” – Patrick Paddy

“Small classes, reasonable and a good place to do your annual training [security] course, a friendly environment.” – Jerome Y. Ramos

“The [security] instructor was very professional and clear.  The environment was very clean.” – Jurgen Ajdinaj

“The [security] course was great and professional.  The environment was clean.” – Denord Yvenel

“The [security] course was outstanding, very helpful, could make you advance in your career.” – Leon A Persaud

“I enjoyed the [security] class because the instructor was not only informative but he had a great sense of humor.  He kept us interested and focused.  Definitely would recommend this place to anyone.” – Sylenya Price

“The [security] stuff and presenter was extremely courteous and professional.  I would recommend this facility to friends and family.  I will be coming back to Radiant.” – George Kalambokas

“I believe your service is outstanding. I like the way the [security] instructor tough the class.  He is very clear, precise and most important very professional.” – Regino Santos

“This company is very good and professional. The [security] trainer spoke clearly and I was able to comprehend everything.” – Ikema Lang

“The services that Radiant Training & Consulting provided are genuine.  The price charged for the [security] course is reasonable.  The instructor was excellent.” – William Creque

“The [security] class was direct, efficient and professional.” – Deshawn Wiggins

“The [security] course annual in service training was excellent; I learned good things about my job as a security guard.” – Mahamadou Dukurdy

“Best service for 8 hour annual and also in security job training.” – Walter Wiggins

“The [security] class was very helpful and informative.” – Steve Sterling

“This was a very good company and I would refer anyone looking to come into security here.  I also plan to come back myself.” – Robert Fonter

“Very good [security], I shall return!” – Leonard McClair

“I was directed to Radiant by my employer and I think it was money well spent of a very reasonable cost.” – Alfred Fisher

“Radiant is the best training company I’ve been to in a good while.” – Reginald Johnson

“It was great being here and the [security] class was excellent and the service.” – Surendranath Deonarine

“Presentation is very engaging, keeps class entertained for the whole eight hour [security] class.” – Miguel Rodriguez

“The [security] service is excellent.” – Mr. Adegbola Olawale

“This 8-hour annual is informative, discussing real-life situations that a security officer will experience at some time.” – Vincent Liodori

“Very good relaxed enviorment and very informative [during the security training].” – George McLane

“Elvis is very wonderful!” – Aeim Norfort

“Great service, best eight hour [security] class I have done.  Highly recommended.” – Jaime Cuevas

“Easy to understand [Fire Safety Director], price was right!” – Paris Vardakas

“Elvis was a great promoter, instructor and all around gentleman.  Thanks a lot.  I will promote the school.” – William Spencer

“It was easy on the ears and informative.” – Wanda Esalen

“For a course I normally find a hassle to take, it was quite enjoyable.” – Sekovi Bell

“The class was fun and the time spent, training went by fast.” – David Alexander

“I had a good time and this class was so good.” – Rosia Pierre

“This annual course was my second and it was a good learning experience.” – Ryan Ramsudh

“I enjoyed myself and learned a lot about being a security guard.  I would put the word out there.” – Tanya Richards

“Very down to earth, New Yorkers enviorment of the working class.” – Anthony Pla

“The [Fire Safety Director] instructor has a lot of patients.” – Michael Pulagarde

“The [Fire Safety Director] material was straight forward. Instructor made class enjoyable.” – Anonymous

“The [Fire Safety Director] class was straight to the point, teacher covered all scenarios.  Very helpful tips, very clear.” – Edison Estrella

“The [Fire Safety Director] class was great.  Elvis was always available for questions.” – Scott Chun

“Radiant is by far the best school for getting your [Fire Safety Director] courses and other courses as well.  Not only do you get your money worth and the price you pay is priceless.” – Peter Beatu

“The [Fire Safety Director course] instructor, Elvis, was very professional and attentive in explaining himself with the class material.” – Elizabeth Beltran

“Very informative [Fire Safety Director] class.” – Rogel Russell

“This is the greatest [Fire Safety Director] class I have ever taken; this class should be taken by every women, men and child out there.  Long live the king Elvis.” – David Akuffo

“Radiant Training exceeded my expectations, Elvis is a great [Fire Safety Director] instructor and feeds off of feedback which helps with the class even more.  I would recommend this course to anyone.” – Steven O’Neill

“Excellent [Fire Safety Director] course for those who want to start their career as Fire Safety Directors.  I definitely would recommend Radiant to my friends.” – Philip Tavadre

“Awesome [Fire Safety] training, Very detailed.” – Linley Hibbert

“Great environment to take your [Fire Safety Director] course.” – Papa Dlame

“Elvis was very precise and detailed with all the [Fire Safety Director] course material, very patient.” – Steven Santiago

“Knowledgeable instructor.  Enjoyed the [Fire Safety Director] class with time.” – Glenn McKoy

“Very straight forward [Fire Safety Director] class, very helpful and informative and surprisingly professional.” – Ender De Los Santos

“The [Fire Safety Director] class was surprisingly entertaining.  I had fun and retained the lecture and scenarios efficiently.” – Pedro Tejada

“Excellent [Fire Safety Director] class and training.” – Anami Bright

“This is the most informative and enjoyable [Fire Safety Director] class.” – Dario Larzuda

“If you want to get to a higher level and be successful being a [Fire Safety Director], you should come to Radiant, you won’t regret it.” – Larry Palmer

“The [security] presentation was very comprehensive. Simplified all the technical details”. – Godfrey Wray

“The [security] course was so awesome for me, and I will look forward to taking more courses in this school.” – Wilkens Edouard

“The [security] training was very educational, and the instructor is very professional. A lot of up to date discussion of the job.” – Mohammed Koroma

“Found the [security] class very beneficial and helpful. The instructor gave good insight and clarity explanation.” – Franklin Bannister

“The [security] class was very informative in all the areas covered.  The instructor was excellent in keeping everyone involved.  I will definitely recommend to others.” – Jesus Rivera

“The [security] instructor provides excellent material in a way that the class would understand it.” – Lillian Mateo

“I truly enjoyed the [security] class I learned more than I expected.  I look forward to being back next year and recommend my other colleagues to Radiant.” – Huguens Legagneur

“The [security] instructor was professional in his presentation.” – Arthur Ebanks

“I will definitely come back for my next [security] training course.  The instructor was excellent and he made the class enjoyable and very interesting.” – Leroy Belle

“Great course and great instructor for my [security] course.” – Noel Hernandez

“Very understanding [security] material.” – Joe McMiled

“Excellent [security] class, very professional.” – Verohika Baba

“Very informative and a great brush up on [security] operations.” – Craig Woods

“Excellent [security] course, straight to the facts.  I recommend Radiant to anyone.” – Alex Badesco

“This was an outstanding [security] class.” – Harry Martory

“This was an outstanding [security] class to be in.” – Kaleb Applewhite

“The [security] service received was informative and very useful.” – Natasha Crump

“Very informative [security] class will recommend anybody to this school.” – Gary Mullings

“This was a fun [security] class to attend.” – Corneles Sumaila

“The [security] instructor was able to deliver a good presentation and I learned how to be more affective while on duty as a security officer.” – Christian Johnson

“The [security] class was very informative and easy to understand.” – Ariel Montilla

“Excellent [security] course will highly recommend Radiant Training to anyone.” – Nigel Pitt

“The [security] class was very informative and clear.” – Rosanna Fabre

"Hi Elvis, Just wanted to let you know I finally had my [Fire Safety Director] on-site . . . and just received notification that I passed (with a 102%). Wanted to thank you for the excellent training and to let you know that whenever I need any additional classes or help, I know exactly where to go. All the best." - Jim Lopez (FSD!)

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was outstanding. Learned a lot." - Maxim Paul

"Best FSD (Fire Safety Director) class in NYC." - Rogel Russell

"Radiant Training is the best training school if you want to take any [fire safety and security] courses." - Dennis Johnson

"Elvis is funny and delightful to hear [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Richard Gabriel

"To the best teacher, Elvis Polanco: Because of you, I am one of the best FSDs in New York. Thank you for putting me on the right track to become who I am today, Fire Safety Director." - Ernst Sylvain

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was interesting. Elvis was not monotone. I was able to pay attention in class even though it's on a Saturday morning. I hope I pass the test." - Mairovi Garcia

"The instructor, 'Elvis' was really clear and conscientious of the material and operating protocols and put them in layman's terms for anyone to understand and grasp all the info, in order to become a Z-50 holder [Fire Safety Director]." - Ramon Humphrey

"Very intense and extensive training [during the Fire Safety Director] course condensed in a short time. Elvis is extremely knowledgeable of his profession and a great instructor." - Daniel X. Flores

"Great [Fire Safety Director] course. The material was clear and easy to understand and the instructor was very knowledgeable and professional." - Mayland Dowding

"[Fire Safety Director] classes were given with clarity and in a home-like environment." - Franklin Sanchez

"The [security] instructor made the class very interesting." - Joseph Sony

"The [security] course was outstanding. Will be present for next year's course." - Burton Moore

"The [security] instructor made the class very interesting. He was a motivated speaker and made us comfortable to participate in the class discussions." - Jesus M. Cano

"The instructor was very engaging. He encouraged me to continue to learn as much as I can about the security field." - Robert Baugh

"Well-rounded and thorough coverage of [security] officers' duties and responsibilities; and insightful material." - Keith Mussenden

"Very helpful class. The [security] instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful." - Hugo Henao

"The courses that Radiant provides are very precise and essential for proper trained [security] guards. One leaves here with a feeling of knowing how to handle situations on site." - Jefferson Idarraga

"Great [security] class. I'll be back." - Milton Turner

"The [security] course was well prepared and organized." - Andre Kirkland

"This [security] training was very good and made me knowledgeable about being a security guard." - Ferry Kurniadi

"Outstanding [security] instructor very informative and professional." - Mauricio Fuentes

"This [security] course was very helpful in re-enforcing my security duties and responsibilities." - Kevin Ferreira

"Highly recommended. Excellent [security] instructor and staff." - Romeo B. Soria

"It was an excellent [security] course." - Randall Davila

"Radiant Training is where I take my Fire Safety Director course as well as the [security] annual in service. It's a clean, friendly, affordable courses." - Nisvil Smith

"Good [security] class, I learned a lot." - Darrell Bagi

"Highly recommend Radiant Training to anyone who is interested in their 8-hour annual [security] class." - Daniel Maisonet

"The [security] instructor was very professional." - Yolanda Sears

"I would refer this [security] training facility to everyone I know." - Dennis Sutton

"I will definitely be returning. The professor was clear and made the [security] class very interactive." - Melina Gardona

"The [security] class went well. It has fully refreshed my mind for security objectives. I enjoyed it." - Jeremy Rosado

"An exceptional performance [by the security instructor]." - Denny Tejada

"The [security] class I took today was good." - Clarence Brown

"The [security] course was very helpful for me." - Janet Tyrna

"Very good [security] class, the teacher was very informative and definitely helpful." - Raynaldo Morales

"Good! [security training course]." - Eric Molder

"Great trainer [who] spoke with meaning [and] was clear about do's and dont's [in the security industry]." - Ismael Lopez, Jr.

"Very good, professional . . . [security] service." - Oleg Solomonik

"The service is recommendable and very informative. Keep up the good work!" - Roger Junior Seale

"I like the professional tips about the security officer community. Thanks!" - Juan C. Cardola

"Very good [security] class." - George D.

"Outstanding, excellent and very professional [security course]." - Bruce Baldwin

"Good [security] class." - Simon Kareem

"I found that this [security] training was very informative. The instructor did an excellent job." - Devan Allen

"Great [security] teacher!" - Stephanie Diallo

"The [security] classes were very delightful because the instructor was very straight to the point." - Natampouloumde Ouedraogo

"The [security] training was presented in a good environment and a lovely atmosphere." - Samuel Appiedu

"The [security] service was very good, at first I was skeptical about taking this course, but my school said it was an excellent place. I would recommend anyone who needs to do their [security] class to Radiant Training." - Pearline Ward-Small

"The [security] training at Radiant Training & Consulting meets my expectation and I will strongly recommend it to my friends." - Wourohire Sanou

"I had fun with Mr. Elvis, he is very friendly and we had fun in the [security] class. I was really satisfied with the class." - Yasir Arfat

"The [security] class was nothing like I expected. The instructor kept me awake and alive. Very informative and the personal stories he shared will help me remember my duties as a security guard." - Nikeea Thomas

"The [security] class was very precise, direct and professional." - Wilson Granger

"This [security] training course was excellent always good to refresh my memory and we learned a lot of information about being a security guard." - Stephen Albino

"Radiant Training is the best [security] training school in the country, is number one on my list." - Pierre V. Pacombe

"I enjoyed working with Radiant Training & Consulting. The [security] presentation was clear and understanding." - Kendrick Burrell

"Good service, effective [security] presentation." - Ike Amoah

"Radiant Training is a good and fun, because the [security] instructor jokes [Note: Jokes are topical] around at the same time that he is teaching you things you want to know and it keeps you awake." - Babakar Dembele

"The [security] service is great. Hope more people come to Radiant Training." - Charles Horsky

"Thank you so much for the [security] training." - Andre Robledo

"The real life examples truly helped me understand how to be a [security] guard. Also the interaction was good and helped also in addressing concerns." - Yolanda Mercado

"The [security] instructor was excellent. Very detailed with each of the unit process." - Carlos Sanchez

"The [security] class was clear and informative. The real life examples that the instructor gave made me understand how to handle most situations more clearly." - Corey Brooks

"The [security] instructor was very helpful and understandable. He kept the class fun and nobody fell asleep. I recommend Radiant Training to anybody." - David Zimmerman

"The [security] instructor kept me entertained." - Dino Picinich

"The [security] service at Radiant is good because you get everything you need in one place." - Darrell Delaire

"Overall the [security] presentation was outstanding and remarkable." - Kenneth Amoah

"Radiant Training is the best in [security] services." - Rodney Gary

"Excellent quality of explaining everything that a [security] guard will have to go through. Explains everything top to bottom." - Faisal Mahamud

"Good [security] class it helps you understand what your job title is and what will it be like on the job." - Beuvil Claude

"For it to be a full day class, the [security] instructor kept me awake." - Asha-Ramia Johnson

"Excellent environment, in depth [security] lessons." - Richard Strommen

"I enjoyed my time in the [security] class." - Damon Gatlling

"Fun [security] class, good coffee." - Joseph Schwartz

"The [security] material covered was clear and I learned a lot from the instructor's real-life experiences." - Adnan Braimah

"Outstanding service and excellent professional environment. The [security] material was excellent and provided insight into the security field." - Maaz Awad

"The [security] training is excellent! I would refer anyone." - Felix Nestor

"[The security] class was well coordinated by the instructor. Presentation and information was informative and reinforcing." - Mbye Jobe

"Radiant is one of the best [security] training schools in NYC. I've been coming here for over five years. Great class!" - Mirna Ruperto

"Very good, very good [security] instructor." - Vahan Egazanan

"This [security] course was very informative. Being able to take part in the discussion made the experience enjoyable." - Corey Brooks

"Rewarding info, inspiring [security training]." - Adrian Padgett

"Excellent [security] training." - Jacob L. Lacewell

"Very thorough, articulate and informative. I would recommend to others." - Shannon Brown

"Enjoyed it [security course] very much. Everyone was very nice and helpful." - Stephanie Newton

"Radiant [security] training really cares about arming its guards with vital information. It is greatly appreciated!" - Shandalise Calcano

"Outstanding [security training] environment and relaxed." - Ares Acevedo

"A really nice [security] course." - Errol Whitley

"The [security] company was excellent." - Walter Adadevah

"Very clear and mostly . . . important [to the] people . . . [who become] security officers and duties of a security officer." - Eddie L. Crouell

"The [security] class was great. I will send every person I know to attend this school." - Ramel Monroe

"This [security] course showed me all of the changes that were made. Also the course is consistent and concise. The instructor taught the course to make sure we understood and accurate on our duties that we perform on the daily basis" - Simone Perez

"Excellent teacher! The stuff was also outstanding, they helped me with any problems I had." - Arian Carlos

"Great [security] class. I will send everyone I know here. Keep up the good job." - Bernie Ponciano

"Effectiveness on educational key points [during the security course]." - Wladimil Paulino

"Excellent instructor, kept the [security] class lively and attentive! I will definitely recommend this school to colleagues and friends." - Mel-asia Pugh

"Very good [security] training school." - Joshua Perez

"[Security course] was satisfactory." - Steven De Jesus

"The quality of instructorship and [security] class participation is of mutual respect and cooperation." - Alex Alvarez

"I personally learned a lot in the [security] class." - Jayquan Hetmeyer

"I like the way the [security] instructor taught the class. Very effective training." - Surendra Pathall

"The [security] class was very informative and the instructor Simmons did a good job. He really knows his job." - Richard Tei-Wayo

"Very good [security] class." - Manuel Tejada

"I enjoyed the [security] class very much. Mr. Simmons was very informative. He gave lots of examples which was great." - Tyreeka Lomax

"I am pleased with the [security] class instructor." - Cristian Soto

"The [security] course was very informative." - Lawrence Dimery

"The [security] service was great. I was given information I will need to know on the job. I will come back for more training." - Eric Charles

"The [security] instructor was excellent." - Charles Pierre

"I am satisfied on how the [security] class was taught." - Samuel Valladurez

"The [security] instructor was outstanding, I learned everything I needed to know about being a security guard." - Jeffrey Romules

"Reasonable price, very good [security] instructor." - Marlon Zambrano

"The [security] class was very helpful, I learned a lot." - Rashida Allen

"The [security] course was very helpful, it helped me understand what I was lacking in the security field, I will refer anybody to Radiant Training." - Anonymous

"I am very satisfied with the [security] course. The service is great and a lot of sufficient and necessary information, I can take any course needed in this training school." - Ricardo Rojas

"The [security] class sets a environment which helps you learn and participate." - Khayan Brown

"Excellent [security] instructor." - Anonymous

"Would recommend Radiant to everyone and anyone. Great instructor. Material for the [Fire Safety Director] class is great and legit." - Aimee Gomez

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class & excellent teacher." - Woolard Johnson

"Coffee was good as hell [during the Fire Safety Director class]." - Jerzy Mlak

"The Radiant Training School is the best. Well informed, and I do appreciate everything; and the information [that was provided during the Fire Safety Director class]. Thank you Elvis." - Arnold Mani

"The instructor Mr. Elvis was a master of his subject. He knows what he was teaching; can reach the heart of his students through his illustrations [during the security training]." - Maxwell G. Assan

"The [security] training course at Radiant Training & Consulting was an excellent course, it was very informative and interesting. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking for work in security." - Joshua Guzman

"I expected the courses to be boring, but Elvis is a great presenter, had me laughing a lot. So it was not boring. Thank you E-Man." - Tyrone Perry

"Elvis and his staff were very personable and professional. The [security] class was very entertaining." - Dearise Wilson

"Awesome!, Great!, Outstanding! [security training]." - Eric Infante

"The [security] course was informational and the professionalism of Radiant Training was beyond outstanding." - Joseph Faiello

"[The security] course was well-instructed and presented with clarity by a well-mannered and experienced trainer. The free cookies were delicious. I will refer and recommend Radiant Training." - Brian Baumlin

"Very professional [security training] and will help [people] with their knowledge." - Carlos Javier

"Great experience. Grabbed my attention from the beginning. Learned a lot [about the security field] . . . " - James McCoy

"Great place to learn, very detailed [security training]." - Douglas Moreno

"I felt the [security] class was very informative and the presenter was excellent in presenting all material involved." - Milagros Lebron

"Outstanding [security training]." - Jonathan Hiraldo

"Excellent [security training] - 100%." - Carlos Garcia

"I believe that the education here exceeded my expectations. I learned quite a lot [about the security industry]. I enjoyed myself. What's most important is that the service received here was outstanding. I highly recommend Radiant." - Carlos Saavedra

"The instructor was very informative, knowledgeable and funny. He presented the material in a professional matter and made the [security]
course very interesting. Elvis is the best by far." - Rafael Munoz

"Radiant Training is one of the best security schools." - Mouminy Sidibe

"I learned a lot from this [security] training. I will highly recommend anyone to this training school." - Jeff Sammuel

"The service was well presented [during the security training]. Didn't have a problem understanding thanks to Elvis." - Alex Moya

"Elvis' [security] class was not only informative, it was also funny and engaging!" - James Parrish

"I would recommend this [Fire Safety Director] course to colleagues and friends. It was informative and professional." - Edward Cano

"This is the best school ever [for the Fire Safety Director course]." - Stanley Milevoix

"It is a top quality school that you should be attending. The [Fire Safety Director] training is second to none." - Marlon Jackson

"[The Fire Safety Director course was] straight forward, easy to follow and comfortable." - Bashem Parrott

"Will not hesitate to recommend people to attend [the Fire Safety Director course]." - Shree S. Kissoon

"Radiant is a very excellent school. Elvis gave details [during the Fire Safety Director class] and made me feel comfortable. I give Radiant 10 out of 10. Excellent school!" - Cielo J. Alvarez

"The [Fire Safety Director] course was well presented to the class. It was fun and a great learning experience." - Arjun Singh

"Radiant is the best. Elvis is straight forward and tells you what you need to know [during the Fire Safety Director course]. Plus he knows his stuff!!!" - Randy Michel

"Number One FSD course in NYC." - Hans Arrieta

"Radiant has made the local laws & study material totally comprehensive [for the Fire Safety Director course]. Special attention to detail is exhibited not only by the presenter, but by faculty as well. Excellent school." - Carlton Noel Campbell

"More than enough material and excellent presentation [during the Fire Safety Director class] so individual is totally ready if he/she has studied." - Wayne Zohosky

"The instructor was very professional and was educated in the field [of Fire Safety]. I was impressed and well-taught." - Terrence Caldeira

"Amazing, excellent [Fire Safety Director course]. I feel ready for work. Elvis really makes it all flexible. I like this school. Definitely will come back [for more training]." - Juan Soler

"Hi Elvis, Just a note to thank you for your excellent security training. Right after I completed your course, I had applied at ___________ and have become the Director of Operations at one of their locations. I could not have succeeded without your expert training and ease of applying for the license. I will surely recommend your company to all my security now and in the future." - Edward A.W.

