Building Operation, Maintenance and Record Keeping Course for Refrigerating System Operating Engineers

Building OperationThis course is required of all Certificate of Qualification holders, including those that may currently not have a work location registered with the Fire Department. All Certificate of Qualification applications for renewal on or after January 1, 2016 must submit evidence of having completed such course or a valid FSD (F58/F25) Certificate of Fitness. The curriculum developed by the Bureau of Fire Prevention addresses the following subject matter areas:

(A) Module 1: Primary Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Standpipe systems
  • Painting of sprinkler and standpipe system piping and valve handles in both new and existing buildings
  • Out-of-service sprinkler, standpipe and fire alarm systems, including impairment coordinator, fire guard and notification requirements

(B)  Module 2: Other Fire Safety-Related Building Systems

  • Refrigerating systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Battery system
  • Smoke control systems
  • Elevator in readiness
  • Non-water fire extinguishing systems
  • Means of egress
  • Commercial cooking systems

(C) Module 3: Other Fire Safety Operational and Maintenance Requirements

  • Hot work operations
  • Flame-resistant decorations
  • Fumigation and insecticidal fogging operations
  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Permits, certificates of fitness/qualification and company certification

All candidates must pass this graduation test with a score of 70% or higher prior to receive the school certification applying for the renewal of the Certificate of Qualification.  The graduation test will summarize the material learned during the training.

Class Schedule (subject to change without notice)

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March 2018

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