Refund Policy Statement (Non-Security Courses)

Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC/Radiant Training & Consulting School ("Radiant") will not give students a refund if the students are unable to attend the course or fail the course for which they registered.

Radiant assumes no responsibility for issuing refunds or for rescheduling classes missed by students as a result of illness, delayed public transportation, unavailable private transportation, inclement weather, personal and/or family emergencies, failure to meet course pre-requisites, natural disasters including but not limited to tornadoes, earthquakes, snow storms and floods, or other events beyond Radiant's and the students' control.

All payments made by students are non-transferable to another person or to the same or any of the other courses offered by Radiant.

Radiant will refund students the fees paid only if Radiant cancels the scheduled class. If Radiant cancels the class, Radiant will make every attempt to notify students in advance. If students are able to transfer to another class (if seats are available) no transfer fee will be charged to the students or a full refund will be issued to the students by Radiant upon request. A Radiant refund check (for all types of payments, including cash, charge cards, debit cards, credit cards, money orders, personal checks, bank checks, cashier's checks, corporate checks, etc.) will be made payable to the students and mailed to the address provided when the students enrolled in the class.

If students do not attend the class for which they enrolled, paid and agreed to attend, they will have to attend a future scheduled class.

I have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions of this Refund Policy. I also agree to NOT in any way, shape or form challenge this Refund Policy, including but not limited to filing complaints with any of the organizations with which Radiant is associated and trusted third parties that assist Radiant in operating its website, conducting business, maintaining corporate integrity or servicing the clients.

Refund Policy Statement (NYS-Mandated Security Courses Only)

Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC/Radiant Training & Consulting School ("Radiant") will provide a full refund of the pre-assignment training course fee if a student cancels at any time prior to the start of the class.

16 Hour OJT Course: Student will be entitled to a 50% refund if the student cancels after the start of instruction, but before the start of the second 8 hour block of instruction.

Radiant will not refund the course fee if the student does not attend the course or if the student fails the course for which a course fee was paid by the student. Students who do not attend the scheduled security course will NOT be registered with the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.

All course fees made by the student are non-transferable to another person.

Radiant will refund the course fee (via corporate checks) to students upon request if Radiant cancels the course. Radiant will make every attempt to notify the student in advance if a course is canceled; and if requested by the student, the refund check will be mailed to the address on file.

10% Discount Packages Refund Policy

Radiant will honor refunds for classes that have not been attended by the client, however, full prices for the classes that were attended at the time of the refund request will be discounted from the balance requested by the client in addition to a $40.00 Administrative Fee. The Administrative Fee of $40.00 will be discounted from the full purchase price if the student/client requests a full refund prior to attending any of the courses in the Package purchased by the student/client.

Refund Example:

  • Client pays $342.00 instead of $380.00 for Package #6 for the Fire Safety Director and Emergency Action Plan Director courses
  • Client attends the Fire Safety Director course at the discounted price of $216.00 (10% discount) instead of the regular price of $240.00
  • Client requests a refund for the Emergency Action Plan Director course
  • Client will be charged the regular price of $240.00 for the Fire Safety Director course that the client attended
  • Client will be charged an Administrative Fee of $40.00
  • Client will be refunded the balance of $62.00 ($342.00 minus $240.00 minus $40.00)