"Excellent [Fire Safety Director] course. Thanks." - Pedro Reyes

"Couldn't have chosen a better place to take this [Fire Safety Director] course." - Douglas Moreno

"I learned a lot of things about fire safety [during the Fire Safety Director course]. The course was outstanding, so was the instructor." - Dionisios Siskoupoulos

"This class will help you pass the [Fire Safety Director] exam. Elvis is a great teacher. Elvis provides every detail that will be on the FDNY exam." - Mohammed Babu

"Outstanding [Fire Safety Director] course training." - Steve K.

"The instructor explained everything as simple as possible so everyone could understand the [Fire Safety Director course] material." - Keron Goodridge

"I am glad I came back for the second time for the Fire Safety Director [course] at this small training school after my security guard training to confirm that the quality and professionalism are of high levels." - Ilirjan Basha

"Very refreshing and informative [security] class." - Jeffrey Tyler

"Very good and professional [security] class." - Alberto Monasteno

"The [security] class taught me how to be a better officer in my field and profession." - Thompson Dexter

"The [security] class was very informative and the content was extremely clear." - Mark Anglin

"The [security] class was a good refresher course." - Victor Santillan

"Very good [security] class." - Edwin Rodriguez

"Everyone was courteous and a good [security] training instructor." - Tina Robinson

"Elvis, wanted to share the good news. Took my written [Fire Safety Director Certificate of Fitness exam] at 9 Metrotech and got a 91. Thank you for the class and making it affordable made this possible." - Scott Chun [Note: Scott took advantage of the discounted FSD course and only paid $160.]

"The [security] instructor was very clear and gets straight to the point." - Shanica Lee

"Pretty good and very detailed [security course]." - Luis Rivera

"Good prices for their courses, professional and yet fun [security class]." - Jesse Cunningham

"Mr. Delva was an excellent teacher [during the security class]. Gives examples." - Jacqueline Barnes

"The instructor, Mr. Delva, was very instructive, professional as well as informative. Absorbed knowledge from him regarding the refresher security training." - Jimmy Ward

"I thought the [security] course was interesting and well presented." - Brian McGovern

"Mr. Delva's [security] course was concise, clear, good content. Presentation was professional." - Tamara Baker-Rivera

"An 8 hour [security] class in the past has been very daunting. I kept waiting for the barrage of videos to begin; however, with effectiveness, the presenter, without video assist, gave an informative lecture to his credit. Thank you." - Joly Wise

"The presentation was clear and informative, much as expected. The service was excellent, allowing participants to have access to the kitchen for coffee and cookies. The staff was also friendly [during the security training]." - Joyce Vibert

"Excellent [security] instructor and course presentation [given by] instructor Delva." - Joseph Artis

"Clearly communicated information [during the security class]. Pure and simple." - Gabriel Ware

"Radiant training school is very intelligent about what they do and what we the security guards need to do. I would recommend!" - Tanisha Mullings

"I have been here for two times and I will come back next year!" - Robert Raffalow

"Your services was very informative, helpful and refreshing. Thank you!' - Richard Thomas

"Very professional and enlighten of knowledge in my course of my training." - Garvey Wright

"The teacher was very effective at presenting and teaching is the content. He was also very professional and friendly." - Arnaldo Ortiz Sanchez

"Thank you radiant training!" - Rogelio Bowen

"I recommend Radiant Training course to anyone who wants to study information about security and fire safety." - Keith Purvis

"Well taught [security] class with a great instructor. Will definitely recommend to others" - Henri Charles Jr.

"The [security] class was very informative" - Jason M. Wilson

"The [security] class was very well. This instructor was very professional." - James L. Foster

"The [security] class was excellent. The instructor was very professional and understanding to my needs and very nice and helpful." - Crystal Deshields

"Straight forward knowledge in an professional environment." - Dominic Horne

"Great refresher [security] class!" - William Gilmore

"Presentation was great! Content was clear and easy to remember, I will definitely continue to attend Radiant [security] course." - Joshua Rees

"Extremely thorough and informative." - Harvey Kaufman

"Interesting [security] class, very good review of the important info. I will definitely come back next time. Yves did a great job!" - Barbara A. Waas

"It was a very good [security] class." - Paul Adams

"Great [security] class. I had a good experience, I will be back next year and the years to follow. Thank you!" - Adam Fernend

"[Security] training office has good knowledge of the course, he is excellent." - Heraman Persaud

"Radiant [security] school is one of the greatest in New York. I live to secure and radiant protects us through education. They are the best place to learn more than security courses." - Mamadou Sanoussi

"The [security] training session was effective and enlighting. The trainer is excellent in giving the course." - Melvin H. Bethea

"Good ideas about work sites and smart [security] class. The teacher gives very good information." - Miguel Flores

"I was very happy with the [Fire Safety Director] class." - Lorenzo A.

"Excellent [ Fire Safety Director] course. It has all the tools you need to become a FSD and much more." - Eligio C. Molina

"Radiant is an appropriate institution to gain in-depth knowledge about the Fire Safety Director." - Yagya Acharya

"Very informative and easy read [manual for the Fire Safety Director course]!" - Bradford Rom

"Elvis is very thorough and makes the [Fire Safety Director] course easy to understand." - Joseph Marotta

"Very good [security] class, very detailed and a good price. Will be coming back next year." - Rajaul Hoque

"I though it was very efficient and precise. I achieved a lot of mental capacity concerning [security] work, the instructor was very good." - Gregory McGree

"Very detailed [security] class." - Rafael Lopez

"The [security] class was very effective and clear." - Yuri Dinkins

"The [security] instructor was very professional." - Joann Smith

"Very refreshing [security] class." - Sean Johnson

"The instructor is informative as always. A pleasure to attend the [security] classes at this location. Professional and simple, easy to understand." - Phyllis Lee

"Very professional, clear, and learned a lot, great [security] class." - Maurice Bourne

"Radiant Training is one of the best [security] schools I've been to so far, they are great." - Codell D. Francis

"Nice atmosphere, good professional [security] instructor." - Michael Rowie

"The [security] class was very excellent." - Zkharya Mobarek

"The best choice for [security] training. Straight to the point." - Tyreece Johnson

"The service at Radiant is very professional. I will recommend anyone to take their [security] class here." - Emmons Edwards

"I appreciate every lesson I learned today in this [security] class. This will be part of my daily routine." - Kai Bestman

"The service was professional and the [security] instructor taught the class very well." - Shirley Janette

"Great [security] class. All my expectations were met in a professional manner." - Divie Leece

"For someone who just did a overnight shift the [security] class was kept interesting. All went well." - Ronald Miheod

"The [security training] services are excellent and the instructor was an outstanding presenter. I learned a great deal here. Thank you!" - Vernon Canty

"The [security class] was very good. I learned a lot about my job today." - Daine Douglas

"The [security class] was very professional, complete and effective. I will recommend [Radiant] to my friends." - Andrew Laidley

"Very professional and knowledgeable. Great [security] instructor." - Kevin Woodruff

"The [security] class is good." - Jaleel Rahman

"The instructor proceeded through the [security] class in a timely and effective manner." - Johnathan Pazmino

"The service was excellent and very professional." - Giffre Sanabria

"I was extremely pleased with the presenter's demeanor and the way he taught the materials during the class. The instructor made the [security] class very informative, interesting and easy to understand. Thank you!" - Eric Hayes

"I love that the [security] presentation was summarized and easy to understand yet still fun. The service at [Radiant] was great as well, nice staff." - Tameika Pate

"The [security] training went by in a timely manner. The instructor was very well spoken and knew the material." - Antonio Hernandez

"It was a great [security] training course." - Maria Garcia

"The [security class] was very straight up and informative. The instructor let you know what you need to know to be the best security officer you can be. I liked the class. I would recommend to everybody." - Yvonne Moon

"I learned a lot in this [security] class." - Claude Davilmar

"Great [security] class, learned a lot, class was so nice I came back twice." - Amos Hodge

"The [security] instructor was great. He was straight to the point and funny. I would recommend the class to anyone." - Brain Watson

"Very good and professional [security] training course." - Jesus Nieves

"The [security] information was very clear easy to understand. The instructor gives situations on lessons to give better understanding." - Kim Frett

"The [security] presentation was clear and to the point. The instructor was one of the best teachers so far." - Ron Jackson

"I enjoyed the [security] class very much and I have been coming here for the last 3 years." - Georgine Felix

"The [security] training was good, I'm so happy I came [to Radiant]." - Witeline Jeantinord

"The [security] class was a great environment with an excellent presentation and approachable staff members." - Ebenezer Okpoti

"Very informative [security] class." - Ruben Bethrount

"The [security] class was excellent, it let me understand things I never knew about security." - Abdoula Barry

"Great [security] teacher with a sense of humor that makes the lessons fun and keeps a serious attitude and everything just flows." - Malik McAlpine

"The [security] teacher explained everything clearly." - Alberto Juarbe

"Solid [security] course, I learned things I didn't know about being a security guard." - David Worthy

"The [security] class was excellent." - Zakrzewski Mieczyslaw

"The [security] instructor communication skills were excellent." - Alexis

"The [security] class was more than I expected. The instructor was very informative and educated in the security field." - Fanay Nimmons

"Great [security] teacher." - Timothy Turner

"Concise and educational [security class]!" - James Hoston

"One of the best training companies in New York." - Daniel Donovan

"The annual 8 hour class presented to me provided excellent details on the do's and dont's of being a security guard." Desmond Price

"The teacher is really good, he knows the course material and filled out my expectations. I am happy about it." - Osvaldo Artaz

"That course is very helpful, even though I knew the procedures; its refreshing my memory. Very outstanding job!" - Roberson Celius

"Excellent communication skills and reader skills." - Klodian Vrioni

"For this to be a [security] 8 hour annual class, it was a good class." - Sharcard McFadden

"Service presented professionally." - John Espoito

"[Security] course taught clearly and all important points explained in detail." - Sawadogo Moumouni

"This [Security] class met all my expectations." - Antonio Nunez

"Picked up a lot of information [during the security class]." - Robert Alexander

"This [security] class is good for others, cheap and it's not boring." - Dominic N. Ward

"The [security] teacher was professional, had a sense of humor." - Hayim Bimshteia-Heron

"Everything that was advertised and promised was fulfilled by the company. The [security] training sessions were not only on point, but also a good time." - Julien Paul

"Radiant helped me with everything, that I needed to know about [security] work. They'll prepare you with situation of what to do and what not to do as a security guard." - Hurok N. Williams

"This was a good [security] class, a lot of energy and excitement, just what beginners need to do this business." - Timothy Aquino

"I would highly recommend this [security] school to anyone. The environment is excellent and the instructor is great." - Lucio Theodore

"There was absolutely no intent to defraud students. Very honest and fair [security] class." - Phillip Wright

"The service was impeccable, the [security] class was interesting while informative. My experience only makes me want to come back for the annual class. Others will definitely hear about Radiant from me!" - Dexter Jackson, Jr.

"It was a great course. I understood everything in this [security] class that the professor taught." - Davis Peredo

"This [security] class was very helpful and affordable. Genuine people who help you in your failures. - Yaakov Hyman

"Great service at a affordable price!" - Trevor Singh

"Best prices in New York State, great thing!" - Reggie

"This [security] class was very effective. Met my expectations." - Leroy A Lockwood

"The company is legitimate and the price is fair. The instructor relates topics to real life circumstances [during the security training]."- Ytejada

"Radiant [security] class was not just another dragging lecture. It was a laughing experience to get started and ready for the industry." - Ray Condo

"This [security] class was relevant to the times." - Ivan Moses

"I am pleased with the [security] training I received." - Michael Bailey

"Excellent services and great clarity on different areas in the security field." - Xavier Valdes

"Fun and educational with plenty of life experiences." - Reginald Slater

"Very good [security] class with overwhelming amount of information." - Jose Perez

"[Security] class was helpful. Teacher makes sense and clear in what he is saying." - D. Bolger

"Elvis is funny and makes time go by fast and you still manage to learn something." - Matthew Bolger

"Outspoken [security] class, detailed explanations of rights vs. wrongs." - Onyx Boone

"The services provided at Radiant Training is beyond outstanding. The staff is very friendly, also the instructor Elvis is very brief and punctual. Everything you need is there on hand." - Avianne Gildharry

"This is the best [security] training ever; also with much understanding." - Akwasi A. Twumasi

"I am referring to anyone who wants to be successful in a career in security guards, this [security] training to you." - Simon Iciano

"Radiant [security] class is really good for people who want to learn." - Natacha Lynch

"The [security] course was very powerful. I refer people to Radiant. It is the best place for people to learn." - Pompidou Chery

"The [security] course was very insightful. The instructor touch on every topic that a security guard needs to perform his/her duty." - Grodes Grant

"The instructor was very informative and professional [during the security course]. I would refer him to anyone." - Jessette Cheverez

"The instructor was understanding, he took time explaining certain regulations, listening to questions as well as giving proper answers [during the security training course]." - Angel L. Zapatero

"I thought the annual 8 hour [security] class was very informative. I will come back again!" - Nicole Bose

"The [security] class and the teacher was excellent." - Maykel Santana

"The [security] class is a good environment. The teacher is very knowledgeable and uses real-life examples." - Luis M. Lopez

"It was really good [security training], thank you." - Hector L. Ortiz

"The instructor was very effective on how the [security] material was delivered, he was able to also use funny antidotes to keep the class interested and awake, that is a very good component on keeping your students interested!" - Noel A. Cruz

"The teacher was very well spoken and also made everything clear before moving to the next subject [during the security class]. I appreciate a well spoken individual that doesn't dismiss a subject until everyone understands the content." - Hector J. Rosario

"Instructor was very clear, precise on all materials. Very professional during [security] presentation." - Richard Corrente

"[Security] training was very professional and effective. Instructor was very good." - Kevin Woodruff

"Great [security] class all my experience were met at a professional manner." - Divie Leece

"Great [security] class." - Gene

"For someone who just did an over night shift, this [security] class was kept interesting." - Ronald Mileod

"The service is excellent and the [security] instructor is an outstanding presenter, I learned a great deal of information." - Vernon Canty

"The [security] class was very good, I learned a lot about my job today." - Daine Douglas

"Very professional and completely and effective [security] class, I will recommend this company to my friends." - Andrew Laidley

"Very professional and knowledgeable [security] instructor." - Kevin Woodruff

"The [security] class was good and interesting." - Jaleel Rahman

"Proceeded through the [security] class in a timely and effective manner." - Johnathan Pazmino

"The [security] class was excellent, very professional." - Giffre Sanabria

"I was extremely pleased by the presenter of the material and the way he taught the [security] class. The instructor made the class very informative and interesting and easy to understand." - Eric Hayes

"I love that the [security] presentation was summarized, easily understanding and fun. The services was great and the staff was nice." - Tameika Pate

"The [security] training went by in a timely manner and the instructor was very well spoken and knew the material." - Antonio Hernandez

"It was a great [security] training course." - Maria Garcia

"Very straight up, very informative, lets you know what you need to know to be the best [security] officer you can be. Like the [security] class, would recommend to everybody." - Yvonne Moon

"As I sat down I expected to watch a screen with no explanations but that was not the case. The instructor actually interacted and taught the [security] class. I left the class with knowledge of things I have forgotten." - Miguel Ramirez

"I feel like this [security] class is a good source of information for guards to use and will be helpful on jobs." - Darnell Gilliam

"Great professor, quick moving [security] class!" - Victor Callender

"[Security] class is educational!" - Ronald Dixon

"Very nice presented and professional. I was very satisfied, definitely will recommend friends to Radiant Training [for their security training]. Thank you and keep up the good work." - Jesus Castro

"He [Yves Delva] did an excellent job of engaging the [security] class between the students. Can't ask for a better instructor!" - Harry Briswe

"Easygoing whole-learning your craft, friendly environment and no questions go unanswered [during the security training]. Come and see for yourself!" - Richard Indelicate

"Radiant is beyond my expectations. The staff is friendly and answer every question to the best of their ability." - Dominic Moore

"Presenter showed the most professionalism, [security] course was very effective." - Melody Stephens

"Nice [security] course, met all my expectations." - Darrell B.

"As a security guard in the field, the instructor brought personal experiences to explain a lot of everyday scenarios which take place while on duty." - Joseph Levant

"The teacher did an excellent job giving all the information and kept the whole [security] class involved." - Daniel Genesi

"This [security] training was very helpful." - Neville Aikman

"I am impressed with the training and the environment is clean and [they] provide free snacks." - Morufa

"Very friendly and professional, accurate instructions and thoughtful teaching. Nice and easygoing place to learn [about security management] at affordable pricing." - Gaddi Milfort

"Warm welcoming environment, love the energy each employee had." - Marisol Lopez

"I am very impressed with the school because of the professional level of teaching. It is second to none. Every [security] lesson was adequately explained." - Anthony Mendoza

"This has been a great experience for me. Everyone's been kind and professional. The [security] courses have been excellent." - Jeffrey Davis

"The [security] training class at Radiant was great. Can't wait to come back next year, I learned so much. Thank you Radiant!" - Michael Decapio

"The [security] class was very outstanding." - Randall Davila

"Excellent professionalism, nice and respectful teachers [for the security classes]. Excellent fees, which are hard to come by. Other schools will make you pay a lot of $$$, but Radiant makes you pay the right and best prices that are suitable for you." - Hurok Williams, III

"Radiant Training & Consultant [security] service is clear and precise with no complications." - Trevor Singh

"This is a good [security] program." - Dominic N. Ward

"I learned of Radiant via NYS Licensing Division website. Have used their services since last year. They do not disappoint. Great services." - Alexis Echevarria

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful as the [security] class was informative. I will definitely refer [Radiant Training] to others." - Dexter V. Jackson, Jr.

"The [Fire Safety Director] course is very informative, the trainer is very outstanding and the environment is very conducive. I strongly recommend this school for everyone." - Ajoku Chijioke

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"I would like to say I had a great teacher [during the Fire Safety Director course]. Straight forward. Funny." - Randy Michel

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"It was a learning experience [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - David Rodriguez

"Goal was accomplished [during the security training]. Thank you and I hope to be back next year." - Frederick F. Barnor

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"Professional service [during the security training]." - Clarence Gadsden

"Will recommend [others to take their security training at Radiant]." - Ronald Bell

"I love the [security] class. Elvis was down-to-Earth; he was cool. Will come back again." - Michael Braxton

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"[The security] class was interesting and informative. I will come back again." Barbara Waas

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"Even though I'm missing Sunday football for this [security] class, I must say this is time well spent. I enjoyed myself and took in lots of information." - Duane Blackwell

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"Great [security] class. Didn't feel as long as I thought it was going to be." - Franer Genos

"Your services were one of the best I have received by far. The [security] information I was given was given in a way where I could understand what i should be knowing clearly." - Randy Cruz

"The [security] class was really interesting. I learned a lot of important things that will serve me for life and at my job." - Stenley Exil

"The [security] instructor made it fun and easy to learn and understand the material." - Enes

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"Very professional [security] class." - Jane Smirnoff

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"I am very appreciative the way everything got through [during the Building Operation class]. Good and clean English." - Lamidi Tayo

"Clear instructions on all aspects of the job were given during my [security] annual in-service training [course]." - Joseph K. Amauka

"The service was outstanding and to-the-point [during the Building Operation class]. I will gladly recommend anyone to the services [provided by Radiant Training]. - Nortsford Pysadee

"The training is very informative and a great refresher course. For me, personally, I will let others know [about the Building Operation course]." - Terris Barsfield

"[Building Operation] class very entertaining." - Felix Gonzalez

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class . . . " - Carlos Fernandez

"Presenters speak with clarity, ask questions and give examples. They give additional info that would be helpful in the work place. Cool place to attend . . . " - Sherika Ranger

"Very understanding with the content and also provides material to make you understand better [the Fire Safety Director course]. Great place!!!" - Steven Vasquez

"The best teaching you can ever get. The teacher Elvis was outstanding [during the Building Operation course]. The best ever school, highly recommended. To all of you: the best school." - Karamauth Andecarap

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"Instructor was on point with the [Building Operation] course and funny." - Antonio Matos

"Very good customer relationship. Teaching with humor and involvement [of the students], and dexterity. Thanks for your teaching [during the security course]." - Donatus Odimgbe

"It was great." (Fire Safety Director class) - Desaly Olawale

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was great, the textbook is very well organized and composed. I was recommended and will do so myself." - Alberto Barrera

"Elvis is an outstanding communicator and teacher." (Fire Safety Director course). - Joe Ditmyer

"The only training center accredited by the BBB [Better Business Bureau]. I came to the class feeling skeptical but the confidence is offered through the professionalism and respect you receive, and not to mention the price is very reasonable. Radiant deserves the recognition for what they put into [their security training program]." - Jeffrey Ley

"Very good instructor [during the Building Operation course]." - Carlos A. Baez

"The [Fire Safety Director] course is very detailed. You get a lot of information. The instructor is very helpful." - Kenneth Diaz

"Great job [during the Fire Safety Director Course]. Very helpful." - Rafael Badillo

"From what I learned [during the Fire Safety Director course], I recommend all those who want to take this particular course to take it at Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Godfred Acquaa

"Best [Building Operation] class for your training needs. You get all the info you need to pass the test your training for and they give you books that will further your learning. 5-star class." - Ally Iftekar

"Excellent training school. I will refer people to Radiant for any security needs or concerns." - Troy Hughey

"Elvis finds a way to teach and not make it boring. He gets everyone involved and loves to take questions." - Esteban Mora

"Definitely recommend to everyone in the [fire safety] field." - Felix Jusino

"This [Fire Safety Director] course gives me enough material to enable me to achieve my objective in passing the FSD [Fire Safety Director] course." - Philemon

"The Building Operation] class was well presented and informative." - Harold Payne

"I really liked your class, I'll recommend to all of our officers to come to your school for their 8-hour [security] training class, or any other class." - Victoria Lvovsky

"I felt very comfortable. The learning process was very outstanding [during the Building Operation class]." - Donald Cedar

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"It was the most wonderful experience ever. The [security] instructor was nice and professional." - Apollonia Gordon

"Great environment and the [security] instructor made the [security] class interesting. Also there's free Wi-Fi, cookies, and coffee." - Alberto Del Orbe

"Awesome [security] course, well developed and touches all points. Instructor Elvis is top notch and knows his stuff, will be back in 2014." - Everett Sonersills

"The [security] class was very informative and complete." - Ryan Royster

"This was a great place and great [security] instructor, I learned a lot today." - Shawn Brown

"This [security] class was very informative and interesting. Definitely the best 8-hr [security] course I've ever taken." - Louis Moore

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"Very good environment and very good [security] instructor." - Sandra Pabon

"The [security] class was fun and exciting unlike previous schools where they were boring and repeated the same thing for six hours. It was also . . . straight to the point. I will be coming back every year." - Abrahim Shah

"The [security] class was excellent. I will recommend my colleagues." - Jose Maldonado

"I am happy I was referred to Radiant. The [security] instructor was great and made the class fun." - Sharif Waits

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"The [security] class was excellent." - Cardales

"I appreciate the [security] instructor and the way he teaches." - Amani Mowu

"You guys did a good job, I like the way the [security] class was presented. It was very professional and I enjoyed it. I will come back next year." - Soumails Isrissou

"Radiant Training provides a wide broad of requirements regarding the [security] field." - Henry E. Hicks

"Elvis was a great [security] teacher. He made it a fun and interesting class." - Sarah Maurice-Laplanche

"Excellent! Great [security] class. I highly recommend Radiant to any one interested in learning security." - Charles Llanos Jr.

