About Radiant

Radiant Training & Consulting, LLC provides incomparable master-level learning experiences to individuals, organizations and corporations. Our protection management courses in security, fire safety and emergency management encourage compelling discussions between the participants and our professional trainers. Radiant's Consulting Services division focuses on fire protection management systems to ensure the protection of people from harm and property from loss in the built environment. Services include fire drills, emergency action plan drills and professional training presentations.

We are dedicated to our clients and stand ready to provide protection management training services at reasonable costs (equal to or lower than our competitors). We deliver on our promise to always be ethical, professional, transparent (no hidden agendas) and accountable to our clients. Our program allows customers 24/7 access to our representatives via telephone and email. Our online registration system is user-friendly, secure and available for all our courses.

The Company's programs offer sound consulting principles to assist in the resolution of contemporary fire safety issues and emergency management concerns critical to the protection of people from harm and property from loss. Radiant is determined to invest in the future of New York City's protection management professionals by providing master-level classroom training on complex protection management systems as well as an exceptional level of customer-oriented services.

We invite you to view all the available programs on this website and encourage you to recommend Radiant to your friends, families and colleagues. We owe you nothing but the best protection management training services in New York City.

We Give Back

Radiant Training and Consulting’s business model Gives Back to our clients and community. We understand that at times the economy might have a financial impact on our clients’ income. Although we cannot control the economy, we have made efforts to allow the general public to register for courses at three different levels: Full Prices [Click Here], 10% Discounted Prices [Click Here], Complimentary Courses upon Referrals [Click Here] and Complimentary (Free) Courses [Click Here].

The following groups may attend for FREE the Eight Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Security Guards. [Click Here] for additional information about this exciting program.

  1. US Veterans and their spouses
  2. Senior Citizens
  3. Breast Cancer Fighters/Survivors
  4. Parents of Autistic Children
  5. Domestic Violence Victims

All clients may pay for courses at a 10% discounted price when they purchase 10% Packages [Click Here].

All clients may attend FREE courses by referring new customers to Radiant [Click Here].