Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness Course
(This course is also a Component of the FLSD F-89 Course)

Active ShooterFire Safety Directors F-25 and F-58 holders must attend the Active Shooter/Medical Emergency training course by September 4, 2017, or the expiration of the certificate of fitness F-25 or F-58, whichever is sooner. Emergency Action Plan Directors F-59 holders must attend the Active Shooter/Medical Emergency training course by September 4, 2017, or the expiration of the certificate of fitness F-59, whichever is sooner. The topics that will be covered in this course are as follows:

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Active Shooter Topics

(A) Introduction to active shooter emergencies (including the definition, profile and typical characteristics);

(B) Recommended response of building occupants to an active shooter emergency (Avoid, Barricade, Confront);

(C) Recommended response of emergency preparedness and building staff to an active shooter emergency (including 911 notification, building occupant notification, use of elevators, use of fire alarm system);

(D) Notification of New York City 911 System and information to be reported;

(E) Response of building occupants and emergency preparedness/building staff to law enforcement emergency responders;

(F) Training of building occupants;

(G) Emergency preparedness planning for an active shooter situation;

(H) Scenarios of active shooter situations and case studies; and

(I) Certificate of fitness testing information provided by the Department.

Medical Emergencies Topics

(A) Training of building occupants to notify FLS director or other designated FLS staff of medical emergencies on the premises that have been reported to New York City 911 System;

(B) Confirmation that the medical emergency has been reported to the New York City 911 System and additional information to be reported to 911, including the address of the appropriate building entrance or other location at which emergency responders will be met by FLS director or other designated FLS staff;

(C) Designation of FLS staff to meet emergency responders, when necessary;

(D) Designation of FLS staff to respond to patient location to investigate and report to FLS director;

(E) FLS staff notification of CPR-trained volunteers on the premises and request to render assistance (when appropriate);

(F) If patient is not on street level, recall of elevator prior to arrival of emergency responders and hold for emergency responders' use; and

(G) Location of defibrillators or other medical equipment for medical emergencies.

To Read/Print the Class Exercise and Discussion Case Studies, please click here.

This course is also open to individuals who are not seeking a certificate of fitness from the FDNY.

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