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Mr. T. Simmons as my highly decorated and experienced instructor. He values [security] officers along with professionalism, experience and ethics." - Moses Baez

"I enjoyed Mr. Simmons' [security] class, he's a great teacher and gave me great information." - Gilbert Croom

"The [security] class was great. Teacher gave more information than needed. It was also very professional, made everyone feel comfortable." - Raygernique Tucker

"This [security] course was very helpful and I learned a lot. I am pretty sure everything I saw will definitely help me with my job." - Yonathan Gavon

"This was one of the best [security] classes I have ever taken." - Tauhid Larokko

"The [security] instructor was very detailed. I was very impressed. I learned much more then I ever learned before." - Henry Anikwue

"The [security] course was refreshing and informative. This information I will be using it on the job daily." - Jamar Ferguson

"The [security] instructor gave effective instructions on the subject matter." - Clarence Lee

" I appreciate the service provided at Radiant Training & Consulting. The [security] class was excellent, I will recommend to my colleagues." - Clayton S. Thompson

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"I think this [security] course and service is very good because Radiant Training are professionals." - Ricardo Mendoza

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"This [security] course was excellent and well done." - Ram Gajamer

" Excellent [security] class helped us out with good and bad companies referred us with websites for different security companies. Very helpful." - Keenen Simmons

"Prepares you for the future as a [security] guard, let you know what's expected and what not to do." - Wildmare Hector

"Fun and easy [security] class." - Christopher Dixon

"I really liked this [security] class." - Tariq Alexis

"The service was great and if I needed to redo the [security] course I'd return here to Radiant Training." - Joshua Guzman

"Very good [security] course." - Christos Vlahos

"Very entertaining [security] class and gave a lot of advice and pointers." - Moses Green

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"This place is worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get their [security] license." - Lelgtiten Chistiolm

"Great service. Very informative [security] instructors. Best coffee and cookies in America." - Kasone Clayton

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"Had a good time during both [security] classes. Very interactive and time flew by." - Cory Valdez

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"I would recommend Radiant Training and Consulting to anyone and everybody who is interested in doing a course in the [security] field. Great school, and they are legit, no scheme or fake business." - Jermaine A. Lawrence

"The [security] class was excellent because it was clear, and professional." - Mohamed Mroyeh

"It was a good [security] class. I learned the different aspects of what it really takes to be a security guard." - Dominick McFarlane

"The [security] training was informative, interesting and to the point." - George Urbaniak

"We learned and still had so much fun. The [security] class was reciprocal to the instructor. I like the time we spent on materials covered. The instructor Elvis is very funny." - Michael Crowe

"Radiant Training provides great [security] training. I see they're all about the people. The prices for the different courses are great. I will refer people to come here for security training." - Christopher Berrios

"Very good service. The instructor covered every info about the [security] course." - Lisbeth Jimenez

"Very good and interesting [security] class." - Luther Thomas

"The [security] instructor used several scenarios to get his point across to us. His way of teaching is very informal and organized. I would definitely recommend this organization to others." - Kirkton Dale

"I learned a lot in the [security] class today, it was amazing, everything was perfect. Thank you." - Wendy Pierre

"The [security] class was made easy and fun." - Hugo Mendez

"They have good teachers that know how to keep the [security] class going without it getting dull and boring." - Gregory Scott, Jr.

"Presenters were clear on content of the [security] class, very professional and made the class fun to be in. The classes were also very helpful and informative." - Christopher Deacon

"In this class I learned so much and had a lot of fun. I would recommend it to everyone that takes [security] classes to take it at Radiant Training." - Roselino Cataldo

"Good [security] class. Will be back next time I need training." - Carson Alexander

"I never expected the [security] guard class at Radiant would be so good." - Rabi S. Mukherjee

"The [security] instructor was clear and interacted with the class. I wish college was like this." - David Castro

"Very informative/entertaining [security] class." - Robert Shamburger

"I learned a lot from Radiant Training. I recommend everyone to get their [security] training done here." - Alexander Perroult

"Excellent instructors, very interactive with the [security] class. The instructor provided real-life experience that clarified misunderstandings." - Derrick Washington

"The [security] classes were very constructive and helpful without being boring or dull. I would recommend Radiant to anyone pursuing this profession." - Khari Simba

"Glad I came to take the [security] class, met Millie, she is great, love her." - Treva Grandison

"I think this [security] class was very professional." - Neville E. Reid

"Misters Simmons and Elvis, my [security] instructors, were very courteous and professional and to-the-point. I would recommend them to everyone that is thinking of becoming a security guard." - Kevin Rady

"My first time ever going for my [security] license, and I couldn't have went to a better place. Price is excellent, stuff is great, very professional. Elvis is great, thank you so much and I will keep in touch, and spread the word." - Jose M. Vega

"I was very happy to join this [security] class. The instructors make it easy to become a security guard." - Sidy Tiohamed Gdeye

"The teacher spoke very clear, the teacher had the class involved. The prices for the [security] classes are very good." - Bernadine DeShields

"Both [security] teachers are extremely excellent. Mr. Elvis and Mr. Simmons are great, come learn and get a certificate at Radiant. You will be happy and satisfied." - Marie Anthony-Benjamin

"Radiant Training is a great place to learn what you will need to know in the [security] field." - Gregory A. Scott, Sr.

"Great [security] course and great professor, no further words." - Aseal Herve Jules

"I visited Radiant Training before and the [security] classes I took were satisfactory." - Herman Flores

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"Clear and concise [security] class, very good presentation and information." - Kyle Best

"The [security] class was informative and entertainingly instructed." - Daniel Flores

"It was very educational and it refreshed my mind on things that I needed to know in the [security] field." - Derrell Hill

"The presentation was excellent and I had a great time during the entire [security] class." - Valery Emyolo Mendim

"Spending hours in the [security] class will shine my skills effect on my job as well as my daily life too." - Muhammad Asif

"The [security] class was excellent and interesting." - Jacqueline Montecino

"Excellent school. I will refer anyone who is looking for a start in the [security] field or anyone who needs to get annuals or certifications." - Anthony Bracey

"The service was good and the [security] class instructor held the class well. I've already referred someone here even before I took the class and will continue to do so. The fee is also better than other company's." - Keith Brereton

"I really liked your [security] class. I'll recommend to all of our officers to come to your school for 8-hour in service training, or any other courses." - Victoria Lvovsky

"I think the [security] class was good, and I will tell people about this school." - Livern Dixon

"The [security] class was easy to understand." - Luz Tirado

"The [ security] course is informative and meets the State requirements." - Crystal Page

"I am very satisfied with the [security] course because everything is excellent." - Libardo Ortiz

"The [security] class was outstanding and helpful." - David Williams

"Informative [security] course." - Steven Lisbon

"Very effective [security] course." - Louis Vargas

"The [security] instructor was very knowledgeable of his training and skills. He also illustrated interest in his students, the service was very outstanding." - Laura Marie Allen

"The [security] course was great. It refreshed my learning's as a security guard. I appreciate the experience." - Jovian Kirlew

"The [security] class was clear and concise. Properly given with understanding and excellent ability." - Milton Love

"The [security] instructor was very professional and the prices are affordable." - Eric Grimes

"Clarity of [security] materials presented is outstanding." - Negus Foster

"The [security] instructor could go over the lessons more slowly and in more detail. This information is important for security guards to understand." - Marian Greene

"The [security] class was well organized, informative and designed to introduce security officers duties and responsibility." - Elena Brijatiouk

"The [security] instructor was an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable." - Abel Aguilar

"Radiant training has a great staff, and the [security] class was outstanding." - Reinaldo Quinones

"It is very indispensable to write a few sentence regarding the [security] instructor. He was articulate, clear and precise. He definite kept it simple for the students. I accumulated a lot of knowledge." - Camelos Belfort

"The [security] instructor was very direct and easily understood. Well worth the time." - Granville Barrett

"This is my second annual in-service [security] training I have attended and as always the staff and instructor were polite, they were attentive and very helpful in helping me obtain the training needed." - Cynthia M. Venrice

"The [security] class was very professional and I was pleased." - Patricia A. Striggles

"The [security] training is excellent, in a word the training met my expectations." - Leo M. Coicou

"I would tell people about Radiant training and their [Building Operation] courses and their cookies and coffee." - Marlon DeSouza

"Excellent [Building Operation] training presentation, very knowledgeable on subject and the office staff is very friendly, would recommend Radiant Training to anyone." - Jim Messina

"The [Building Operation] training was great, friendly staff. Radiant Training provided a lot of good information." - Moises Trevino

"The [Building Operation] class is very informative and practical." - Walter Rabello

"Mr. Elvis Polanco is a great instructor. The [Building Operation] class was very informative and enjoyable. I will recommend to fellow colleagues to attend to this course at Radiant Training and Consulting." - Willie Navas

"Great [Building Operation] class, Radiant Training is honest and straight forward." - Sequoia Camacho

"The instructor Elvis made the [Building Operation] class interesting and fun, I would recommend to fellow security personnel." - Joan Charron

"Excellent [Building Operation] training, the center was clean, and respectable. I will recommend Radiant Training to my company." - Aamer S. Quershe

"Great [Building Operation] class, the instructor was very confident." - Juanito Lagaspi

"I've been coming here for over 3 years to do my classes and its getting better and better, I will definitely recommend more of my colleagues to come here." - Ryan Belgrove

"The instructor has excellent knowledge about the [Building Operation] class. The communication was great and he had great sense of humor." - Marcos De Andrade

"Elvis is a good instructor. I wish I knew about Radiant Training sooner, the [Building Operation] class was perfect, I am very happy with their service." - Jose Vasquez

"I would recommend this [security] class because it is very exciting, fresh and keeps you interested in staying awake." - Marvin Anderson

"I have received a lot of knowledge about [security] from the lectures and videos that helped me be a good security guard." - Marty Weekes

"I am happy to have come to this [security] course, I'm learning and ready to work." - Saul Veliz

"Radiant Training is a good [security] training school, the instructor was very knowledgeable. I will gladly tell people to come over here, students leave happy." - Sean M. Mangum

"Very professional [security] classes that were given, very organized." - John Hickey

"I learned the basic of the guard, it is great to know our duties because I will be ready for the experience of the job. Thank you for the [security] training." - Rene Urbaez

"Very informative [security] class, I learned a lot from the instructor and students." - Lennox Wells

"Great services, I learned a lot of information from the [security] course." - James Evans

"I am satisfied with the [security] class. The environment is great, my classmates are very humorous." - Theodosia Goodman

"I learned a lot from Radiant Training. The [security] class was entertaining and very professional." - Jerry Jean-Baptiste

"I think this is the best [security] training class in New York and the cheapest probably in the North East." - George Thomas

"Nice clean facilities, beverages, orderly, good environment, and well equipt and very informative [security] class." - Von Robinson

"The [security] training course was excellent and very detailed. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you." - Darton Johnson

"The [security] course was presented with real life scenarios and job situations." - Rudolph O. Peart

"Great [security] class and atmosphere of professionalism. Good coffee and cookies." - Jayvon Sheffield

"Love the real world [security] job experience given by the instructors. Very professional in terms of performance and delivery." - Christopher Ku

"Radiant meet all my expectations regarding [security] training. I will defiantly refer Radiant to all my friends." - Richard Stutts

"The bathroom are kept in good, clean conditions and access to snacks is really nice. I appreciate the [security] training that was provided to me, I learned a lot." - John Dorilas

"I learned a lot coming to the [security] training course, that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. Thanks again." - Alie Gueye

"Radiant Training is a great school, excellent [security] class." - Eliza Velez

"Professional work place, the material for the [security] class was very useful." - Steve Reyes

"The service was outstanding, and I will definitely recommend the [security] classes." - Gilberto Diaz, Jr.

"The [security] class was very informative. I will definitely come back for more training and refer more people to come to Radiant Training." - Steven Schiefein

"Radiant Training is the best school I've ever attend. Their price is affordable and they make you feel at home while you there. The [security] class is outstanding." - Thremane Henry

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"The [security] class was very entertaining, clear, and informative." - John Garcia

"Great [security] class, free wi-fi, and great staff." - Maria Alzamora

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"Excellent [security] class." - Jacqueline Montecino

"The [security] class was great, the instructor is funny and outgoing. I will refer this company to others." - Zaveir Pagam

"Radiant Training is great school, and Elvis Polanco is a good instructor." - Noel Jean Pierre

"The [security] class was exciting, and the hospitality was excellent." - Robert Jackson

"Your [security] service are very outstanding." - Murphy White

"Best [security] program made me feel as if I was taking my training at home." - Henry Veras

"I like how the instructor gives the [security] class. I like the atmosphere in class." - Francisco A. Nunez

"Great [security] training school. Highly recommended by my friends. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Polanco are the best instructors in the industry." - Jonathan Leon

"The [security class] was very helpful as I expected. I will definitely recommend it to another person." - Treva Spears

"The [security class] was accurate and to-the-point. Excellent staff." - Michael A. Diaz

"The services provided were outstanding. I really enjoyed the [security class]." - Apoku N. Solomon

"The [security class] was very helpful." - Esther F. Fernandez-Cuello

"The [security class] was informative, punctual about its topics, and [conducted by] well knowledgeable instructors." - Angelo Pizarro

"I enjoyed learning from the state guideline, the instructor was very knowledgeable and made the [security class] understandable on all levels." - Colum M. J. Rivers

"The instructor did a great job, I learned a lot in the [security] class. Can't wait to come back next year." - Stuart Mora

"Best [security] class I've been to." - Marie-Yves Nelson

"The services were very good, the [security class] was very informational, and wasn't boring at all. I will recommended this company to any person who asks [me]." - Claude Theodule

"It was a good experience, good environment. I have a great understanding about [security] and what is expected of me as a security guard. I loved it." - Joelle Amoussou

"The instructor did an outstanding job and kept it professional. The [security classes] were very entertaining. I will definitely come back [for more training]." - Omar Fouad

"The [security class] was excellent, I learned a lot, and the instructor was very helpful and professional." - Mohamed Najeer

"Excellent [security class]." - Lydia Santos

"This [security class] was a breath of fresh air. I will continue to come back for more training." - Evan Farrell-Haislex

"The [security class] was excellent, great instructor." - Ricardo Arias

"The [security class] was a refresher for me, and helped me remember my training from years ago. The instructor brought real professional experience to the class to fortify the lecture material." - Colin Rivers

"At first to be honest, I wasn't very convinced about the [security class], but after attending to the classes my whole attitude and judgment changed. I would recommend this [security class] to my friends and family. I enjoyed the experience." - Eimy Moronta

"Good [security class] the instructor made learning fun and interesting." - David Maksi

"The [security class] was a fun-involving experience." - Jonathan Hernandez

"The [security class] was really great, I encourage others to come to Radiant Training School to take the [security classes]." - Registre Smith

"The most outstanding [security class] anyone can take. It is guarantee that you will have fun and learn properly. The staff is very loveable. I recommend anybody to go to Radiant Training." - Hosame Kaid

"I really felt comfortable in the classroom, and the instructor spoke clear throughout the whole [security class]. I will refer people to Radiant Training School because is a top-notch training school. Highly recommended in my opinion." - Kenneth Wright

"I was very pleased with the instructor and the information I received in the [security class]. It was clear and to the point. Although I've been doing security for 5 years, there was still areas that I knew little of, and I was brought up to speed due to this training." - Shevon Hayes

"It was a good experience, the instructor was very clear about the [security class]. It was very detailed." - Abiba Auattara

"The information provide in the [security class] was very accurate and clear, the instructor was very professional and explained the lessons in a professional matter, giving examples and asking questions." - Victoria Muniz

"Excellent [security class] and very professional." - Thomas Munro

"The [security class] was great and on point. The instructor was very professional." - Noel Rodriguez

"The [security class] presentation is clear and concise with the training. I would recommend this training to a friend." - Anonymous

"The [Security Class] was very good, and very outspoken." - Ronald Suggs

"This is my sixth time coming to Radiant Training to take the [security class and FSD] and I always leave satisfied with knowledge." - Peter Jusino

"The [security class] was very clear and professional." - Corey Carter

"The [security class] was good . . . He is a good instructor." - Jean Kobeloc

"The [security class] was excellent, great customer service." - Demetrio Cordero

"This is my annual return for the [security class], I was very pleased with the service." - Ellen Dixon

"The instructor was clear and concise on the [security class] material. It was very refreshing to sit down for a class that wasn't boring, and that was to-the-point." - Zahra De Souza

"The [security class] illustrated important features, the instructor was very good." - Michael Crowe

"The [security class] was very clear and professional." - Jesus Nieves

"I really appreciate the [security class] and I will attend it every year in order to improve my security experience." - Youssouf Diakite

"Good [Emergency Action Plan] class." - Crystal Gore

"Excellent [Emergency Action Plan] class, and to-the-point." - Frank Mayer

"The information given by the instructor about the [Emergency Action Plan] was understandable." - Vickson Gerville

"The [Emergency Action Plan] was great, and to-the-point. The instructor Elvis Polanco did a great training." - Rayman Shucharan

"The service was great, I really enjoyed the [security class]. I learned everything about it." - Wendy Pierre

"The service was great, Eric Rodriguez did a great job explaining the [security class]. I enjoyed and learned a lot in class." - Anehika Oviedo

"The instructor explained the class very well, the [security class was] fun, and understandable." - Eduardo Tamayo

"I learn (sic) new things about the [security industry] that will help me in the future." - Miosothy Duran

"Radiant Training & Consulting met their standards in the [security class] today, this class helped me to progress in my working environment. The professionalism and effectiveness of the training is outstanding." - Volkan Halilov

"Thanks to today's [security class] my knowledge in the security industry has enhanced, thanks to instructor Eric Rodriguez." - Mario Agard

"The [security class] went well, and the teaching was great." - Gavon Wilkins

"The [security class] was outstanding, professional, and the instructor was very clear in every presentation." - Winston Mundy

"The [security class] was very effective. I am very satisfied with the training. I will definitely come next year for more training." - Anonymous

"The instructor Eric Rodriguez is the best instructor I have ever encountered, he was very detailed, and informative about the [security industry]. He should consider being a motivational speaker. Great job!" - Khemraj Bhagwandi

"The [security class] was outstanding." - Diana Welborn

"I have done all my [security classes] with Radiant Training and I can say that all instructors have been outstanding. Thank you guys." - Orville Forbes

"The atmosphere of Radiant Training and its personnel was excellent. I would recommend Radiant Training to friends and anyone interested in acquiring their [security training]." - Michael Neal

"Eric Rodriguez's presentation went well beyond my expectations. He even taught me how to be prepared for any emergencies every day. The [security class] was very productive and fun." - Audrey Colyar

"The [security class] was good. I'll be back for more training." - Jean Ramirez

"I really enjoyed the [security class]. It was well worth it." - Adewale Odunuga

"Great [security class]." - Barbara Helleby

"Radiant Training services are very good. Eric Rodriguez is very professional and enjoys teaching the [security class]. He makes sure that you leave here with knowledge and an understanding of the [security industry]." - Rafael Ojeda

"I would highly recommend Radiant Training school, the best thus far [for security training]." - Vanity Lynch

"Rather than pointing people away from certain secuirty [guard] sites that may not be the best or safest, Radiant Traning is one of the best training schools in New York City." - Denzel Hawker

"I am very impressed about the presentation and Mr. Elvis has taught me a lot of new things about being a [security guard]." - Sanna Jarju

"Mr. Elvis was very nice and made sure that we understood everything we needed to know [about being a security officer]." - Evelin Desouza Peters

"The [security guard] classes at Raidant Training are very helpful. I personally loved it." - David Peters

"It was an interesting class with information that clarified certain aspects of the security industry . . ." - Jose L. Ruiz

"Radiant Training school is a great place to do your security guard course. The class environment was great, and Mr. Elvis was very professional." - Delano Tinglin

"The [security guard] course is great, plus is not that expensive." - Victor Santillan

"I recommend this [security guard training school] to whoever is looking to have a better future. Elvis is an excellent teacher." - Genesis Torres

"The [secuirty guard] instructor has professionalism because he explained everything clearly." - Yonery Mercedes

"I really learned a lot from the [security guard] course that I didn't know. The class was long but it was all worth it." - Felicia Murray

"The [security guard] class was long but manageable because Elvis the instructor made it entertaining." - Kristopher Jones

"The [security guard] training process has been very outstanding and it went better what I expected." - Iddrisu Issah

"I was satisfied with the overall teaching and clarity. The [security guard] instructor made it enjoyable." - Isaiah Williams

"I would absolutely recommend Radiant Training to anyone who is looking to enter the security industry." - Daniel A. Pabon

"This [security guard] training course was highly informative and worth every minute of my time. The instructor did a great job of sharing his experience and expertise in security guard work." - Matthew Ruiz

"The [security guard] course instructor was very funny and understanding, and I gained a lot of information about many situations to be prepared for." - Angel Rivera

"Elvis is very informative about the [security guard] industry and how one can succeed as a security guard." - Joseph Ruiz

"[Radiant Training] provided great insight into the security guard industry without ripping you off." - Noel Guevara

"Elvis is a great instructor." - Stephen Brady

"By far the best [security guard] class I ever attended. If you want to learn a lot and have fun doing it, this is the place to go." - Ericka Jones

"My experience . . . from . . . [Radiant is] that it is better than any other school because the trainer was excellent. We got cookies, coffee [and] canolies. He is a good person [and] his explanation of the [Fire Safety Director] course [material] was very . . . [clear]." - Barthelemy Wackson

