Articles by Elvis Polanco

Responding to a High-Rise Active Shooter [PDF]

March 2011 by Elvis Polanco, MS, CPP

This work explores the complexities that high-rise occupants face when confronted with an active shooter incident on their floor. Practical questions, information, responses and behaviors are explored and discussed in depth.

Office Building Emergency Action Plans: A Simplified Analysis of NYC Local Law 26 [PDF]

January 2010 by Elvis Polanco, MS, CPP

This work tackles the complexities of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and simplifies and organizes the theoretical and practical aspects of the Plan for prospective EAP Directors. For a comprehensive understanding of the EAP, candidates must take the EAP course that is offered by Radiant and required by the FDNY. We encourage clients and website visitors to print and read this work prior to registering for the EAP course.

Human and Mechanical Aspects of Effective High-Rise Fire Safety Programs [PDF]

Security Director, Spring 2008 by Elvis Polanco, MS, CPP

This article was written to provide future Fire Safety Directors with a comprehensive understanding of their functions and fire safety principles in high-rise buildings. It was published in the Spring 2008 edition of Security Director Magazine.

Access Control and the Continuity of the Corporate Business [PDF]

Security Director News, May 2006 by Elvis Polanco, MS, CPP

This article refers to the complexities involved when one of two elements-security personnel or automatic access control system-is missing from a security program and the effects (perceived and real) that the absence has on the continuity of business for high-rise tenants.