"Relatively is the place to be if one wants to learn anything [about] the subjects mentioned [during the Fire Safety Director course]; with a guarantee of excelling in any one of them." - Samuel Simon

"I really appreciate your services; also the [Fire Safety Director] course is outstanding. I do recommend to anybody who would like to take a FSD class [to register for the class at Radiant]." - Mamoudou Kone

"Nice Fire Safety Director school . . . " - Danny Luo

"It's a little complicated when trying to read on your own, but [the material] is clarified by the instructor in the [Fire Safety Director] class." - Tamara Linton

"The class was very efficient. I was able to grasp the real meaning behind a Fire Safety Director's job." - Kerisha James

"Great job [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Sharene D. Graham

"This is the place to be if you apply yourself [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Rachel Tanner

"A small group of . . . [students] and a representative asking for more information [i.e., questions from students]. Good sense of humor, friendly and easy-going. Elvis is the master of FSD and all of the above." - Said Halaka

"I have learnt a lot from Elvis. He really knows his subject. I got a better understanding of this [Fire Safety Director] course from him. He is a wealth of information." - Milton Burke

"Thank you Elvis for the much-needed information for this course. I will apply myself with the materials given and move forward towards my goal [of becoming a Fire Safety Director]." - Vanessa Cambridge

"Elvis makes you feel comfortable enough to ask questions during the [security] course. He is very clear when speaking about any topic and he also gives many examples which help you better understand the situations." - Nicholas Accantara

"Elvis was excellent in the [security] class he told us life lessons from other people in the job. Plus he told it in a funny way I would like to tell others about this." - Ryan Rebello

"Excellent place for [security] training.Good job Elvis. I appreciate your service." - Wilson Ladzelopo

"The security training was very informative." - Norman Santos

"My experience with radiant [security] training was very informative and interesting. The staff was very helpful and polite, they were also very clear at explaning all the steps to my future career." - Arnaldo Ortiz

"This [security] class was very fun class. Lots of laughter and real life situations made this class joyable to be in for 8hrs. The material was presented in a well manner. Thank you for a good sunday!! p.s. you get free juice." - Aamire Noore

"Satisfied [with the security courses]." - Amadou Kone

"I learned a lot about security guard everything went good thanks to Elvis. He is a good teacher." - Cynthia Perez

"I am completly satisfied with almost everything [on secuirty matters]." - Jonas Marcel

"Through this program, I have learned a lot. The environment, the presenter, everything was good. I am happy to have this training at Radiant Training and Consulting, LLC." - Adjei Jackson Yaw

"It was a good [security] course and training!!! but just a little too long for me, good cookies." - Carmen Rivera

"Elvis is a credit to Radiant Training! Keep up the good work." - Kevin Ferriera

"I found this experience [about being a secuirty guard] to be highly educational, fun and professional. I enjoyed it thoroughly." - Jeannie Rodriguez

"Well pleased, professionalism very outstanding, very clear and understanding [security] class. Very satisfied." - Celenia Olivares

"[The security class was] well undertood." - Clement Battouv "I believe this [security] class filled all my expectations, nice and clean classroom, I was helped with all the issues." - Edwin Gutierrez

"Excellent [secuirty] course the presenter used great details and excellent on the job scenarios to give an idea of what will be expected of you on the job." - Ronnie Duran

"Very nice [security] class, outstanding." - John Vasquez

"One word: Great!!!!!!!." - Christian Rivera

"I would refer more people to come to Radiant. I enjoyed my [secuirty] course. Thank you Elvis." - Shaquina Williams

"This [security] class helped me learn a lot and it wasn't boring." - Antwanette Stewart

"Great [security] training program." - Leonidee Melendee, Jr.

"The services were given very comfortably, well planned and organized. Taught the ins and outs of the security job and l'd refer a friend to the same school." - Terence Fort

"The [security] classes were direct and very informative. All questions were answered completely." - Ouw Olure

"The [security] course was informaative, straight forward, the speaker was very knowledgable." - Edward Matis

"The school is good becuuse it's legit and he keeps it real, gives valid information. And I would definitely recommend this school to others." - Petra Baron-Avin

"I was impressed with the school. It was very informative. And it gave me the ability to take other courses if I want to move [up the ladder] in the security corporate world." - Blondie Charles

"Radiant has a profound interest in all students excelling in this [fire safety] course." - Gerard X. Sykes

"Outstanding explanations, good luck Elvis and keep up the good work. Hard work will take you from point A to B. Determination anywhere." - Ronaldo

"Learned a great deal about fire safety from Elvis." - Vaughn Davis

"This is a great [fire safety director] class and very direct and to the point giving us all the information, not only for the test but the on-site, thanks Elvis." - Cesar Freire

"The class was acessible, thorough, hands-on and at times, humorous." - Conrad Philip

"Elvis is a good teacher. He is very enthusiastic and informative. Makes the [fire safety director] material interesting and fun." - Mark Paragas

"Radiant Training and Consulting is a very good positive place to be for job training. Elvis is a [good] . . . teacher and person. Thank you for the teaching. God bless." - Laron I. Burr

"Elvis is by far the best teacher I've had. He keeps the [security] class in a well balance level. He's a professional and an entertainer." - Elvis Gomez

"I learned a lot today about this [security] course. Elvis Polanco did a good job. He explained everything perfect." - Guillaume Jack. A

"[Secuirty] class enviorment [was] . . . great." - Amr Kandil

"Radiant is a great [security] training program. It helps you get what you want without the hassle. Elvis is very funny and understanding." - Anatasha Walcott

"I really like the [security] class because Elvis had a nice way to teach us what we need to know." - Maria Alzamora

"Radiant Training and Consulting is a excellent place to learn about on the job [secuirty] training. Elvis is a great teacher and you can learn a lot from him, I know i did." - Shawh J. Burr

"Elvis has a great attitude, made the eight hours fly by." - Maiolette Camahe

"Great [security] course. Elvis has a great attitude and made the course very interesting." - Bernard Morgan

"[Secuirty course] wasn't so bad." - Kevin Mckenzie

"Loved the free cookies." - Micheal Vargas

"Mr. Elvis is a very stand up person, very smart. Knows a lot about the business and also very funny." - Jessie Johnson

"Service was very good. [Secuirty] class was very clear. All of the information was well put out and Elvis made it very interesting and not boring." - Jules Lake JR

"I was pleased with Elvis' lecture he kept me engaged with humor and honesty. The whole [security] process was pleasant and informative." - Jorge A. Vargas

"Radiant is the best." - Alexander Rivera

"Elvis and co. really makes this business feel welcoming. The security school search was hard with all the scams that exist but Radiant really helps and work with you." - Juan H. Tejeda, Jr.

"It's nice to have somone who willing to help others." - Samedi Jean Laurin

"I like the [secuirty] class . . . I think Radiant is the way to get the license." - Nilson Vasquez De La Cruz

"I really like the job training [secuirty] course because the teacher is really good and explains so good." - Martin Andrade

"The instructor had good charisma and character. [The security] class was not too difficult and was easy to comprehend." Stephanie A. Mieux

"Radiant Training is worth going to." - Christopher Tatum

"Excellent presentation by instructor. Made the class fun while helping you learn the needed materials to be an effective security guard." - Kevin Loadholt

"Radiant is a good environment, really enjoyed learning from Elvis, also acquired knowledge at a comfortable level." - Jesus Pagon

"Elvis, our instructor, was very professional and clear about the job, from do's and don'ts. I'm definitely going to refer everyone interested in secuirty about Radiant Training and Consulting." - Herman Garcia

"I only wish I found this school one year earlier, to aviod the other scams that I went through out there. I would without a second guess recommened " Radiant Training" to everyone I know who's interested in the security industry. I will be back for the other training classes that they offer." - Marlon E. Sevraint

"Usually [when] taking this [security] course, they are boring and time goes by slow. But Elvis' teaching methods were fun and interesting." - Rafeal Figueroa

"I really liked the on-the-job training course for secuirty guards. The instructor Elvis is really knowledgeable about this area and he completed my expectations. I will definitely recommend my friends." - Victor Emmanoel Chavez Almora

"I enjoyed the [secuirty] course. Time flew by quickly." - Ramon De Los Santos

"It is my first on the job training course since coming to America and I find it very interesting." - Frederick Haughton

"The [security] presentation was excellent. The content was even more so with pointers that prepares one for the unexpected." - Hopeton L. Anderson

"Elvis is a great man, who knows what he's talking about. He has a great sense of humor and made learning very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend friends to Radiant [for security courses]." - Sufian Anwar

"I had an excellent and professional [security] service from Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Edmin Ohene Mensah

"The [security] services was great Elvis was very down to Earth and made sure you understood what he was talking about." - Joseph Alexander

"Radiant Training school ROCKS!" - Ivan Phanton

"Radiant Training school is the best." - Felipe Mejia

"The service provided is excellent, give them your service" - Eric A. Smith

"It was fun, learned a lot of new things. Also Elvis is a very good teacher, he knows how to relate to us and give us good directions and information [on security concerns]." - Christen Zavala

"They provided me with everything I needed to get started [in the security industry]! The school is cool." - Brandon Mercado

"I can say Radiant Training is the best. We did learn [about security] and had coffee with cookies, it was excellent." - Islamde Cedras

"I have been in different security guard companies and Radiant has been the best one I have been to." - Josemiguel Munoz

"Their services is one I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a security guard license. It's a very informative and professional training institute. They take the time to make sure your well prepared." - Kimberly Walker

"Very informative and professional environment" - Christopher Vega

"Radiant's services are pretty good and the training help me learn how to be a security guard." - Santiago Corona

"Felt the class was very informative and all around great experience." - Krista LaBianca

"The teacher was very interesting and I got a lot out of his class and we covered a lot of areas in security." - Marshelle Burgess

"Fun, fast paced and [security] learning environment from a well organized and attention grabber of a teacher." - Demetrius Revander

"Very good course, informative as well as entertaining. Real life experiences to help us walk through the different scenarios one would face on the job. Also eye-opening to how security works." - Imran Wadud

"Great school, good learning environment. Professional staff that provides a great learning experience. Will recommend to all friends & family." - Kuznetsov Pavel

"The instructor Elvis was very informative and kept the class upbeat for the entire class, I would recommend to anyone to come to Radiant." - Xavier Walton

"The instructor handled the class with ease and was enthusiastic, entertaining using real life examples. Well worth the time spent, great class." - Charles Per Johnson Jr.

"Very professional and dedicated to the task at hand. A pleasurable learning environment [for the Fire Safety Director course]." - George Matthew

"It is a well and very organized [security] class with highly talented lecturers; very professional. I can say it's one of the best so far. I thank the Board of Management and the entire [Radiant] staff." - Yakuba Darboe

"I have no complaints [about the Fire Safety Director course]." - Vanessa Astudillo

"Radiant is user-friendly and professional [for the Fire Safety Director course]." - Paul Hogan

"Personally, [I belive that this is] one of the best [Fire Safety Director] training courses. . . . good environment [and] a clear explanation of the material." - Francisco Solano

"The on-the-job [security] training course that was given from the director Elvis was very well executed. I would recommend anybody to attend [classes at Radiant Training]." - Jose Sanchez

"Complimentary coffee and snacks! [The Fire Safety Director] course is well taught. Should be able to pass future exams." - Alexander Baez

"Elvis is a superb communicator and effective presenter [of security classes]. I would recommend anyone to Radiant." - Frederick Belgrave

"I had a great time. All my expectations were met [during the security training]." - Damian Smart

"I really enjoyed the [Fire Safety Director] training, not only for me to do my job with more awareness, but to pass on what I've learned to others." - Kenneth Shaw

"FSD course was excellent. Would recommend to anyone who needs a FSD [Certificate of Fitness]." - George Torres

"Great [security] training, informative and funny." - John Rosa

"Everything was excellent [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Mustapha Lakbiri

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was great. Very experienced instructor. The class environment waa good and the school itself was very clean and full of study material everywhere." - Kami Sherpa

"Elvis is cool. Learned a lot from today's [security] lesson. He was very professional." - Mandeep Singh

"Instructor was very knowledgeable in subject matter, questions were answered promptly, professional environment. I would recommed the school to anyone wanting to get the FSD certification." - Felix Casas

"This guy knows his stuff!!!" - David Clarke [Mr. Clarke attended the Fire Safety Director course]

"I love this [security] course." - Jamel Gourdine

"He was very clear and articulate. His explanations were very concise. The way he managed to keep the [security] class alive was very, very straight forward. I had fun and at the same time I learned a lot. I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to enter the career of security officer." - Airis Anderson

"This has been the best course training for certification that I have used. I have used others, but this is definitely the best, cleanest, friendly and informative [training school for Fire Safety Director]." - Bruce Ludemann

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class with good, clear details. Effective way of teaching and making you feel comfortable." - Amir Tutovic

"The [security] class was very informative and well structured . . . " - Dennis Latouche

"Radiant Training won't fail you [in their promise to deliver professional services during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Robert Coley

"Elvis was funny and made a very long [Fire Safety Director] class interesting." - Ayo Akinsete

"[The security] class was very informative." - Dexter Jackson

"[Fire Safety Director] class well presented. Good class." - Charlene Thornhill

"Elvis has a lot of energy when hosting these 5-hour classes that could be very dry." - Kevin Kim [Mr. Kim attended the Fire Safety Director course]

"I will definitely recommend Radiant to others." - Joshua Kohler

"5-hour classes are hard to get through, but the instructor made this possible [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Adam Saafan

"Elvis is really a master [at teaching the Fire Safety Director course]." - Felipe Valencia

"The [security] class was outstanding. The hours went by so fast; enjoyed my day in class." - Wayne Thompson

"Radiant Training is the best security training company. The information that they give is very detailed and you also learn a lot from them. Thank you for the experience." - Tenelle Binning

"Elvis explains the material with clarity and detail and gives you a better understanding since he is an experienced Fire Safety Director teaching the class." - Christopher Hernandez

"Elvis was very helpful in understanding all the content; and being ableto keep everyone awake and entertained during the whole [security] course." - Kemal Akbas

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class. Knowledgeable instructor." - Polina Vidrak

"Elvis taught me a lot [about security]. Great instructor, knows what he is talking about. I will recommend his school to friends and family." - Carolina Latouf

"Elvis was very sincere and instructed the [security] class very well. It's hard to keep a class paying attention and he did it very well. Thank you." - Elvis Perez

"Definitely allowed me to get a clearer grasp of what exactly is a FSD and all details that are needed to achieve the goal of becoming a Fire Safety Director." - Angelo

"Excellent service. Learned many new things about fire safety [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Nelson La Luz

"Good [security] training and very good price." - Dexter Bradley

"I was very impressed by both the professionalism and helpfullness in completing the [security] courses." - Thomas Killie

"The instructor was very clear, he kept the [security] class interesting." - Bilal Mirza

"Great service. Will refer friends and family for years to come." - Jose Cancel

"Great job! Enjoyed being here [for the security class] and learned a lot." - Ronald Browne

"The [security] course was real good and I will come to Radiant Training when I need anything again." - John Roman

"This [Fire Safety Director] course was very well organized and taught. I acquired all the knowledge that makes me confident in dealing with the FACP [Fire Alarm Control Panel] and an entire building's fire alarm system." - Francisco Fermin

"The instructor Elvis did an excellent job of delivering the knowledge and making the class fun all the while learning. I enjoyed the [security] class very much." - Trudeania Pitt

"This is a fun and helpful [security] course. Also a great teacher." - Charles Judge

"The [security] class was informative and great instructor who was clear with the teaching material and the information." - Bobby Lee

"I was recommended by someone [who said] that you were great and I agree fully. You provide a great environment to learn in as well [for the security training]." - Nadine Bien-Aime

"The class director was really detailed and understanding. He made me want to proceed in my career in security. I can't wait to start. Thank you." - Sheenese Chambers

"I truly enjoyed today's [security] experience. I liked many aspects of your presentation, like the clarity of thought supported by wit and wisdom of life experience, factual information, etc. What tops the list is your exclusive sense of humor and the sense of right measure of it. Thank you." - Toni Naumovski

"Elvis is very informative and makes the [security] class fun." - David

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was very helpful." - Shawn Daniels

"The [security] instructor taught the course very thoroughly and was on point." - Nicholas Noto

"Elvis was a great instructor, very clear about the job, has a great sense of humor. [He] made the [security] class exciting." - Michael Powell

"Elvis met all of my expectations and I will recommend this security training to anyone that's looking to obtain their [security license]. Elvis is a cool guy." - Ruquana Blyden

"Method of teaching is good [for the Fire Safety Director course]. They help you out if you [do not] understand something and explain to you [the material]. Keep it up!" - Hassan Naeem

"It's nice to be here. I learned everything in details and examples [during the security course], and everything is organized." - Gurvinder Singh

"I will surely recommend this school to my friends . . . " - Rev. Georges Tegha

"Radiant was very affordable and welcoming [during the security class]." - Adam Hamias

"Wonderful [Fire Safety Director] training course." - Jennine Zepeda

"From the first phone call to arrange for [security] classes and information on necessary requirements to the final issuing of certificates and licenses, everyone was very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend [Radiant] to others." - James Lopez

"Excellent [Fire Safety Director] class considering the material is quite extensive and somewhat boring. The instructor has a unique way of bringing the course to life." - Dave Johnson

"The cooperation and support was unbelievable. I learned a lot of the Do's and Dont's at a job interview and learning security." - Anthony Rivera

"[The] On-the-Job [security] training was a good class. I would highly recommend it to any of my friends." - Roger Bailey, Jr.

"Elvis was a great instructor. I found the material interesting and his knowledge of the fire safety director well organized and easy to absorb. I am glad I chose Radiant." - Thomas Hobbs

"Thanks Elvis. The [Fire Safety Director] class was very informative." - Angel Torres

"Elvis is one of the best instructors . . . he explains everything in details and gives great guidance during the on-the-job training [for security guards]." - Macarthur Louissaint

"It was a good thing for me to attain my 16-hour security guard class from Radiant Training [& Consulting], LLC. I learned so much about security and how to deal with people." - Frantz Toussaint

"Overall the [security] class was very informative. Several areas were covered with information on varying scenarios, and what to expect on the job." - Sharon Roberts

"Elvis is a very nice guy." - Nizamadeen A. Samad

"I love the [Fire Safety Director] class, the environment and the material." - Xavier Pena

"I think Elvis was great, thus his explanation on subjects/F-58 [Fire Safety Director] was clear!" - Marvin Theodore

"The explanation provided [during the Fire Safety Director course] helped me apply it to my everyday job functions." - Vincent Randazzo

"One of the best [Fire Safety Director courses] in NY. Keep it on." - Moshood Osi

"Radiant provided me with excellent [security] services. I fully understood the training . . . they have helped me in every step of the way which has really helped me a lot." - Christopher Almonte

"Highly recommended to colleagues/friends to attend the [Fire Safety Director] class, with an understanding instructor like Elvis." - Julio Banton

"Elvis is a great [security] teacher. We learned much within the amount of time given." - Shamar Gilyard

"That was the best thing for me to attain my security guard class and my FSD [Fire Safety Director] class at Radiant Training. Teacher was great and patient with all the classmates. For me, I think that's the best security corp. in New York City. Thank you," - Frantz Toussaint

"With a thorough and comprehensive text, online scenarios and knowledgeable instructor aware of latest developments in the field, the [Fire Safety Director] course presented the material in a very effective way with just the right touches of humor and professionalism." - Charles M. Orth-Pallanicini

"The presenter [Elvis] is a great teacher and a helpful person." - Aileen Fernandez

"Love the place. They teach you everything you need to know about the [security] courses you are taking and always help you anytime you need help. I will recommend people to this place." - Eddy Juarez

"[The] Fire Safety Director course as given by Radiant Training and Consulting is informative and [and conducted in a] pleasant environment. . . . Be prepared to listen carefully and take notes to compare to the reading material as this course is a step into the logistics of fire safety and its intricacies involving the Fire Alarm Control Panel and Fire Suppression Systems and other pertinent information, which is covered in detail." - Alejandro Duverglas

"The instructor Elvis is excellent in teaching the Fire Safety Director course. He knows the business very well. You must stay alert to understand and get the wisdom and knowledge of the course." - Howard Barnes

"The service was excellent. The environment was fun and interactive space. Learned a lot through examples." - Michael Latouf

"The instructor has great knowledge of the subject matter and spoke with clarity [during the security training]." - Gregory Duncan

"Mr. Elvis is a great teacher, down to Earth and knows how to explain things clearly and effectively [during the security class]." - Malik McAlpine

"Good atmosphere! Felt involved in [the security] class. The prices are right, no b.s. like those other schools, straight-forward and gets right to it." - Domingo Quinones

"At the beginning I was really skeptical about the [Fire Safety Director] course due to the low pricing, I thought it was going to be a bad experience but I was amazed by the effectiveness and professionalism of the instructor. I am very satisfied [with the services provided by Radiant Training]." - Luis Tejeda

"Elvis is a great teacher, you feel very comfortable and he won't put you to sleep [during the security class]." - Claudio Cicchini

"I am so happy that I came to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC because their services and training is outstanding and the [Fire Safety Director] course is well broken down. I didn't know the course was easy until I came to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Nimaibi T. Ibulubo

"The [Fire Safety Director] course was very well organized and met my expectations. The environment was very comfortable and teaching sessions were very useful and straight forward. I recommend everyone take courses with Radiant." - Burhan Hoxhaj

"Instructor was very clear with all [the security] material taught. He used clear details and showed a video that explained everything in detail. Very informative." - Maria Torres

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was excellent." - Jaime Perez

"Elvis is the bomb!!! and Millie is cool too . . . " - George Luis

"Smaller classroom environment allowed for a better learning experience [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Jose Velez

"[The security] training was effective, but fun. I learned a lot and was grateful for Elvis' experience and stories of on-the-job situations." - Christina Brice

"Prefessional atmosphere with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor made the [security] class enjoyable." - Edward Christian

"Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC was outstanding and I would recommend any person or persons who need to do a course in security to go to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - George Gravesande

"Radiant Training is an excellent security guard training [school]. Elvis Polanco is a great training teacher, plus he is very funny." - Thalia Carmona

"Excellent [security] services. Out of this world." - Rafael Gomez

"The [security] class is excellent. I feel I could do well working as a security guard because I was introduced to information that I need [to be an effective security guard]." - Manuela Cintron

"[The security] class was interesting, fun and informative." - John Kelly

"The instructor was very informative and really knew what he was talking about. I would recommend this [security] course to anyone." - John Finneran

"I have got a lot of knowledge and information [about the Fire Safety Director] which in effect has opened my eyes [to the complexities associated with fire safety principles]." - Mohammad Safiuddin

"[The Fire Safety Director] course was very thorough and informative. Enjoyed the course. Would recommend to others." - William Wilkerson

"Meeting Millie [office manager] was a pleasure and her professionalism was what had me hooked with Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Jose Morales

"The [Fire Safety Director course] services offered at Radiant Training are great. The staff is pleasant and helpful, the building/environment is fully equipped with necessary tools and more. I would definitely
recommend this company." - Cheryl Morris

"Informative and up to date [Fire Safety Director course]. Highly recommended course." - Colby Carbajal

"[The security] class was very good. Presenter was very knowledgeable and informative." - Wesley Nurse

"The instructor knows what he is teaching [during the security course]." - Andrew Omokaro

"As a novice in the security field, I feel . . . prepared in what to expect when handling a situation that may arise, such as communicating with an unruly person." - Elizabeth Rose

"This [Fire Safety Director] course gave me the . . . level of knowledge that can be applied towards FDNY exam. The environment enabled me as a student to focus and interact with classmates as well as with the instructor. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to be surrounded by people interested in their professional development." - Frantz Porres

"The best [security] training class I have ever had." - Jeremial Wilson

"Very good [security] class. The teacher taught well and is very funny . . . [He] makes the class interesting to where you learn everything and you maintain a sense of humor." - Randolph Pretto

"Instructor provided a great mixture off real-world experiences and general security concepts in order to deliver an outstanding course that I would recommend for everyone." - Robert Baugh

"It was a good experienece that I had in this [Fire Safety Director] course. I learned a lot and the instructor does not mind going back on his lessons and re-explaining to you what he talked about." - Abdul Roberts

"Radiant is a good place to take security classes." - MD Mosharef Hossain

"[The Fire Safety Director] class was very informative and instructor's experience in the industry was evident. Would recommend anyone looking for an FSD course to choose Radiant." - Randy Senatore

"The [security] course was very good. Clear explanations and easy to understand. Very comfortable and relaxed class environment. We will recommend Radiant Training to my friends." - Ferry A. Kurniadi

"I like Elvis' sense of humor and his honesty with being a security officer and as an instructor as well. Besides being 'by the book', Elvis was very considering and understanding in explaining the role of a security guard. He showed his experience and the do's and don'ts of the [security] field." - Joanes Edouard

"Elvis is good at explaining every detail of the subject. I learned a lot in this [Fire Safety Director] course. Excellent!" - Lambert Pitao

"Radiant is well affordable, well presented environment. The [security] class was well informative and educational. I will recommend this organization to many of my friends." - Mauricio E. Fuentes

"[The security] class was enjoyable and informative." - Stephen Meys

"Elvis was very informative about security, interesting, professional, knowledgeable [and] fun. Time just went by." - Jacob Lober

"Nice [security] class. I will refer it to others. For an eight hour class, I was awake and wasn't boring at all." - Brandon Palmer

"It was a good [security] class. Very professional with everybody." - Junior Rodriguez

"Professional teaching. Comprehensive materials study guide. [Fire Safety Director] course tells you everything you need to know. Reasonable rates. Convenient location." - Ramon Modesto

"I will highly recommend anyone who is seeking to get their security license to take the courses at Radiant Training." - Marques Jenkins

"I will suggest to my friends to come to your school [for security training]." - Rose Fabien

"I liked the teacher and the manner in which he explained the course. In fact, at Radiant, we study and enjoy talking about the security industry. Thanks Elvis!" - Younes Saci

"Best prices in the State and outstanding customer service [for the security training]." - Jose Munoz

"Very knowledgeable in the subject mater [Fire Safety Director]." - Ahmed Zindani

"The services were good and had a great environment [for the security classes]." - Jerrod Moore

"The [security] class was informative as well as entertaining. Was kept alert from beginning to end and found Elvis and Millie to be helpful and lovely people." - Lugina M. Sanchez

"I found this [Fire Safety Director] course to be very valuable not only as a fire safety director, but in life in general. I would recommend this course to anybody I know that might be interested in taking this course." - Lemuel Sims

"The [security] class was good. Learned a lot of things that I needed to know about the security field." - Emmanuel Demosthene

"Took the Fire Safety Director and . . . security courses and will return for any and all certificates I require." Patrick Mohin

"Very good [security] presentation and a very friendly experience." - Anna Sacerdote

"Nice confy place where you can learn, also very friendly." - Jeremy Ramos

"Great [security] class, great teacher. Learned a lot." - Abel Reyes

"[The instructor] answered all our questions and gave examples with detail. He's a funny guy and kept the class from being boring." - Steven Estrella

"I think Elvis was a great teacher because he made sure everyone knew what he was talking about before he moved to another topic and talked about his past working as a security guard; and he was very funny." - Jonathan Santana

"The [Fire Safety Director] course is very comprehensive." - Lawrence Morgenlander

"It was a nice [security course] that was well presented and all information was clear." - Antonio Zaleski

"Elvis did a wonderful job. He was very informative [during the security training]." - Tacara Bradley

"Very nice [security training], cheap and [Elvis] knows how to entertain for 8 hours." - Rebecca Wyatt

"The [security] class was great. It was put into terms that were easily learnable by the average 'Joe' and it was also a very comfortable environment." - Michael A. Formisano, III

"There are usually a lot of scams when it comes to getting your security license, so I expected Radiant to be like the rest. To my surprise Radiant is a legit business and I would refer them to whomever is interested [in taking security courses]." - Scott Williams

"Elvis took the time out to explain the course out detail by detail. He made the [Fire Safety Director] course as clear as possible." - Gregory Gil

"This [security] course was very helpful. I recommend anyone to give it a try. You get your money's worth." - Mack Regis

"The [security] training was very professional. Elvis gave great insight for the job." - Denise

"I felt at home [while at Radiant]. The [security] class was good. I learned a lot today and I am glad to have picked Radiant Training." - Keon Simpson

"Very informative [security training] and entertaining at the same time." - Andrew Meys

"Radiant is a great program and has good prices [for security training]." - Vontrell Mitchell

"The [security] course was informative and well presented by the teacher. We were taught how to present ourselves, and to be aware of the responsibilities of the job. Be proud, efficient, and always 'Stay Alert' on the job." - Marianne Raftopoulos

"It was an enjoyable environment [during the security course]; with a touch of humor. Hours flew by." - Joel Santiago

"Presenter [was] very personable. Classes very interactive and worth every minute." - Michael M. Johnson

"I feel Elvis made this [security] class informative and fun. In the time I was here I learned a lot and he made it fun." - Marc Raimondi

"Elvis knows what he is talking about [during the security training]. Good teacher, knows subject well." - Marc DeMaria

"Very well thought out and presentable, as well as helpful [during the security class]. - Mario Lituma

"The [security] class was nice and relaxing." - Herve Nassah

"The [security] services were outstanding. Elvis really made me understand everything very well and made the class fun." - Leroy Joseph

"The [security] service is outstanding. I learned a great deal in the position of how to be in environments that would be very meaningful for me. Well taken. Elvis was a very nice teacher." - Ellen Dixon-Gilbert

"Radiant Training is by far one of the best security training companies I've encountered. The class is informative, as well as interactive. I definitely feel more than equipped to pursue and thrive in the security field. Elvis Rocks!" - Alexis Turner

"[The security class] was very good. Thanks!" - Kondi Nikabou

"Cool job Elvis. Excellent, helpful, educational and professional [during the security class]." - Soukeynatoa Niasse

"The [training] service is commendable and centered on human development." - Michael Agbarakwe

"[The security training was] excellent enough to refer to others." Carl Wong

"The [security] class is very satisfactory for me." - Genin Gonzalez

"Interesting presentation and using personal experiences to bring across the point . . . " - Don Robertson

"Radiant Training & Consulting is very professional, the [security] classes are very effective." - Richard Persaud

"Great [security class]. I learned a lot about security and the benefits [it offers]. Can't wait to start working." - Anthony Nazario

"I enjoyed the [security] class. Mr. Elvis was very professional in everything he did. Will be highly recommended." - Gladys Collado

"Will be sending other people here. Well taught [security] class." - Phillip Decoteau

"Radiant Training was an experience I will never forget. I was comfortable right through the [security] session, was never bored, the teacher very smart and funny at the same time. I learned a whole lot and will recommend the school to everyone." - Nicholas Folkes

"I will recommend Radiant Training [security] courses. Elvis is a true professional." - David Cruz

"Thanks to Radiant I got both the [pre-assignment] and 16 hr. [training security training courses]. The price is right and . . . totally worth the money! Two thumbs up!" - Angel Torres

"[radiant] gave me all the information I need to know about working security. Informed me on good interviewing tips." - Tysheena Bethea

"We'll be sending people forever to your [security] services. It was great!" - Val Lyon

"I, Daisy Torres, look forward to becoming a Fire Safety Director this year with the assistance of Mr. Polanco's course at Radiant. Thank you." - Daisy Torres

"The service [for the Fire Safety Coordinator F24 course] is really excellent and very good, plus I learnt a lot from your services. Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC you are the best out of all the best." - Edundiran Oluwagbemiga

"Your [security] services are very good and were presented in the most humble manner, which promotes abilities and encourages one to challenge his limitations for the job." - Geoffrey U. Umeojieco

"The presenter was outstanding in his lecture. He used humor, personal experience as well as knowledge related to the topic. The presenter made the [security] class interesting and educational." - Ahmad Al-Kaysey

"It was a very healthy learning environment, hands-on, very easy to understand, brought to life the course, which actually helped me to get a firm grasp on the duties of the FSD and the seriousness of the position. The staff [was] very cordial and respectful. I feel very confident in what I've learned [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Keino Bobb

"Excellent [security] class. Understood everything that was told, great examples and nice presentation." - Kadeem Holmes

"Great way of teaching the style and expectations of a security officer. Examples of a Security [Officers] daily duties were excellent." - Ricardo Salavarria

"[The security course presenter was] highly knowledgeable about the security field." - Jaime E. Buenano

"I am very happy with my [Fire Safety Director] class and my professor . . . [he was able to make me feel] comfortable [with the material]." - Jean B. Lambert

"The [security] class was very informative and interactive. Kept my attention the whole way through [the class]." - Christine Corbin

"Elvis tried to make sure that everyone was clear on what he was teaching [during the Fire Safety Director course]. He took as much time as needed so that everyone understood [the material]." - Nick Fanourgiakis

"Elvis presents the [Fire Safety Director course] material in a well-planned, and easy to understand manner. Elvis depth and breath of knowledge is readily apparent when he is teaching the material. I would recommend this school to anyone seeking their FSD certification." - Michael Mohin

"[The security course] was good. It was excellent." - Earl Nedd

"Elvis is a good person and he makes sure you have a clear view about your professionalism [in the security industry]. I will send other people to Radiant." - Larry Andrews

"The cookies were awesome! Great class as well! The [Fire Safety Director] book was explained in detail which I found to be very helpful." - Joseph Cruz

"I really like the services, excellent, and they have a really nice customer service [program]." - Yulissa Sosa

"Radiant Training & Consulting is the best place ever to get your course for security guard done. The place is nice and clean and they have snacks and drinks, and the class is a whole lot of fun." - Sasha-Gay Chance

"I really enjoyed myself. Best time I've spent [in a security class]. I wish I had Elvis as a teacher. He's a very funny person and very cool person." - Richard Morales

"[The Fire Safety Director] class was great, very straight-forward and the teacher is very knowledgeable." - Argenis Valdez

"I had a great experience attending my Fire Safety [Director] training at Radiant. It was an experience that I will never forget and I will be recommending Radiant to everyone I come in contact with in the future. Thank you very much Mr. Polanco and Millie." - John Cirilo

"I found Elvis' [security] class to be comprehensive, informative and well-rounded. His approach was efficient and humorous." - Melissa Giorgio

"Lower fee for the [security] courses compared to other training concerns. Dealings are transparent. Atmosphere is cool." - Srinivasan Vellore

"The [Fire Safety Director] course is beyond expectations and the training officer did a marvelous job. Thanks." - Gatraj Ramu

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was great!!! Elvis broke down and explained the book in good detail." - Jeremy Ramos

"The [security] class was very interesting, informative and very active from start to finish." - Nailah Layne

"Very professional, nice, friendly and cost effective. Very helpful. I will tell others to come here [for their security training]. Wishing [Radiant] more success in busines." - Kazi Ahmed

"Good [Fire Safety Director] course. Informative, concise [and] I feel prepared for the FDNY exam." - Frank Donahue

"[The] instructor is very knowledgeable and cooperative with the [Fire Safety Director] class. Place is clean and tidy. Wish the school good luck." - Gnulam Mustafa

"The service and experience was good because the [security] instructor, Elvis, made you feel comfortable and was open for any and all discussions and questions." - Stein Celestin

"The [security] class was very informative and helped me learn the ins and outs of being a security guard and what is expected of me." - Marc Vitale

"I like the way that the instructor explained everything to the [Fire Safety Director] class, and also had little funny jokes to keep us awake due to the fact that most of us came from the job [Mr. Ametam attended the class after working a full day]. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up." - Derek Ametam

"Very professional. Covered the topics effectively to improve security guards." - Sergio Rodriguez

"Elvis raised the bar higher than standard [during the security class]." - Mohan Sammy

"He [Elvis] was one of the best [security trainers]." - Babacar Toure

"[Radiant is] a school that gives you step-by-step details [during the Fire Safety Director course]. The staff shows professionalism every step of the way." - Kory Brown

"I found Elvis and his staff to be very helpful and professional [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Kevin Hillie

"[The security course was] cheap, fun and professional." - Steven McQueen

"It was worth the money and time [for the security course]." - Steve Luciano

"Elvis Polanco provides excellent information during the on-the-job training course for security guards; and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a security officer to let him instruct [them for the class]." - Roderick Wilson

"[The security course] was very interesting. The trainer kept everybody awake. The instructions were very clear with simple examples; and [he was] very real and honest." - Alberto Karamanites

"Nice, serene atmosphere for studies at an affordable prize coupled with free give-aways like snacks, notarizing and learning material. Tutor's composition too is perfect [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Anarfi Acheampong

"I enjoyed the [Fire Safety Director] course and hope to recommend to a friend." - Gabriel Addow

"Excellent [security training] services. I am very satisfied. Elvis is a great teacher. I recommend Radiant." - Bianca Guardiola

"The [security] class was outstanding. It was very interesting and meaningful. This class made me learn tactics about the world of being a security officer and knowledge, plus common sense I can use to make me a better man." - Kazeem Babalola

"Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC is an excellent security training school and would recommend for everybody to have his/her training in security at [Radiant]. Great stuff." - Benjamin Asiedu

"Radiant is a very excellent [security] training school." - Julio Rivera, Jr.

"I found the [security] course concise, informative and refreshing. I would definitely recommend this class to any prospective security guard candidate." - Vincent Liodori

"I was extremely satified with the elevel of professionalism provided by the [security] program." - Alexander Gonzalez

"The presenter [for the security course] has a lot of experience and made the presentation lively." - Kwame Asi

"[The] security course was very informational and interesting at a very affordable price." - Victor Vega

"Radiant Training is a great place, the [security] session was great. Elvis is an excellent teacher. We learned everything we need to know to prepare us for security work. Thank you." - Tirson Rivera

"I'm glad I chose to come to this Company [for security training]. This Company exceeded my expectations." - Reginald Cruz

"The [security] classes were very clear." - Oswaldo Sanchez

"Radiant Training is very good [for security training]." - Wilsy Perdomo

"I feel that this was an excellent [security] class. I was able to learn and absorb a lot of information about the security job I will be going into." - Siddiq Iddrisu

"[Security] class was informative. The class went by really fast and wasn't boring. I would recommend to other friends seeking a security license." - Tanya Browne

"Everything was well directed and straight to the point. Information [during the security course] is or will be helpful in the field." - Shennar McFarlane

"[Elvis] Polanco and the secretary [Millie] are very helpful in every> aspect [of the services they provide]." - Bielca Gonzalez

"[The security course] was a very fun and educating class." - Angel Gonzalez

"Radiant was great to me, they made the whole process for me easy and I would recommend anyone who needs [security] training to come here." - Christopher Aguilera

"Radiant Training kept me very focused [on what is expected of me in the security industry]. Elvis is a great teacher. This agency is very pleasant and I like the cookies and snacks they offer you. I will be referring people I know to this agency." - Diane Stewart

"This [security] course is by far a great course because the instructor was very nice, funny, professional and kept everyone up." - Christopher Jarvis

"Radiant Training is very professional. The [security] services of Millie and Elvis are both helpful to the fullest; and professional." - Oluremi Fela-White

"I think Elvis knows a lot about what he does [in the security industry]. He is very well spoken and honest. I think his Company's mission and vision statements make a difference." - Ulises Baquero

"The service is great, especially the cost of the [security] courses is cheap in a good way compared to some other companies that just rip off your money. Elvis has been a really great presenter. Thumbs up!" - Kuldip Parmar

"A very good [Fire Safety Coordinator F24] class. A whole lot of information. I hope to pass Lord please." - Kenya Harper [Note: Ms. Harper passed]

"[The security course] instructor was very knowledgeable on expectations and explained thoroughly on different types of security since the industry is very broad in what an individual can do." - Anthony Galsim

"[The Fire Safety Coordinator F24] class was presented well, informative and wasn't boring." - Tyrone N. Moore

"Elvis and this security company meets and cares about people's needs and are willing to help and provide people with proper training needed for employment." - Felix Lopez

"[A] very good [Fire Safety Coordinator F24 course]." - Adolphus Quinton

"[The instructor] managed to make the [security] class entertaining, yet educational. Applied course material to actual everyday situations. Able to answer everyone's questions." - Erik Rodriguez

"I . . . have learned more about the Fire Safety Coordinator F24 and the reason I need[ed] to take . . . [the class]." - Carol Wilson

"Elvis promised to secure each individual's learning experience and he delivered. Very well presented. I would return and refer any lay person to this school." - Adrine Cochran

"Coming to this training [for the Fire Safety Coordinator F24 course] was great for me. He broadened my knowledge about safety, how to react when a fire happens, what to do when a fire happens and how to lead people to a safe evacuation site." - Busayo Daramola

"Radiant Training is a great place for security classes. They make you feel at home." - Fernando Madera

"I think Radiant Training & Consulting is a great step in learning to be a security guard." - Jermiah Vega

"Mr. Elvis Polanco is very professional and the [security] class was very interesting and informal. Never felt bored during class." - Md N. Islam

"Mr. Elvis Polanco was very funny and informative, he made the day go by with ease. I also liked that he interacted with everyone and allowed us to ask questions [during the security class]. Will recommend." - Sabrina Waring

"Elvis has done a great job in the [security] training class. I have learned a lot about security . . . that will make it easier for me to get to the next level of getting a job." - Edward Furs

"The [security] training I received at Radiant was excellent. The price was low, unlike others who over-charge. I will continue to use Radiant's services and refer others as well. Thank you." - Dean Henrys

"[The security training was] good and I learned a lot. It was good enough to tell other people that they should come here too." - Shaka Alleyne

"The [security] course was very informative; it gave clear details on how an employee should conduct him/herself in the workplace." - Teron Daniel

"The teacher is very interactive in what he is talking about; helps give me a better understanding [of the security industry]." - Shanta Stewart

"Elvis is a very good teacher and he made everything clear and broke everthing down for the [security] class." - Brandon Battle

"Enjoyed the professional presentation by Mr. Polanco of the courses offered, the security guard training course, 8-hour and 16-hour classes. It was not only professional, but enjoyable and made the course fun and a pleasant experience. 'Go Radiant!!'" - Alejandro Duverglas

"The [security] class was excellent and I enjoyed it." - Adrian Douglas

"The [Fire Safety Director course] lesson plan was well prepared and interesting.  Mr. Elvis was very knowledgeable about the subject and took time to make sure that we understood.  All the information needed was provided to us." - Brunel Joseph

"[Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC] helped me with questions I needed to know concerning security." - Peter Rivera

"I will recommend this [Fire Safety Director] course to the people who are willing to learn.  Fast, easy and professional.  Thank you Elvis." - Wilson Alvarado

"The greatest and most interesting of all training schools I've ever attended; you do not only get value for money paid, but a versed and interactive [Fire Safety Director] session that allows curious questions to be answered, not just for qualification reasons, but also to face lifetime challenges [as a Fire Safety Director]." - Ayorinde Afebioye

"The instructor takes maximum time to explain [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recodkeeping course material] to you [for] the best understanding [of the subject matter]." - Samuel Oumou

"A very concise, affordable and professional [security] training course. Every step is explained in a detail manner to make the experience as easy as possible." - Mariela Cornwall

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course was a] very informative course." - Haymchand Bharat

"Elvis is a great teacher!  I will recommend him to whomever needs security training.  The only thing is that the services are so great with large amounts of people, more space is needed." - Krystal Mendez

"A very positive experience at an extremely low cost.  Would recommend to anyone needing any of the classes that are given.  One of the few legit security training places in the city." - William Cocker

"It is a 100% legit way to get your [security] license.  Great instructor and you learn exactly what you need to know." - Michael Salaycik

"The instructor provided a friendly atmosphere for learning the [security] material and he was very knowledgeable about the industry." - Min K. Kwak

"[The Fire Safety Director course] was very good." - Raymond Deacon

"Great school when it comes to student satisfaction . . . [I'll] recommend this school to anybody looking forward to affordable tuition [for the Fire Safety Director course].  Thank you." - Omoruyi Osayande

"Radiant made the cost of the 8-hour class and the 16-hour class very affordable, and Elvis' method of instruction was exceptional.  He was kind and courteous, and his presentation was clear and thorough." - Derek Reeves

"[The Fire Safety Director] class instructions were very informative. Easy-going class.  You can benefit yourself if you pay attention.  I enjoyed every part of the program.  Keep up the good work." - Emmanuel Imoh

"This [security] course was very professional, taught me everything I would need to know for future jobs.  Elvis told us helpful tips of what he has experienced on the job." - Thomas Drezek

"I learned a lot in the FSD course.  The instructor was very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to really explain the material so that you can understand.  Anyone who is looking to take the FSD course, I recommend taking it at Radiant." - Rayshawn Wimbish

"Training [for the Fire Safety Director class] was more than reasonable for the price paid." - Brett Brathwaite

"It [(the security course)] was great, you got snacks and beverages free . . .  The class wasn't putting you to sleep, it was good." - Zaheer Mohamed

"Nice size [Fire Safety Director] class.  Able to get more attention from instructor." - Oscar McDonald

"Radiant Training does a very good job when it comes to the on-the-job [security] training.  Their class is not boring.  They make the 16 hours fly by." - Christopher Batista

"Mr. Polanco does his very best to make sure his students don't leave his [Fire Safety Director] class without a proper and thorough understanding of the material." - Mark Mingle

"Elvis is a great teacher.  He taught the [Fire Safety Director] class very well.  He allowed students to ask questions.  He's very patient to answer your questions.  He gave free snacks.  So good luck [to future students] in your careers." - Maxime Dabel

"Radiant Training is the best to start a career in security." - Michael Ryan

"Radiant school is a good school [for the Fire Safety Director course]. The environment is good and Elvis, the teacher, is very well spoken." - Johnny Williams

Radiant is a legit and helpful company.  One of the best [security training] companies I have been to." - Monifa Williams

"Very cool [security] class and not boring." - Robert Castillo

"Elvis is a very, very cool person overall and his assistant [Millie] is so nice and helpful.  Elvis knows what he is talking about and is very helpful.  Oh, and a cutie." - Melissa Romero

"Instructor is clearly knowledgeable on the subject.  He gave detailed lectures with many creative examples [during the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Adam Castillo

"Would recommend [the Fire Safety Director] course.  Instructor is down to Earth [and] unpretentious." - Alexander Angelet

"[The security] class was very professional, teacher was outstanding, class was enjoyable.  I would refer my colleagues and friends to attend [classes at Radiant Training]." - Donald Townsend

"The [security] class was great.  Easy to understand.  Loved the [free] Wi-Fi and the snacks.  Thanks Elvis, I enjoyed the class." - Thomas Palmer

"The coordinator was quite clear with his [security] presentation, and the services and class environment was excellent." - Sefton Edwards

"The whole [security] training was excellent and I'm very grateful.  I am also surprised by the low fees they are charging compared to their services.  I will recommend for everybody." - Charles Ampofo

"Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC is efficient and courteous and I will recommend them to all [people] that I know who are looking for security certification." - Lenora Wells

"The material [for the Fire Safety Director course], when reading, is difficult to grasp, but as you go over it in class it becomes clearer." - Fred Campion

"Elvis is a fountain of important information and his teaching style is very effective [for the Fire Safety Coordinator course].  He is patient, considers all questions good questions and has a nice sense of humor. Highly recommend!" - Thomas Phillips

"The service here is good.  I had a good time learning during the [security] class.  Business here is handled smoothly." - DaQuan Johnson

"Radiant Training is the best.  The service is great and the presenter is excellent [during the security course]." - Carmel Senat

"This course [Fire Safety Director] is good.  I'm going to tell all my friends and family about Radiant.  I like the services that I was provided with [during the duration of the course]." - Bryant Torres

"Radiant Training & Consulting offers efficient [and] great service and good teachers [for the security courses]." - Ashley Martinez

"I think this [security] class is very, very good." - Junior Antoine

"The [security] class was helpful.  It helped me understand what was needed to help me to be a successful security guard." - Lloyd Taylor

"I am very appreciative of the way you teach [the Fire Safety Director course]." - Emmanuel Fugar

"This school taught me so much about being a Fire Safety Director.  Also the service here is great." - Anonymous

"The entire [security] course was entertaining on a professional level. Great interaction." - Bryan Pasapera

"This [security] class was very informative.  I learned a lot about the field of work.  I am now confident that I am ready to begin working as a security guard." - Daniel Oquendo

"This is the 2nd time, [1st time for CPR/AED], that I've received training at Radiant [for Fire Safety Coordinator].  Elvis Polanco is a great instructor who is very knowledgeable and professional and I will refer anyone to his school for courses." - Alvina Williams

"Courteous staff, very clean environment, instructions [were given] in a clear constructive manner [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course].  Very good operation!" - Evan Rodriguez

"The [security] class was very interesting.  I learned a lot about security, not to mention Mr. Elvis is funny and makes the environment more comfortable." - Jordan Turner

"This training course was the best one I [have] ever been to.  The teacher made it fun [and] that made the time fly by.  There were free snacks, coffee, juice and had a raffle.  If we lose our certificates we call [Radiant Training] and get another one free of charge." - Ethin McKenith

"This [security] course was awesome!  I felt great sitting through it." - Jeremy Rivera

"Coordinator covered all areas of subject [matter during the Fire Safety Director course].  Very well structured." - Chafic Barbery

"The [Fire Safety Coordinator] course was very helpful in summarizing a lot of very detail-oriented material.  I feel a lot more prepared for the F-24 exam now.  Instructor was great at explaining everything." - Shana Snyder

"The coordination and presentation of [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class work was outstanding.  Mr. Elvis did an excellent job [teaching the course]." - Anthony Heron

"Very good [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course and instructor.  Easy to understand and comprehend.  Will definitely recommend to peers.  Thanks!" - Augustine Garcia

"I really enjoyed the [security] class.  Elvis was great.  He made it easy to understand the break downs of what's needed to be a security officer." - Bryan Burstion

"Mr. Polanco taught [the Fire Safety Coordinator course] very well.  I learned what fire safety was for the first time." - Carmen Rivera

"This [security] course helped me understand fully why people do what they do; and the lesson I learned was, 'Think before you speak/act.'" - Julio Perez

"Cool, friendly and peaceful environment with a professional presenter [for the security class].  Easy way to teach that makes tough things easier to understand." - Syeda Rizvi

"I like this place [for security training]!" - Telson Colin

"[During the security course] I learned a lot about dealing with people and how to deal with them." - Sonie Philippe

"Very nice [security] class environment and outstanding professionalism." - Lamont Hough

"The [security] training was outstanding.  I liked it, learned a lot and felt great [during the course]." - Miguel Montalvo

"Radiant Training was the better experience because everything was well told and the instructor was outstanding.  If I had to recommend a place to get a security guard license, it will be [Radiant]." - Taurean Cole

"Refreshing and easy to follow [security class].  I felt good about my decision to train with Radiant." - Kwame Conty

"Excellent service, very detailed, great instructor [for the security course], highly recommnded." - Richard Gonzalez

"I would like to say 'Thank you' to Radiant Training for giving me an opportunity.  Thank you for the snacks, and a great fun course." - Joseph Rosa

"I have looked into many security classes in NYC and most are crooks or over-priced.  Radiant Training & Consulting is fair and helpful without hurting your pockets." - Jafar Amin

"It [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course at Radiant] is better than at [a competitor's] training." - Tomas Velasquez

"I will recommend any person who needs to know about fire safety.  The [Fire Safety Director course] group was excellent." - Colin Harry

"Excellent place to come in and get ready for your [Fire Safety Director] test." - Abimael Rivera

"Very interesting and important [Fire Safety Director] course.  Our trainer (Elvis) was always there to answer questions and give us instructions.  Always giving us a lot of advice." - George Bartzopoulos

"School location great and so is the staff.  Elvis was very professional and detailed in his presentation.  20-hour [Fire Safety Director] course was thoroughly covered for all areas.  Provided refreshments and the only school that offered evening and Saturday classes." - Beverley Guntley-Brown

"I learned a lot in [the security] class about things I didn't know about. [The instructor had] a lot of patience." - Jeffrey Lewis

"I believe the FSD [Fire Safety Director] course is well presented by the instructor (ELvis) . . . He gives motivation and is personable.  The classroom setting also personalizes the information [given throughout the course]." - Richard Carrillo

"I am very satified with today's event [security class] because the instructor was very professional in all aspects.  I went to the place straight from work and breakfast was available.  The instructor has also told us to use him as a point of reference which was very good.  Overall I will give today's class 95%." - Clement Botieng

"Excellent services [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Ajmal Khan

"Excellent! The most informative fire safety course I've taken [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping]" - Rudolph Brown

"Elvis you are an excellent and a great person.  God bless you." - Maria Gonzalez [Maria attended the Fire Safety Director course].

"The instructor was remarkable.  He went into great details and was very knowledgeable of the [Fire Safety Director] course.  I would recommend this school to anyone." - L. Gordon Crick

"Very professional and willing to help people to find jobs [free of charge]." - Astrid Garcia

"The service is excellent.  They give us a big opportunity to know all the information about security guards.  We will be more prepared to to start a job." - Jimmy Torres

"The [security] course instructor was very friendly . . . He covered a ton of info in a fun way.  Prices were very affordable and this place is one of the few legit spots where you know you can trust the staff." - Richard Aviles

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course was interesting and presented in an easy to understand manner.  Well worth the money and time spent." - Albert Rivera

"The [security] class was laid back, and enjoyable to sit through. Coffee, juice, milk and water was available.  Elvis was informative, sincere, and entertaining.  Definitely will recommend and will return [for additional training]." - Luis Torres

"The instructor sounds pretty knowledgeable of the security industry.  He is excellent." - Wilson Alvarado

"Great instructor, nice videos and a good [security] class." Avian Thompson

"Professional environment [during the security class]." - Aaron Little

"Great [Fire Safety Director] class." - Danny Quintanal

"I found the [Fire Safety Director] class to be very inviting, educational and comfortable, which is something I could not say about my elementary [school], high school or the Army." - Carlos Pantojos

"It's a cool [Fire Safety Director] course.  The class is very personal and I feel like I've learned a lot.  I've already referred many friends to Radiant Training." - Andy Herrera

"Got more than what I initially expected in the [security] training, and I know that's amazing." - Paul Aniagyei

"Very good and very effective [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Mary Chatas

"The [security] class was great.  Made time fly with the way it was presented.  Not bad at all." - Robert Echevarria

"Instruction was excellent [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - William Lyons

"Elvis wants us to pass [the Fire Safety Director course] so his school is not just about money . . . " - Richard Raynor

"It was a very informative [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course].  I will recommend all my colleagues who need to recertify [for their FSDs] to come to Radiant." - Wilbert Peter

"Very good [security course].  Clear and relevant information." - Dragoljub Milojevic

"[The security] class was the best.  Elvis kept me entertained the whole time so I didn't fall asleep." - Catherine Cornejo

"The classroom setting is small and intimate allowing the instructor an opportunity to reach every student and answer every question [during the Fire Safety Director course].  With competitive rates that give you a reason to come back, Radiant has my vote again and again!" - Erik Brooks

"Good and friendly environment [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Jesus Bossio

"I am glad I came to Radiant Training.  It was a better way of getting the [security] license process done.  I definitely plan on telling other people to go to Radiant Training for their license." - Julio Zaragoza

"The very friendly environment of the Radiant Training School is what appealed to me the most [during the Fire Safety Director course]." - Zimaro Ali

"Yes!  Everything was good [during the security course]." - Yacouba Dougoune

"Elvis made the [security] class pretty interesting.  It wasn't boring at all." - Sadek Hussain

"Generally this course [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] and Radiant's profesionalism exceeded all expectations.  I look forward to promoting your business to all Harvard [Security] fire safety directors." - Harold Odia

"It is possible to say that this [Fire Safety Director] training is the best.  Small class and easy to interact with the trainer.  Warm atmosphere with free refreshments.  Will recommend to anyone who wants to feel comfortable and understand the fire safety puzzle." - Eric Boateng

"Elvis provides outstanding teaching methods and made the [CPR/AED] course interesting." - Gabriel Elie-Pierre

"Very comfortable class setting [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course].  Great course price [and] very friendly staff." - Michael Price

"Definitely sending all of my employees for all/any training needs/requirements [to Radiant Training]." - O'Neil Ellis, Sr.

"I will recommend [the Emergency Action Plan] course to my friends.  Great job!" - Ziemowid Dobrowolski

"I, Peter Jusino would have to say it was better, way better than [a competitor school] that treated us like a cash cow.  Yet at Radiant Training I felt more comfortable [during the Fire Safety Director] class; plus the teacher (Elvis) is mad cool.  I enjoyed being in class and look forward to more courses with Radiant." - Peter Jusino

"[The CPR/AED was a] good course, very informative [and a] good instructor." - Steven Mendille

"Well, when I came [for the security class] I thought that the class was going to be boring but everything was good.  I learned a lot and met friends." - Carlos B. Mendez-Medina

"Presented material [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course] in an interesting and productive way.  The eight hours went fast." - Michael Nash

""Very interesting and educational [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class." - Christopher Charles

"Everything was great [during the Fire Safety Director course].  Thank you for all." - Rustam Mammadov

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course was all well organized and informative course." - Mohammad Tariq

"[The Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] was explained so well.  It was not boring and I had a good time." - Joel Salazar

"The training course was very informative on fire safety and evacuation plans.  The material was very helpful.  I would highly recommend this course to every person who would like to take their FSD." - Darryl Dorsey

"Elvis is very professional and very well organized in regards to the subjects [covered by the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course].  I look forward to more instructions and training soon."  Larry McCants

"[The CPR/AED was a] very good educational class.  I can't wait for the next class." - Youri Larosiliere

"Organized presentation; easy to understand [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Senadhi Alahakone

"The class was very effective in all aspects of fire safety director." - Tyrone Pate

"Enjoyed the practical and direct approach to the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course material.  Subject matter was presented in an orderly and organized manner.  The course setting is comfortable.  I highly recommend." - Charles DeMicoli

"Elvis was very precise in providing a very clear and accurate portrayal of what it entails to become an FSD and beyond.  I will certainly recommend him to other clients of mine." - Joseph Lupoli

"Instructor was engaging and professional [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Paul Adamec

"I really enjoyed this [Fire Safety Director] class, it is nothing like the training schools I attended before.  This school is really worth going to." - Elvis Hernandez

"First and foremost, Elvis treats those that participate in the [Fire Safety Director] course with respect.  He takes time to make sure that you have every opportunity to succeed.  I will certainly return in the future." - Michael Heegan

"Elvis explained everything well [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Frank L. Bluni

"Upon taking many different programs and courses in my five-year experience in the United States, I have never met such an excellent program and I have graded this school to be #1 of all the fire safety director courses." - Michael Kwabla

"Initial contact through [the] Radiant website was very informative and clear.  [The course material for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course was] very well put-together." - Darryl Hunt

"Radiant Training is the best training school around.  I took all my classes with them." - Manuel Caraballo

"The teacher helped us, but it is on us to study the book.  The class will be easy if we all study.  The class[room] is clean and we have snacks all day." - Magloire Jean-Pierre

"This course [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] exceeded my expectations.  The information was delivered clearly and effectively. Elvis was great and kept the class involved.  His jokes aren't bad
either." - Nicole Selsov

"The [Emergency Action Plan] class was enlightening.  I learned thngs in class that I didn't know." - Reva Mabry

"Elvis was excellent in his presentation of the specific [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training] course curriculum. Very professional and courteous. Great teacher." - Denis Belokostolsky

"I really enjoyed how the class was conducted.  Interaction was great [and] very informative [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Thomas Mendez

"Mr. Elvis was an excellent teacher.  He explains a lot on this course [Fire Safety Director] and I appreciate what he did [for the class].  Keep up the good work.  Thank you." - Sewenarayan Kishun

"Thanks Elvis for increasing my knowledge in fire protection [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course].  Thanks to Millie for her great customer service." - Easton Thompson

"Not only was the class conducted professionally, but the [security] course-teacher made the material interesting.  Furthermore, I feel confident that I wil be prepared for any potential jobs in security that I may find." - Michael Heegan

"[The CPR/AED class was] wonderful." - Seydou Fall

"The instructor (Elvis) wiil assist anyone (student) in the course of training in an easy way - so it's understood in a clear way.  I had a great experience and fulfilled my expectations [during the Fire Safety
Director Course]." - Solomon Guerrero

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course was cool." - Rondell Williams

"[The Emergency Action Plan] class was explained well.  All articles were covered and detailed.  Prepared me for the Fire Department and on-site test." - Harrison Torres

"[The Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems Course] was well-organized and discussed all of the topics I needed to understand." - Veronica Davis

"Great hospitality and family oriented atmosphere [during the security course].  Will definitely refer others [to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Edwin Aviles

"When I came [to the Radiant Training offices] I realized how professional were the people; I did not feel the time passing by [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]; the material was excellent and the instructor is very smart, experienced and good." - Luis Paredes

"This is a very professional [Fire Safety Director] training class with practical, picture descriptions inside the manual.  A good trainer that explained deeply about the course and carried the entire class along." - Hammed Akinola

"The presentation [for the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] is very effective and comprehensive and I find myself with the excellent outcome at the end of the training course." - Rilwan K. Salaam

"I like the smoothness of the [class at Radiant Training].  Very warm (friendly) and easy going [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Khalid Sabree

"Very convenient to have the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course given in one (1) day, especially a Saturday. Instructor was very effective in delivering the material." - Stephen Dubose

"I learned a lot from [the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems Course]. Thanks." - Maris Gonzales

"This [security class] is great and funny." - Fabian Ricardo Bent

"I'm sure Radiant is the best and I love the way you teach the [security] class." - Jeanblock Jean

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course was] informative and fun, clear and [with] informative material." - Laughton Fell

"The service was very good.  I learned a lot from this class [about the Fire Safety Director program].  Elvis knows what he is talking about. Millie is good and Elvis is excellent.  Thank you." - Vernon Lynch

"The instructor was well-spoken and displayed patience throughout the training [for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems].  Elvis was pleasant and knew what he was teaching the class." - Avis Ensley

"This [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] training course proved to be excellent.  I will advise other FSDs to visit this school." - Burton Moore

"Elvis Polanco explained the material very well, from A to Z.  Elvis definitely knows the Fire Safety Director Course F-58." - Mirza Odobasic

"I thought the [topics] of the [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] were well taught and it gave me information about the security force." - Jamal Fox

"Elvis was very patient, kind, funny and informative [during the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems course]." - Gillisus Soler

"The instructor covered all topics.  He was easy to understand and direct to the point.  Now, at the completion of the training, I am confident that I will pass the exam [for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems]." - Peter Rodriguez

"My experience at Radiant Training & Consulting was a good one, the instructor [for the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] was not boring and stiff, very good communication and clarity . . . I feel confident about my career choice." - Moises Carrion

"The [Fire Safetyy Director] class was excellent." - Roosevelt Mortel

"The presenter did a wonderful job [during the security class].  I will recommend him to anybody who wants to take the course." - Francis Amoah

"Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC is the ultimate school for anybody who is interested in taking the [Fire Safety Director] course.  It's first among [training schools].  Elvis Polanco is the best." - Oye O. Johnson

"Great teacher [for the Fire Safety Director Course].  Learned a lot in a very short time." - Jeremiah Wholey

"The trainer was straight to the point and explained everything the group needed to pass the test and get certified [for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems]." - Crystal Outlaw

"[Elvis is] very patient, good inter-personal communication between presenter and class [during the Fire Safety Director course]. Effectiveness of course is excellent." - Kwamina Afful

"Very informative and good class environment [for the Fire Safety Director Course].  Good one-to-one teacher interaction with students.  Definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about fire safety." - Kevin Attard

"Both the materials and presentation served very well to both orient and train someone new to the position of Fire Safety Director." - McClain Moore

"The material provided at [the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems Course] was beneficial . . . [to me]." - Jesma James

"One of the best [security] classes I have attended.  I laughed and learned at the same time.  Looking forward to starting my security job." - Joel Viruet

"I did enjoy every bit of [the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Rodolfo G. Morel

"Pretty cool environment [during the security class]." - Franckhumbert Casseus

"Elvis was very professional, thorough and patient.  He made sure that our group understood the information clearly [for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems course].  Great teacher!!" - Alicia Avery

"The service was outstanding.  I learned a lot about the security industry [during the Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] and will refer anybody any day [to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC].  Loved it!" - Aisha Wilson

"[In the Fire Safety Director] class you are very well informed, much better than other fire safety schools.  Very good handouts and materials. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking to take the Fire Safety preparatory course." - Alex Francois

"Not only was my overall experience here at Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC to-the-point, [but it also] exceeded positively beyond my expectations.  It was very humorous and pleasant.  I will without a doubt refer [Radiant for security courses] to a friend." - Crystal Morales

"Offer to pick up Elvis' lunch and he will pay for yours." - Mariusz Widusrki [This is a true statement: Elvis Polanco]

"The [security] course was good and fun." - Xiu Quan

"Training [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course] was comprehensive, yet flexible to account for diverse learning curve of multiple students. Interaction was a plus." - John O'Connell

"Funny teacher and very professional.  [The security course] material presented in a clear manner and easy to understand.  I would recommend others to come and take the course." - Felix Rivera-Medina

"The [security] class was very helpful in teaching the basic skills of being a security [officer].  I would recommend this class for anyone trying to enter this [security] industry." - Jose Molina

"I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first, especially since I finished school years ago and [the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] is the only thing class-related [that I have enrolled in] since then.  But as we got started the laughs and the learning never stopped.  I highly recommend it." - Christopher Moore

"I expected a long, boring lecture but received a very entertaining and knowledge-gaining experience [during the security course]." - Tyrice Battle

"A+ service [security training].  Will recommend [Radiant to others]." - Manuel Pujols

"Excellent services, great teaching skills and a welcoming environment [for the security class]." - Shahkiemah Martin

"[The security course] was very informative and very well instructed by Elvis.  Very well presented and I was very happy about it.  I will recommend my friends to attend." - William Machuca

"I like that the instructor teaches basic security [topics during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] while speaking from real-life experiences.  I will tell some of my friends and recommend to them to attend [security courses at Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]. - Joseph Leung

"I had done my 8-hour and 16-hour class.  Both times were excellent and entertaining.  Elvis was a great person to have as a teacher.  I completely recommend [Radiant Training to others]." - Agatha Arroyo

"I found the [Radiant Fire Safety Director manual] to be very informative." - Joseph Torres

"Radiant Training's services were great.  Elvis was professional [and] spoke clearly, and made the [security course] go by well." - Clevens Louie-Juste

"A very professional [security course] with lots of helpful information and great learning experience towards many different security scenarios." - Fabian Cymry

"Very good presentation [with the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course]." - Renan R. Umana

"The [On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] was great.  I actually enjoyed myself.  There was learning and there were some jokes [to make the class interesting].  But most important is that I earned my certificate from Radiant Training." - Whitney A. Obey

"Great classroom presentation [for the security course], very professional and informative." - Oscar Gomez

"[Elvis is] a great presenter.  If you pay attention you have nothing to worry about [during the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Anonymous

"During my training at Radiant, I was happy with the clarity of the [security course]." - Joel Perez

"The course is not easy, but Elvis makes it understandable.  I would recommend this Fire Safety Director course to anyone interested.  Truly one school which I hope stays around." - Mark Titus

"Overall I found this training course for Fire Safety Director F-58 to be comprehensive and well thought-out. I found the [200 Free FSD] scenarios to be very helpful." - Elfret Relf

"This [security] course was very informative and engaging.  I'd recommend Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC to all my friends and family.  [The] presentation was great, good knowledge of course material." - Sean Bradley

"The [security] class was fun.  Elvis kept it alive and stayed on topic." - Denesh Ramcharran

"[The Fire Safety Director] course has good value for future readiness. Instructor is well-spoken and has patience with the class.  If you cannot get through this [class], you're not ready!" - Freddie Slayton

"I liked the [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards].  The teacher was very professional.  I have a lot of respect [for him] and [he is] very funny too." - Yaniris Diaz

"The [security] training course was very informative; it passed by quickly and was fun because the instructor Elvis told personal-experience stories that were easy to relate to, and had a great personality." - Amanda Feliciano

"The [security] class was good." - Joseph Halliday

"The [Fire Safety Director] course was very informative.  I "stepped" out of the class and analyzed standpipes, sprinklers, etc.  Elvis was professional, to-the-point and . . . provided tasty snacks [during the class]." - Yulanda Elcock

"The [Fire Safety Director] class is very intensive . . . the instructor is great and hands out all the material needed for the class.  Coffee, sodas, juice and munchies are excellent." - Anonymous

"I will recommend [to people I know] to take any classes with Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC.  The information [for the Fire Safety Director course] is very complete and covers all the topics, and you can ask any questions and you get the right answers." - Hans Arrieta

"Great school! [for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Julie Goodwin

"[The On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards was] entertaining mixed in with useful information, which helps to ease by the class." - Gaston Acevedo

"Radiant did an outstanding job at living it up to the slogan, 'Protecting People from Harm Through Education' [for the Fire Safety Director course]. I not only learned a tremendous amount of information about building operations and fire safety, but also how to protect myself and others and potentially save lives in the case of an emergency [in a high-rise building]." - Dominick Manzi

"The [Fire Safety Director Course] was very interesting and informative. The very small size [of the class] made it easier to understand [the material]." Joan Marriott

"[The Radiant Training Fire Safety Director] course was very informative and I would definitely recommend it to my fellow co-workers and friends." - Roy Gordon

"[The Fire Safety Director course was] well taught by the instructor." - Ernest Dancy

"Services were great [for the Fire Safety Director course]." - Corin Lupo

"The [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] course was excellent and the material was outstanding.  And the interaction [between the instructor and the students] was 100%." - Roy T. Johnson

"I learned a lot of new things about Fire Safety which I didn't know about, [which] comes in handy for by BES duties." - Michael Warren

"[The On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards] really helped me with understanding the life and duty of a security guard." - Robert Franklin

"[The Fire Safety Director Course] is a good training [program].  You [must dedicate] a lot of time to prepare 100% and [acquire] the skills necessary to become a good fire safety director." - Francisco Jorge

"The [Fire Safety Director] course was excellent.  Elvis was detailed in explaining the material.  Very helpful as well.  It was a fun environment. Thank you." - Kelvin Mendez

"This class was outstanding. The material provided covered all areas needed for the Building Operation, [Maintenance] and Recordkeeping Course." - Anthony Salvatore

"Informative, explicit in communication of the [material for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training] Course." - Carlisle Baptiste

"I liked the [Fire Safety Director] course and I would like to let more people know about [Radiant Training].  Thanks again Elvis." - Alexis Nunez

"Good service for the cheapest price in New York [for the Fire Safety Director course].  Thank you Elvis." - Hector Mendez

"This was a great experience!  Radiant Training made you feel at home. They provided more than enough material [for the Fire Safety Director Course], in addition to free snacks, juices, water, etc.  I would definitely refer Radiant to everyone!" - Latoya Sang

"It was a stress-free environment [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards].  [The instructor] made us feel relaxed and got straight to the point." - Anthony Shea

"Radiant Training is the best place to attend your [Fire Safety Director course].  The instructor is good.  He knows what he is doing when teaching.  Nice!" - Foster Dogbe

"The [Fire Safety Director] course really met my expectations, was satisfied since the cost of the course included books and refreshments." - Anonymous

"Truly had an awesome time [during the Fire Safety Director Course] and actually learned, unlike the mess I was in at [another school] the last time [I took the FSD course]." - Jaitin Saraiya

"Environment and instructor are very calm [for the Fire Safety Director course].  Class is small which gave you the opportunity to absorb more. What other place will give you a snack but Radiant to feel comfortable." - Roseline Chea

"The presentation, course content, handouts and the general [Fire Safety Director] class environment were very outstanding.  I encourage others to attend [Radiant Training]." - Osita Nwasike

"A well-put-together program [for the Building Operatioon, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course] that I would recommend to others." - Salvatore Calderone

"[The instructor was] very clear and thorough in his explanantions. Provides various ways to prepare and study inside and outside of the classroom [for the Fire Safety Director course]." - Christian Robles

" . . . Good material, but you must study [to pass the Fire Safety Director Course], and good price." - Pasquale Botta

"If you read the material [for the Fire Safety Director Course], when you go to the class and the instructor teaches, you will have a great understanding [of the topic]." - Miguel A. Rodriguez

"Elvis Polanco taught the material [for the Fire Safety Director course] in a way that is easy to understand.  However a great amount of time must be placed in studying in order to prepare for the test.  Radiant Training provides more than enough material to pass the test." - Jabari Watley

"This [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] was great.  It was fast and effective to my growth to become a security officer.  I thank Peace Officer Edwards and Mr. Elvis for the experience." - Tabucker Russell

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course was] very well presented." - Paul Fox

"The best FSD so far when compared to others that I know about.  The material is excellently laid out, without much extraneous material." - Thomas Bayne

"Excellent and comprehensive presentation [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course]. Will seek Radiant Training for future instructions." - Ansel Pitcairn

"I had a good time meeting other people [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards]." - Clyde Aaron

"I will recommend all security [officers] to take [the Fire Safety Director] course because you will learn about [fire safety] in the workplace and not only [limit yourselves to] security officer services." - Luz M. Ruiz

"I was not really sure about what to expect due to the low fee [for the Fire Safety Director Course] compared to other training schools, but I was amazingly surprised by the outstanding services Radiant offers." - Millie Torres

"The service [for the Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] was excellent.  I love the price because security courses are usually expensive.  I would recommend [Radiant Training] to anyone." - Lourdes Novas

"[The] instructor's delivery was concise and to the point.  Created a situation to engender participation and learning [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course]." - John T. Spring

"Elvis is a truly dedicated professional whose knowledge in the Fire Safety field is unsurpassed." - Harry Nicolino

"Very good school and will recommend anybody to Radiant [for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Emmanuel Oppong

"[The instructor] was well informed about [material] that I didn't know.  Spoke well [and] had good . . . skills [that allowed me to understand the material].  Good [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class." - Calvin J. Reeves

"[The Fire Safety Director course] is a very useful course [and] worthy of learning." - Yikang Chai

"Not bad at all.  This school is excellent [for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Richard Raynor

"Mr. Elvis Polanco is a very straight-to-the-point teacher and his teaching [style] is very effective.  The course was an interesting experience." - Wilfred Cruz

"I found the instructor to be very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject. [The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course] was an educational experience for me. Thank you." - Robert Phillips

"The training [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] was very effective and educational.  I would recommend [Radiant Training] to anybody." - Jean-Richard Casimir

"I found the instructions and information [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course] extremely helpful and clear for future reference." - Frank Lossmann

"Very good instructor.  Knowledgeable.  Knows what he is talking about. Overall great teacher [for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Edgardo Olivera

"Elvis was very professional; to the point. Class in general was very clear, not confusing even though it is a lot of material [that is covered in the Emergency Action Plan Course]. He was precise at breaking down [the material]." - Gustavo Ospina

"I would recommend the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] to other [Fire Safety Directors].  I learned a lot from this course [with Radiant Training]. - William Ramos

"[The Fire Safety Director] class experience was great." - Rodolfo Juarez

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class was very good, excellent teaching." - Clinton Smith

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course was a] well prepared presentation. Easily understood." - Patrick O'Connell

"I found the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training] class to be very informative.  Nice refresher course to help you know the new laws and regulations." - Josephine Daise

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training] Course is concise and to-the-point. Instructor [taught] us exactly what we needed to perform our duty." - Jason Wonsang

"The [Fire Safety Director] class is excellent and the teacher too." - Clever Patricio Quito

"In my opinion I think that [Radiant Training is] a good institution for anyone who wants to learn about [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course] to come to because the teacher is outstanding." - Sylvio Paul

"[The instructor was] very well spoken, easy to understand [during the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course]. - Leslie Ogletree

"[The Fire Safety Director Course was] well taught; was happy to come in [to class because it] felt like family. Elvis was on the mark on everything and truthfully, is one of the best [instructors]." - Efrain Roldan

"The training program [for the Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] was excellent.  No complaints about the program." - David Nagora

"Great [Emergency Action Plan] class; attention to detail. Instructor takes time to answer questions. I would highly recommend [Radiant Training]." - Danny Mederos

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] was a good course." - Tawana Posey

"The [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training] Class was very informative and educational." - Berman Gonzalez

"Great teacher [and] very informative [Fire Safety Director] class.  Will be back for other certificates of fitness courses." - Sonia Danquah

"Excellent [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] Training Course. [The] instructor is very knowledgeable. The one-on-one instructions . . . makes it easier to learn [the material]." - Robin Singh

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course was] very interactive, presented in a very professional way, and humorous at times.  I would recommend it." - Jose A. Rodriguez

"Very friendly [environment for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Ibrahima Drame

"The [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class met my expectations and I enjoyed it.  For sure I will continue to utilize [the] services [of Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Ninfa Lopes

"The [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training] Course is very professional, with not one boring minute. The classroom is very comfortable and professional. I actually enjoyed this refresher course." - Glenn Small

"I liked the way that Mr. Elvis Polanco explained everything about the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training] course." - Joan Mobley

"It's not easy material but the information provided and materials, along with in-class discussions gives you the confidence and necessary knowledge to tackle and pass [the Fire Safety Director Course and] the FDNY exam." - Askia Farrell

"For the first time I found a teacher [for the Fire Safety Director Course] who takes you through the practical basic training of [being an FSD]." - Devine Arthur

"I am very pleased that I found this training program on the Internet. I would recommend . . . Radiant Training & Consulting to everyone [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course for Fire Safety Directors]." - Vinod Malhotra

"[It was a] very professional [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] presentation.  Well organized." - Carlos A. Galvez

"Small class, students interact, [and the] instructor is very good [at teaching the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course]." Ronald Thomas

"The class was very informative and helped me learn what I needed to know about FSDs [(Fire Safety Directors)]." - Daniel Garfinkel

"Excellent communication and presentation [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training Course]; entertaining class with [student] participation; questions answered professionally; entertaining and educational. Nicely done." - Diomedes Jackson, Jr.

"The overall [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training] Course was excellent; very useful information." - Stilson Spring

" . . . Elvis was [an] excellent communicator and was extremely thorough with all the information [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course].  Also very pleasant." - Philip Albanese

"Elvis Polanco is a great teacher, speaks clearly and helps one to understand the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training] Course better." - Daniel Roman

"The lesson plan [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course] was well executed.  Lots of thought and planning went into the presentation: A+." - Robert Frank

"The instructions [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] were very informative and brought me up to date with the requirements of the FDNY." - Howard Radcliffe

"Elvis is knowledgeable of the courses he provides. Accurate information and patience.  Elvis is one of the best instructors I have had regarding [protection management training]." - Ely Brown

"Elvis is great as a teacher.  The accomodation is great and the environment is extremely cordial [during the Emergency Action Plan Director Course]. My recommendation for Radiant is very high. May [Radiant] continue to grow." - Lawrence Khan

"I got a lot of information and the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course] was very professional." - Douglas Canales

"I had a very friendly and pleasant experience in applying for this [security training program]; more so than any other in the past." - Reggie Winborne

"The service provided [by Radiant Training] and the clarity teaching the class provided a good environment for learning the material." - Angel Pagan

"I have been in the executive protection business for over 17 years. Now I am an FSD and decided to further the trainig with the EAPD [Emergency Action Plan Director] certification. Thanks Elvis for all your training." - Rock K.

"I would definitely recommend Radiant Training - Classroom is large and comfortable, instructions, material and handouts are very thorough and detailed.  Elvis knows the material and makes the course interesting." - Thomas Karas

"Elvis is a great teacher and communicator.  He takes his time to explain all the [Fire Safety Director] material to his students." - Frank Thomas

"The presenter was very detailed [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course]." - Vaughn Pate

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course was] a good class--very friendly [environment]." - Gary T. Ng

"[The presenter was] direct and to-the-point [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course].  Great explanations of some of the confusing [fire and life safety] codes [in NYC]." - John Lugo

"I would recommend any and everyone I know [to Radiant Training for the On-the-Job Security Course]. - Stephanie Acevedo

"Exceptional professionalism, comfortable setting, good clarity, felt very satisfactory and pleased about information [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards]." - Elisabeth Santos

"Radiant Training and its information is well put-together and it is explained to the clients (students) for a better understanding of the courses [offered by Radiant].  Well done [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping course]." - Bobby Myers

"The [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards] . . . was actually pretty great. I have learned things that a security officer should/shouldn't do that I didn't know before. So the class was very efficient as well as educational." - Minnelly D.

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course was] very good.  I needed this [continuing education] course." - Omar Crawley

"I would highly recommend this Company to friends interested in a security career . . . " - Anonymous

"Exceptional professionalism, comfortable setting, good clarity, felt very satisfactory and pleased about information [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards]." - Elisabeth Santos

"Excellent [Fire Safety Director] course price.  Wonderful classroom environment." - Iyiolu Oduekun

"Elvis is very nice, open to questions, puts students at ease and presents clearly [during the On-the-Job Traininig Course for Security Guards]." - Sharon Esson

"I had a great time at this course ([Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course]).  I will tell others to come here." - Gilberto Rodriguez

"The [Emergency Action Plan Director] class is outstanding.  Good information to learn." - Shawn Saulsbury

"The registration process [for the courses] was easy and the service was great!" - Maximo Viincente

"I was . . . [not sure on whether to] attend the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping] class after doing a triple shift (24 hours) in my job.  The training kept my full interest all through the hours that I forgot that I came [to class after] doing a triple shift." - Adekunle Bnajoko

"Great presentations, knowledgeable and class material content [was professional for the Emergency Action Plan Director Course]." Ludens Morose

"As most people are nervous about taking tests, I felt comfortable as soon as I walked into [the Radiant Training Center].  There was music playing and I was directed to have coffee and donuts . . . Restrooms were clean and stocked with paper towels and hand soap.  All in all a very friendly place to take [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course]." - James Meyers

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was extremely detailed; the best manual I've seen.  Students were treated fairly and catered to [by the Radiant staff]." - Keenan Morris

"I keep coming back [to Radiant Training]. I don't think there are any courses left for me to take." - Dalibor Dugandzija

"Elvis you were great [during the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course]." - Cal Maxwell

"I 'shopped around' for a training school for a while.  When I found your school on the BBB [Better Business Bureau] website, it had an 'A' grade.  That gave me the motivation to give [Radiant Training] a call [to register for the Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards]." - Some Bocoum

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course was a] good course." - Trevor Forde

"The class ([Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course]) kept me very interested throughout." - Jeffrey Simon

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course was a] very good class." - Pedro Morales

"[The Building Operation. Maintenance and Record Keeping Training Course had a] good open discussion on topics [and was] well paced." - Anthony Ali

"Comfortable environment. Radiant Training [was] . . . recommended by a co-worker. [I] should have found out about Radiant a long time ago. [The Fire Safety Director] course is necessary for New York City. [Radiant] also assisted me with finding employment. Thanks!" - Jason Malloy

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] class was personal and had a lot of information which was up-to-date and informative.  Good job!" - Scott Brown

"Outstanding environment and professional tutoring [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course]. - Bendix Majaraj

"Mr. Polanco managed to make [material] that was foreign to me, . . . [easy to understand during the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Minerva Alers

"Elvis, the instructor, was very informative on the [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course].  There was a very professional atmosphere and all questions concerning the subject were answered." - Joseph Class

"[The Fire Safety Director] class is very instructional and the presenter is clear and to-the-point. You get a feeling of intimacy . . . [because of the setting and small classes]." - John Mena

" . . . [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] class was informative and interesting." - Benny Soto

"Excellent!  Learned [the] requirements, necessities in detail [about the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course]." - Gary Stevenson

"The instructor (Elvis Polanco) made the class interesting and I learned several things I did not know before attending [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course].  I have been an FSD for 16 years." - John Cullen

"[The Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping was a] very concise class and informative with professional discussions of material." - John Killen

"The [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] class was very informative and done in an academic manner with a lot of references.  I will recommend Mr. Elvis." - Brunel Alfred

"Elvis was very professional.  The knowledge he provided me with is outstanding.  This [Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] class was excellent." - Brian Lebenson

"Elvis the instructor did a great job teaching [the Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping] class.  [He taught] in a comfortable manner." - Oscar Castro

"Explanation of the material [for the Building Operation Course was] excellent.  Very open to discussion.  Communication with students was open and informative." - Louis LaRocca

"[The] environment [for the Building Operation Course was] very relaxed." - Omar Galeas

"I found that the teacher had a good understanding of the [Building Operation Course] material and made the class interesting.  I feel that I got a better understanding of the subject and feel confident that I will achieve success in the course.  I am happy that my friend referred me to [Radiant Training] and I will tell all my friends about it." - Anthony Saint Jean

"The materials and content [for the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course] were excellent.  I would recommend the school to anyone." - Anonymous

"A rare display of competence and charisma from the instructor [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Officers].  I highly recommend the courses [offered by Radiant Training]." - Alexander G.

"I was very satisfied with the [Fire Safety Director] training I received from Radiant Training.  Would recommend to anyone interested in any of the courses." - Jose Torres

"[The Security Pre-Assignment Course] was . . . excellent!, and very cool!" - John Kaidoglou

"[The Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Officers was a] great course, really effective and insightful." - Yonas Saunders

"The presenter was extremely effective in the way he delivered the material [for the EAP Director course].  It was very clear and concise.  I was able to follow the material step by step.  I should have taken my FSD with Elvis." - Gary Richardson

"Elvis is a great teacher and a wonderful motivational speaker in covering the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course." - Forrest Green

"The service was outstanding.  I learned a lot from the CPR/AED Course." - Eric Francis

"I found [the EAP] course to be very informative and life-changing in terms of properly understanding my role as a life safety responder (EAPD)." - Larry McCants

"Elvis is a great teacher. He makes the [On-the-Job Training Course for Security Officers] . . . fun. It was a good experience." - Malik Rowland

"[Radiant is] a very good environment to learn . . . [Relative to the Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Course]." - Anonymous

"Excellent information given by the instructor [in a] very professional manner [during the Security Pre-Assignment Course]." - Anonymous

"Everything [for the EAP Course] is presented in a professional manner that assures your success.  Naturally, you have to put in the effort, but Elvis gives you all the tools." - Robert Prahl

"[Radiant offers a] professional and welcoming atmosphere.  Will recommend [people to take the Security Pre-Assignment Course with Radiant]." - Anonymous

"[The On-the-Job Training Course for Security Officers] had no dull moments. [It was] enjoyable." - Adam Bhuiyan

"[The] instructor . . . makes you really understand [the role of the] Fire Safety Director." - Angelo Cole

"The FSD Course is a professional course given by a professional that has over 15 years of industry experience." - Robert Yep

"Excellent [On-the-Job] course." - Lemny Genoa

"The environment is really excellent . . . Excellent and professional teacher.  I really liked [Radiant] and the [Pre-Assignment] class." - Hector Forbes, Jr.

"The services are excellent and [the material is] well explained.  I learned what it takes to be a Fire Safety Director." - Juan Caban

"[The EAP is] a must-have course.  One of the best [and] reliable schools/teachers to have." - Kenneth Morales

"I was able to get my CPR/AED certification and had a great experience with the outstanding professionalism of Elvis as he was teaching this course.  Thank you!" - Abbi Estrada

"The best thing about Radiant and the training provided [for the On-the-Job Course] is how personable and helpful the presenter was [to the participants' needs]." - Will M.

"I loved the [Fire Safety Director] class and can't wait to refer friends to Radiant." - Emmanuel Oppong

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was a good atmosphere [which] made learning the material easier [to understand].  The instructor really knew all the material and even gave good advice in achieving my goal." - Anthony Carolei

"The presenter [for the Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Officers] is an outstanding one. He hit some direct points and he is very understanding [of the students' concerns]." - Jerome Gordon

"I was very  impressed by Elvis' professionalism from the very first day.  I learned a great deal about Security Guard [functions during the Pre-Assignment Course].  And I recommend [Radiant] to anyone.  Thank you!" - Anonymous

"The EAP class was most informative [and] much better than the last EAP class I had to endure with another company two years ago." - James Meserole

"I loved the [On-the-Job] class.  The teacher was very professional and was excellent with his teaching skills." - Crissell Cameron

"I appreciated the direct communications between teacher and student.  Very well spoken, very patient [and] attentive to student needs [during the Fire Safety Director Course].  I will most definitely come back to Elvis for all future Security needs." - Julius Russell

"Instructor Elvis was very professional and his knowledge of the material was excellent. He makes everyone feel comfortable. The [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Officers] went fast. Recommend to everyone!" - Christopher Boria

"With the [CPR/AED] training, I'm now ready just in case [I am confronted with an emergency situation].  Great job." - Anonymous

"The teaching in this class [(EAP)] was excellent.  I would recommend my co-workers to take their class at this school." - Obindrawatie Lewis

"I loved it [(the On-the-Job Course)]." - Isaac Adusei

"The best security training I've ever witnessed in terms of clarity of facts and knowledge received [during the On-the-Job Training Course for Security Officers]." - Godfrey Onwutuebe

"Elvis' knowledge of the topics covered in [the Fire Safety Director] class helped me understand how complex and important the job of an FSD is.  I'm sure I will apply his teachings to my everyday job duties as an FSD." - Andy Sanchez-Sarit

"Elvis is a good teacher who wants to make sure you understand everything about the [Fire Safety Director] class." - Anonymous

"Everything about the instructor and the [Fire Safety Director] class met my expectations. Classes are fun and flow easy." - Deniz Brousseau

"The class not only helps you to pass the written tests, but also will help you long-term as an EAP Director." - Chris Perez

"The teacher was very clear and explained every topic [during the Fire Safety Director Course].  He made the course very easy.  He's one of the best teachers you can ever have." - Karamauth Andekarap

"Mr. Polanco was very professional at all times [during the Fire Safety Director course], which put a real sense of importance toward my attitude [relative to fire safety in the built environment]." - Walter Relaford

"The [Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Officers was] . . . effective and very good." - Ronald Andrade

"The course was very informative and to-the-point in helping me understand being an FSD [Fire Safety Director]." - Paul Wright

"[The CPR/AED] class was very informative and educational." - Joel D'Alessio

"[The Pre-Assignment Course was] very informative, relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices." - Jonathan Reyes

"[The On-the-Job Course was] very helpful, clear and concise." - Jaryn Pou

"Enjoyed the [Fire Safety Director] class. Very detailed, nice environment, and a pleasure to be in class." - Carol Meza

"Elvis is very knowledgeable [about Local Law 26: Emergency Action Plan], most importantly he provides his students with real situations. [The] Radiant Training office is very clean and very professional. I highly recommend Radiant Training. Their fees are the lowest in the industry [and] you will get exceptional value for your money." - Luis Galan

"Rest assured that I will be recommending others to seek out Radiant for all of their training needs." - Max Cleophat, Jr. [Note: Mr. Cleophat, Jr. has taken several courses with Radiant Training].

"[The Fire Safety Director] course was informative and useful. It was good for [someone] pursuing a career in the hospitality industry." - Ching J. Chen

"The [Radiant FSD] scenarios are great.  Once I read the Fire Safety Director Manual I understood most of the scenarios." - Alex Baez

"[The On-the-Job course was] very clear and excellent." - MD D. Hossain

"Elvis is a very good instructor." - Brian Mathurin

"The [Fire Safety Director] course is very useful. The content covered all the material you need to know to become an FSD. The environment is very good and the time [of the course] is perfect if you have a day-time job; and you can finish it within a month." - Siyu Qi

"At Radiant Training I had a good time and learned so much [during the Fire Safety Director Course].  If you need to take a course, this is the best place to come [to for protection management courses]." - Anonymous

"The [Fire Safety Director] Course was given with clarity and professionalism." - Gustavo Feliz

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was good and you feel much more intimate with the teacher vs. an auditorium environment." - John Mena

"This was a very good learning experience for me. I learned a lot in [the Fire Safety Director] class. Elvis is a very good instructor." - Virginia Frazier

"Mr. Elvis was excellent in the [Fire Guard] class." - Dionne Allen

"Elvis was a clear and concise instructor [for the CPR/AED course] with great people skills." - Jose Colon

"Great environment to have [the Fire Safety Director] class. I was very comfortable which is rare when I am in classes. [Free] coffee, water, cookies and soda . . . Can't beat that!" - Jose Rosario

"[This is the] first time I take this course [(CPR/AED)].  I now feel I can handle a situation in which someone might need help." - Alex Baez

"I had avery good [Fire Safety Director] training from the school.  Thank you." - Haruna Abubakari

"The Fire Safety Director Course was very good, excellent material and well taught by Elvis Polanco." - Christopher Batista

"Elvis is a great instructor and he took time clarifying all the questions [and] demonstrated practical examples.  The ambiance was great and I definitely will recommend students to take fire guard courses at this institution." - Praveenkumar Jayakumar

"[The] class [for the Fire Safety Director Course] was small, therefore it was more 1-on-1 in terms of questions that needed to be answered.  Also, the course was broken down to where you fully understood [the material]." - Hassian Clark

"[Radiant provides] great services [and Elvis] takes the time to explain [the Fire Safety Director topics], materials and handouts." - Wigens Servius

"I love that everything [manual/material] is in color and was given diagrams to show how everything looks, [which made it] easy to understand . . . " - Wendel Cutler

"I have been a Director of Security for over 15 years and I really was impressed as to the explanation of the terminology and technical [aspects] of the [Fire Safety Director] course that I took [at Radiant Training]. Thank you very, very much Mr. Polanco." - Roc K.

"[The On-the-Job course was] very professional, [the Training Center was] clean and [the staff was] caring." - Klaudio Trevosa

"I learned more [about security during the Pre-Assignment Course] than I would of anywhere else. [The instructor] made sure everyone understood everything he was saying [about the role of security officers]." - Anonymous

"The instructor [for the Fire Safety Director Course] was very concise and informative.  [He] has . . . excellent knowledge of the field of fire safety and management principles." - Leon R. Simmons

"Very good class [(CPR/AED)]." - James Morris

"The [Fire Safety Director] instructor was very good in his presentation.  He was effective and objective.  His study material was just great." - Anonymous

"I thought the instructor was well spoken & familiar with [the] content [of the Adult CPR/AED Course].  The training facility was really nice.  Food selection was great." - Anthony Roper

"The repetitive practices helped me to remember the steps of CPR/AED." - Adriana Aro

"This class [Pre-assignment] was informative and I learned a lot." - Joseph Vasquez

"Everything was excellent [with the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Renato Desagun

"The [CPR/AED] class was excellent." - Chris Ragsdale

"[The instructor for the Fire Safety Director Course] made sure to fully explain situations that we might encounter as an FSD." - John Jimenez

"[The] material and class environment [for the Fire Safety Director Course] is something that went far and beyond my expectations, and gladly appreciated." - Miguel Alls

"The instructor [for the Fire Safety Director Course] was very good in his instructions.  He was very knowledgeable . . . and the handouts and study material were of great help." - Hemnauth Singh

"Elvis' teaching styles keep everyone interested in what he is teaching [about the CPR/AED Course].  The hands-on experience is outstanding." - Luis Galan

"Elvis is great with the [Fire Safety Director] class and materials [and] effectiveness.  I would take all courses he offers . . . knowing all that is to be expected of them." - Jose Pilozo

"Mr. Elvis made the [Fire Safety Director] course easy to interpret and understand; meaning that any confusion I may have had with understanding the material, he explained it and handed out material to make it easier to learn." - Romaine Lynch

"In this class [On-the-Job] I learned a lot about how and what a security guard does in everyday life.  I really learned what to do, and some things to expect when becoming a part of a security team." - Shawn Moore

"Elvis was patient with a participant's skill levels and styles [during the CPR/AED Course].  It was great that he knew all the answers to our questions." - Amy Monachelli

"Everything was excellent [for the Adult CPR/AED Course]." - Zhang Zhou Yan

"This is the best training [one can find for the Pre-Assignment Course]." - Vednandra Mohan

"[The CPR/AED Course was] a very good learning course.  [It was] well presented." - Sam Lahlali

"[The Adult CPR/AED] training session was fun, but very professional.  You learn a great deal of what you come [to expect]." - Leri Barnhill

"[The] instructor made the [Fire Safety Director] class feel more like a . . . workshop instead of a [20 hour] class." - Joseph Amuaku

"[The CPR/AED class was an] excellent class to take.  Good to know [the material]." Jim Ferati

"I felt [that] the [Adult CPR/AED] course was lively, educational and fun.  Elvis' presentation was clearly presented and well executed." - Michael Kim

"The instructor . . . explained everything [during the Fire Safety Director Course so] that [students] could understand [the material].  I personally will recommend anyone who is interested in this course to enroll in this school.  And by the way, it is the cheapest in NYC." - Vydia Bishun

"The [CPR/AED] course is well organized and effective." - Leo Micceri

"[The On-the-Job Course] was well understood [and the instructor] made [the] class fun and interesting.  Would recommend this class to a friend." - Eric Kehou

"Outstanding customer service, excellent instructor [for the Fire Safety Director Course and] best prices in NYC.  10 out of 10." - Anonymous

"The services were very good [and] I also liked [the CPR/AED Course] a lot." - Anonymous

"Elvis and his knowledge at Radiant Training helped me become a security guard; which will help me pay for my tuition while I am [attending] school.  Thanks Elvis." - Jetmir Shala

"[The Adult CPR/AED Course was] very professional.  The use of updated videos and equipment gave a great simulation of various scenarios." - Anonymous

"Elvis Polanco's ability to clearly communicate the process and procedures of the [security] business [during the On-the-Job Course] completely exceeded what I thought the class would be. I now have a solid grasp of the business and what is expected of me." - Jon Serrette

"I found this course [On-the-Job] to be very professional, very detailed and most of all, very educational.  I recommend anyone that wants to become a security guard to take this course from Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC." - Jacob Moore

"The [Adult CPR/AED] course was very informative and [the] hands-on [practical training] was supervised with professionalism.  I will recommend everyone to take this course.  It will save lives." - Angel Plerqui

"I am very happy that I found Radiant. I was able to retain a lot of [the Fire Safety Director Course] information and was able to ask as many questions needed to understand the topics. There were always refreshments available which made things easier and comfortable and I didn’t have to spend extra money for snacks. Elvis is a great instructor. Cheers to Radiant . . . " – Shahidah Booker

"The confidence that the host [generated made it] easy and clear for everyone to understand [the content of the Adult CPR/AED Course.]" - Ruth Moncajo

"Nice and laid back environment [for the Adult CPR/AED Course].  Snacks and beverages a bonus!" - Shanon Hall

"This was my first time attending this school [and the On-the-Job Course].  I would recommend [Radiant Training] to anyone.  You . . . really benefit . . . [by attending] . . . this school." - Angel Vazquez

"Elvis makes the [On-the-Job] course fun and very informative. I highly recommend everyone who wants to learn about security training to take this course [with Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Joe Bacarella

"The material was easy to comprehend and very informative.  [The] instructor interaction with students was top notch and superb [during the On-the-Job Course].  Highly recommended." - Brian Murphy

"[The Adult CPR/AED Course was] very easy and [I] learned [by] going [to the] course.  [I] recommend for everyone to try it out [with Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Anonymous

"Elvis is a great presenter.  All [the] information was spoken clearly and gone over thoroughly [for the On-the-Job Course]." - Cesar Perez

"I wanted to thank you . . . for all you have done for me. I just received my [Security Guard] ID card in the mail this morning and the letter from your office today which means that it is all official now. I appreciate all [your help] . . . You were a great teacher." - Jon Serrette

"The instructor [for the Fire Safety Director Course] was knowledgeable and friendly, [and was] always willing to answer questions. I was never bored and learned a lot. Clean environment and free refreshments! [I] studied for the [Computer-Based Test at 9 MetroTech Center] and passed!" - William Griffin

"Best price, free food [and] good place to study [for the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Kwame Sarkodie

"Mr. Polanco is a fine instructor who takes his time and teaches with simplicity.  [He] is clear and provides great guidance.  Recommended: A+." - Juan G. Blandon

"I found the [Pre-Assignment] course to [be] extremely informative and educational. I will refer anyone looking to get [into] the security industry [to Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Leon Ferguson, III

"For the price [of the Fire Safety Director Course ($100)] you really can’t ask for anything better." - Alban Shala

"I liked the organization of the Company as far as the facility, [Fire Safety Director] class and professionalism.  Radiant provided the students the opportunity to grow at one affordable price and with equal or better quality than other [more] well known companies." - Maria Sanchez

"The classes held were insightful and very informative.  Elvis taught the [Fire Safety Director] Course with efficiency and made the content easy to understand." - Anonymous

"I enjoyed my experience [while attending the Pre-Assignment course]. . . . The class was made easy to understand and I [left] knowing more about security than when I came in." - Carlos Caraballo

"[The instructor provided] very good training [for the EAP Course]." - Allen Etheridge

"I found the [On-the-Job] course to be exciting, thought-provoking and educational. I feel better prepared to be a Security Guard." - Leon Ferguson, III

" . . . I am going back to school. This class [Pre-Assignment] was a good start for me and a great reminder [about what learning is all about]." - Anonymous

"[The instructor for the On-the-Job Course was] very professional [and] friendly.  I recommend Radiant Training for those [people] who are serious about [the protection management] business." - Anonymous

"[The instructor took] his time to clearly explain every [topic] and the study material.  [He] even allowed the students to call or email him about any questions we may have [had about the Fire Safety Director Course]." - Roy Peters

"The [Fire Safety Director] course given by Radiant was outstanding and worth every dollar." - Hector Maldonado

"The [Pre-Assignment Course] was very informative." - Zenaida Bhuiyan

"The [On-the-Job] class was very insightful.  I am fully prepared to start my services as a security guard." - Brawny Reyes

"Radiant provided a professional and informative [On-the-Job Course] presentation of all materials which resulted in an enjoyable and rewarding experience." - Brian Painten

"I recommend friends [and] co-workers to take [the Fire Safety Director] course with Radiant." - Alvin Robinson

Update: " . . . I took your FSD course a few weeks ago and just wanted to touch base with you. I took [the Computer-Based Test (CBT)] at Metrotech [(FDNY Headquarters)] and passed with a [ ], my Director of Security will be scheduling an onsite shortly. Thanks for your informative instruction[s]. I have referred a few of my co-workers to your class and they are in the process of taking the class or enrolling. Once again thanks for everything." - Damon Storer

"[The] material [for the On-the-Job Course] was presented in a professional manner and the classroom was a very comfortable learning environment.  All of this [was] offered at a better price than any of Radiant Training's competitors." - James Lloyd

"The presenter [for the Emergency Action Plan Course] was very well prepared and informative." - Edward Prendergast

"The [Fire Safety Director] course material and instructor met my expectations . . . " - Anonymous

"I thought the [Annual In-Service Training] class was very good . . . [The] teacher was well spoken and explain[ed] all the courses [Radiant] has to offer." - Derek Edmonds

"Mr. Polanco's Radiant Training [Fire Safety Director] class is . . . outstanding.  I really learned a lot and now I am very confident in my job.  Unlike other schools, Radiant Training focuses on everyone and is not out there just to get my money by pushing me on setting me up for failure [like other schools are doing]." - Eugene Antwi

"Elvis has put a lot of time into [the Emergency Action Plan] program and it shows. He is dedicated to producing qualified FSDs/EAPs [(Fire Safety Directors/Emergency Action Plan Directors)]." - Forrest Green

"Excellent service, taught me exactly what I needed to know [during the Pre-Assignment Course]!" - Anthony Carroll

"The CPR/AED class was amazing [and] extremely professional.  You get everything you want and so much more out of the classes." - Carlos Pagan

"I believe that the material presented [for the Pre-Assignment course] was done so in a professional and informative manner. I am very glad I picked Radiant Training [& Consulting, LLC]. It was a very enriching experience." - Steven Taveras

"The [On-the-Job] class was informative . . . The class was not boring. Elvis kept it interesting." - Anonymous

"I'd been on the fence in the past regarding FSD [Fire Safety Director] courses. In the past I would pass on taking up the course because I either didn't have the money or didn't want to spend the time. When a co-worker of mine let me know that I could complete the FSD course in a month and pay half price ($100 instead of the normal $200 which is not bad to begin with) as part of a . . . special [offer] at Radiant Training, I immediately jumped on the chance to do something I had always thought about doing but never actually did. The class is thoroughly taught and I am confident in my ability to someday be an outstanding Fire Safety Director. [I am] looking forward to a brighter future. Oh yeah, Elvis Rocks!!" - Malik Doyle

"Very good [Emergency Action Plan] course. Very knowledgeable instructor. Would recommend." - Anonymous

"I felt that the videos [and] materials [presented during the On-the-Job Course] were up-to-date and relevant to what a security officer will go through on the job." - Garnet Cyrus

"Effective materials, great course prices and convenient location." - Anonymous

"[The Fire Safety Director is] an excellent course. [The material was] very well explained [at] at really good price. I . . . recommend it to anyone who wants to move on in [the protection management field]." - Gustavo Martinez

"[The instructor] provided feedback to participants' questions [during the On-the-Job Course]." - Zenaida Bhuiyan

"This course was very thorough and precise as to what the requirements of a Fire Safety Director entails. I was very fortunate to have found this program." - Mark Mingle

"[Besides the FSD and CPR/AED courses], I will attend additional courses [at Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC]." - Alvin Robinson

"A knowledgeable instructor and a friendly person. I enjoyed [the Annual In-Service Training Course] and felt welcomed." - Anonymous

"The course provided me the information needed to know about On-the-Job coverage. The facilitator did a great job in delivering the information, welcomed feedback and answered questions." - Anonymous

"Thank you Elvis. I was looking forward to taking the [Fire Safety Director] course . . . for only 100 dollars . . . Thank you." - Virginia Frazier

"This is the best training school I [have] been to in my 14 years of schooling [(EAP Course)]." - Manuel Caraballo

"Elvis is a great teacher." - Anonymous

"[The Fire Safety Director course made me] very knowledge[able]. [The course was] useful, purposeful and meaningful." - Liaquat Khan

"I didn't expect such high class professionalism [during the Annual In-Service Course] - Outstanding." - Anonymous

"Mr. Polanco is very thorough and knowledgeable. He takes his time and explains [the Fire Safety Director course material effectively]. [He answers] any questions you have without losing any patience." - Reginold Peters

"I was able to learn effectively and I was sure that I was going to get my certificate by the end of the [Fire Safety Director] course because the classes were very thorough. I also enjoyed attending the classes . . . " - Celia Delgado

"The [On-the-Job] training course . . . was really good. Elvis made it easy to understand the topics and I [left] with a lot more knowledge than prior to the course. Thank you." - Andras Kemenes

"I liked [the Annual In-Service Training Course]. [It was] very good." - Jose Checo

"[The Fire Safety Director course] was a very informative . . . Being [in] a smaller group allow[ed] for more interaction with [the] instructor, [which ensured a] better understanding of the course material." - Anthony Quinones

"I am so happy [to have taken the Fire Safety Director] . . . course. [It was an] excellent moment in my life." - Dieudonne Lincifort

"Elvis is a real professional. I enjoyed coming to [the Fire Safety Director] class every Saturday. He made it easy to understand and he had additional material every week. All you need to do is bring yourself to class and Elvis will provide all [the] material. Thanks Elvis." - Joe Bacarella

"Radiant Training [& Consulting,] LLC offers the right courses at the right price[s], which left me feeling that I had made the right decision. Thanks Elvis!" - Christopher Gray

"[Mr. Polanco is the] best teacher ever." - Karen Cruz

"The [Emergency Action Plan] presenter did a great job [and] kept it interesting with very practical material." - Anonymous

" . . . Elvis is a great instructor and a great [person to take the On-the-Job Course with]." - Christopher Cerqueira

"The [Emergency Action Plan] course was very informative and interesting. Mr. Polanco made me feel like the only student in the class, . . . answered all questions [with] vivid examples . . . [and] provided all materials needed for the course.  Two weeks [later] I [took] the EAP exam at 9 MetroTech and passed.  I recommend . . . Radiant Training . . . to [anyone] who would like to get ahead in the [Protection Management] Industry." - Kimberly Harris

"Mr. Polanco was courteous, generous and straight-forward about the [security] industry and . . . [NYS] requirements.  His honesty [during the Pre-Assignment Course] was refreshing." - Anonymous

"I found the trainer [for the Pre-Assignment Course] to be professional, knowledgeable [and] courteous.  It was obvious that time and effort was put into preparing for the . . . training." - Lisa Guest

"[The Pre-Assignment Course] was very informative, clarity of class: 100%.  [Mr. Polanco] made it simple to understand - Made it K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)." - Anonymous

"I enjoyed the [On-the-Job] 16 hour course. I was very well informed, and [I] left the course knowing more about security throughout the training." - Carlos Caraballo

"The instructor was very friendly and made the class easy.  He also provided food and drink, something unheard of anywhere else for a [Pre-Assignment Course]." - Anonymous

"The [Fire Safety Director] class was excellent [and the] instructor was able to give . . . one-on-one training." - Willie White

"Elvis is a great instructor [who] explains topics clearly . . . [so that they are] understood." - Raymond Rebello

"I just want to send a special thanks to Elvis. I feel very confident in the knowledge I acquired from him. Also, he was very reassuring whenever I expressed doubts or concerns . . . [relative to fire safety principles]." - Robert Prahl

Update: "I just want to advise Radiant that I passed the FDNY FSD [Computer-Based Test (CBT)] . . . with [a score of] 87. The training for this test was perfect." - Robert Prahl

"[The Emergency Action Plan] course was very informative.  [The] instructor has a very thorough knowledge of [the] material covered." - Anonymous

"[Because] the [Fire Safety Director] class was small, the individual attention was excellent." - Patrick Schoonmaker

"[Elvis] gave me a clear understanding of what to expect [when I join the protection management field] as a Security Guard." - Christopher Ayala

"Hello [name redacted], Here is the website [www.radianttrainingllc.com] of the training company I took the F-58 (Fire Safety Director) course with. The course was great and extremely informative. Elvis Polanco, the president of the company, was my instructor and his professionalism and grasp of the material was astonishing. Radiant’s prices for the courses they offer are very competitive, to be honest they are the best I saw when I was looking for the course. Please use them for all future training that the security personnel may need. I highly recommend them. Please take look at their website and see what they offer and what they charge. I promise you will not be disappointed." - Hector Maldonado

"Mr. Elvis Polanco really is a great instructor and I'd recommend Radiant Training and Consulting, LLC to anyone looking for a better future [in the security industry]." - Kenneth Gamble

"All the [Fire Safety Director course] material was covered effectively and in a manner that made it easy to retain. I feel well prepared." - Anonymous

"This is one of the best teachers, classes [(EAP Course)] and experiences one can have [in the protection management field]." - Betty Henry

"[I] recommend [the Emergency Action Plan] class - Excellent source of information - Good atmosphere." - Todd Eckstein

"The [Fire Safety Director] class is great, but I think it could be extended another day." - Anonymous

"[The Fire Safety Director Course was] informative, clear & precise. Radiant is a great place where you'll get the attention to detail no matter which course you may need!" - Lawrence Brown

"The [Fire Safety Director] course went by quickly, and all subject matter was covered. Great experience!"
- Damon Storer